4share Premium Account: The Filehoster At A Glance

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Searching for a reliable file hoster across the internet is like searching for needles in a haystack. There are plenty of file hosters out there but they don’t mostly offer the quality service that they promise. However, there are good service providers out there that offer cheap and trustworthy file hosting services. One such is the 4Share file hosting service( not to be mistaken with 4shared ). 4share has one of the cheapest fees in every file hosting service out there but still has the features of more popular file hosts. 

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What is 4share?

4share is a file hosting service that uses cloud technology to store its files. 4share offers one of the cheapest fees in every file hosters out there. For just 50,000 VND or $2.20 per month, a 4share Premium Account owner can enjoy numerous services that can cost up to several hundred dollars just to utilize with other file hosting services. Their website has a directory feature that can be used to manage your files easily.

Sharing files with 4share is very easy and hassle-free. The 4share uses direct links for quick sharing of files. You can even include passwords in your files when you avail their Premium account service for added protection and security.

Search millions of files from their vast library of contents and media across different users around the world. Share your contents to your friends and peers easily and instantly. All you need to do is share the link and password and it’s all set for sharing. You can also earn money just by downloading and uploading different files through their 4share Premium account Rewards System and Uploader Bonus. These points can be converted to Gold that can be then converted to cash.

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4share Premium Features

  • Unlimited Speed

Creating a 4share Premium Account lets you access files without a speed limit. This means that the speed of your upload or download fully depends on your internet connection. Perfect for users that need to constantly upload and download their contents online like artists and editors. A free account user, however, has limited speed due to the low priority on network traffic. The bandwidth for free users are also limited

  • Long Storage Duration

4share Premium account users have extended storage time in the cloud server. Premium account users have a total of 30 day storage time plus extra V.I.P. time for longer periods. A free user, however, is only limited to 15 days. A premium account is advisable because all of the files are stored in the server for more duration and you don’t have to worry about leaving your media and files for a long time without checking them.

  • Higher File Download Limit

A free user has limited file size download per day, however, availing a 4share premium account lets you enjoy a total of 500GB of fie downloads every day. You can freely manage your files anywhere and anytime you want it and with added speed to ensure that you can easily access your files each time you need it.

  • Multiple Downloads

The premium account lets you download files simultaneously. Meaning that all your needed files can be taken quickly and hassle-free with the 4share Premium account. A free user is just limited to 1 download per access and has to wait for several seconds before they can start downloading again.

  • 4share Tool

4share Tool is a special feature of the 4share Premium that manages your downloads. It is one of the tools that make 4share standout. It lets you monitor your downloads simultaneously. You can also pause and resume any downloads using the tool. As a download manager, it shows every needed information about the files that you are currently downloading.

4share Tool App window
  • Higher Storage Limit

4share Premium account users enjoy higher storage limits than free users. Premium account users are given 300GB worth of storage for them to freely utilize. Whether for videos or just simple documents for work and school, the 4share Premium gives their users a lot of storage to spare. Movies or other media can be stored without the need to worry about the storage limit while a free account user has limited storage only.

  • Directory Manager

Users who avail their own 4share Premium accounts enjoy another smooth feature, the Directory Manager. The DIrectory Manager lets you manage and sort everything that you have uploaded in your storage. Access anytime and anywhere your files and media without any hassle. The Directory Manager allows for a smoother and seamless searching of files.

  • Password Protection

All files that are uploaded by 4share Premium account users are protected by a password. Other users can’t access your files unless you provide them a password. Very practical for safekeeping of files for work or your own created media like art and videos. A free user on the other side has their files exposed to other users and can be accessed through their link. If you want to protect your private files, a 4share Premium account is very advisable. The internet is full of malicious entities that aim to steal files and other contents. The 4share Premium password system completely removes the possibility of such risks for their users.

  • Direct Link
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Sharing files with the 4share Premium is done with direct links. You are provided with a link of your file that you want to share and just send it on the other person that you want to share it with. You can also include a password for more secure sharing.

  • Cheap Monthly Subscription

4share Premium has the lowest subscription fee in any file hosting service on the web. With only about 50,000 VND or $2.20 a month, every given feature of the 4share Premium account is readily available for you to utilize. Other file hosting services may cost up to over $250 per month even though the features and quality of service are almost identical to 4share. 4share aims to give its users a cheaper alternative to conventional file hosting and with an added feature. If you are a student or a small business owner who needs their files and media to be accessed anytime but has a limited budget for file management, the 4share Premium account is made just for you.

  • User Guide

For more convenient usage, the users are provided with a useful guide to help them utilize the features better and navigate through the app ad website. All of the needed information is already listed in the User Guide, from downloading and uploading, sharing links and the Bonus Points System. There are also guides available for extending the subscription for your 4share Premium account.

4share Premium Bonus Points

4share Premium Bonus Points is a rewards system for its users. A Premium account user can earn points through downloads and uploads of files. A 2GB download earns you 1 point or 10 Bandwidth points. These points can be exchanged for Gold ( the inner cash used in the app ). This Gold then can be exchanged for other products and services by 4share. You can also use this to extend your subscription. 40 reward points are equivalent to 1 Gold. Downloads of the same file, however, are only converted to points 3 times per hour only.

Earn Money with the 4share Premium Account Rewards System

Did you know that the 4share Premium Account Points can be exchanged to cash?. The corresponding points can be converted to cash and be directly withdrawn to your bank account. A single Gold point can be exchanged for 300 VND or $0.015. This system gives an opportunity for extra income while sharing files across the internet. The minimum withdrawal amount is 500,000 or $21.00.

It is also noted that the Rewards System may be subjected to changes every month to fully optimize the system and to further improve the quality of the service.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings With the 4share Premium Account Rewards

You can withdraw your earnings with the Rewards System with just simple steps.

Step 1. Send your information and phone number to the app.

Step2. Wait for confirmation of account.

Step3. Wait for the cash to reflect on your bank account.

Availing a 4share Premium Account

The 4share Premium account accepts different kinds of payment methods VISA and MasterCard.

4share Premium Account VS Free Account

Features4share PremiumFree account
Monthly Subscription fee$2.20 / 50,000 VNDfree
Storage Time30 days + Bonus15 days
Download Speedunlimited speedlimited
Number of files per downloadunlimitedsingle download
Storage Size300GBlimited
Resume capabilityavailableavailable
Password protectionavailableavailable
Waiting timeinstantseveral seconds
Daily download limit500GB per daylimited

4share Premium: Cheapest Filehoster in the Web

The 4share Premium is definitely one of the cheapest file hosting services on the web. For only $2 per month, a Premium account user is eligible for plenty of services and tools that let them manage their files seamlessly. There are other files hosting services out there available but most will charge you for several hundred dollars for the same feature that the 4share Premium can give you. And the Uploader Bonus system lets you earn money on the sides so what better deal can you ask for?

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