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What is Webshare?

Webshare is an online cloud storage platform that you can utilize by saving different kinds of data, including images, music, movies, documents, compressed files, and more. All data you are keeping and storing will be accessible to you wherever you may go, across the globe. Therefore, if you need a file-storage that is very affordable and reliable, Webshare is the right platform for you.

Webshare Homepage

Behind the Webshare Platform

Webshare was created and established on September 10, 2009. Before, it started just a hobby. After several years of operating the platform, three years exactly, they discovered that Webshare has become famous to thousands of account users. Because of that, they resolved it into creating a brand new and much-improved Web share. Their goal is to become a strong competitor among other notable players on the market in the Czech Republic and to provide more users with a powerful and easy way to manage all data.

Their team is composed of four individuals. Zbyněk and Lukáš are the server administrator, and they are responsible for keeping and managing the servers. Adam is their lead programmer, and the last member is Honza, who is responsible for designing the website and other marketing strategies. For them, Webshare is not just a garage plan and project, but it is an advanced service that enables its users to keep their data, manage everything from various devices, and to share them with people they trust.

The team’s mission is to make Webshare the most exceptional service in its industry and market on Czech and Slovak. They know this goal is a notable ambition, but they know that, and they strive to make that goal to happen. 

They want to offer their users a more modern and refined tool to help them manage their data and have it synchronized in various devices. That is why Webshare is not just a mere downloading and uploading tool, but they are expanding it to have a mobile application counterpart and a smart desktop tool to maximize the efficiency of their platform. Everything is for your convenience.

From their team, for all the things they are doing, one thing is for sure, and that is to make their user’s demands, requirements and wishes to come true. Their clients are their top priority. That is why they are making Webshare not only for service but also a genuine tool for all the users.

Why utilize Webshare?

Having your files and other data saved in cloud storage is just merely comfortable. Because of that, you do not need to carry around flash drives wherever you go. All you have to do is upload all your important or any files into your account like images, documents, music, movies, and other memorable files. What you only need is the internet for you to be able to access your Webshare account.

Webshare is really ideal for your school projects, homework, corporate documents, videos, and music that you also wanted to share with your co-workers, employees, friends, or just any data you wanted to get access to wherever you are.

  • Users have immense data storage at their control
  • All your files are just resting on cloud storage, with the internet, you can access it everywhere
  • Flash drives will never be an option
    Webshare’s website interface is very friendly and can be accessed instantly
  • The Webshare client support ensures to keep in touch with every user to ensure they are assisted in every way they need it
  • Webshare’s system and the platform is progressively improving and adapting to every user’s demands
  • Webshare is currently developing a mobile app for your convenience.
  • What is the cost of a Webshare Premium Account?

    There are lots of payment options to avail of their VIP or Webshare Premium Accounts. Below are the options, and they are making sure everything is for your convenience, so select what suits you better.

    Credit Card Payment
    Simply enter some necessary data printed on your card, and you are good to go.

    MembershipDurationPrivate filesFee
    Silver VIP1 month10 GB Private Storage59.00 Kč
    Gold VIP3 months20 GB Private Storage169.00 Kč
    Platinum VIP1 year50 GB Private Storage599.00 Kč

    All prices include VAT (21%)

    Online Payment
    The GoPay online remittance assistance – select payment type which befits your demands.

    MembershipDurationPrivate filesFee
    Silver VIP1 month10 GB Private Storage59.00 Kč
    Gold VIP3 months20 GB Private Storage169.00 Kč
    Platinum VIP1 year50 GB Private Storage599.00 Kč

    All prices include VAT (21%)

    Bank Transfer Payment
    Plainly send the expected funds to Webshare’s bank account.

    MembershipDurationPrivate filesFee
    Silver VIP1 month10 GB Private Storage59.00 Kč
    Gold VIP3 months20 GB Private Storage169.00 Kč
    Platinum VIP1 year50 GB Private Storage599.00 Kč

    All prices include VAT (21%)

    Webshare Points Payment
    Webshare offers you the opportunity to transform your Webshare points to a Premium account.

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    MembershipDurationPrivate filesFee
    Silver VIP1 month10 GB Private Storage10000 B
    Gold VIP3 months20 GB Private Storage30000 B
    Platinum VIP1 year50 GB Private Storage120000 B

    All prices include VAT (21%)

    SMS payment
    The fee is more high-priced due to special terms for the remittance provider.

    MembershipDurationPrivate filesFee
    Silver VIP1 month10 GB Private Storage99 Kč

    All prices include VAT (21%)

    What are the benefits of Webshare Premium Account?

    You can enjoy the benefits of a premium member for just €2.39 per month. With their premium or VIP membership, each user can maximize their unlimited download speed on Webshare, obtain more storage space, and so much more.

    Just think of this scenario: Your desktop computer has crashed, lost your laptop, or corrupted a file without having back up for your essential data. With technology today, it should not be happening, or it is not the way it would have been. Having Webshare on your hand is very convenient. Your desktop computer must have crashed, but you can still access your files on other devices through Webshare. You can sleep sound knowing your data are secured and safe.

    It’s affordable, only €2.39Charges you next to nothing and you can select your tariff.1/4 of a year€6.39 for 3 months
    1 year€22.95 a year
    Fast & Quick DownloadingExperience the maximum from your internet connection.500+Up to 500 Mb/s
    20+Download slots
    10 GB of Private StorageAdd your private storage capacity to 10 Gigabytes.5 GB+More private space
    24/7File availability
    Download reestablishingYou can continue an interrupted download.99%Can be reestablished10/1010 downloads
    No adsThere will be no ads in file detail sections and search box.4/44/4 ads won’t be there
    0Not even a single ad

    Other Frequently Asked Questions in Webshare

    Why sign up in Webshare?

    It is free to register or create an account in Webshare. You will get 5 Gigabytes of free storage. Being able to utilize a tool with lots of advantages, including the access to comment on various user’s files, collecting points, manage and organize own data, and more, then what could you ask for? Why not make use of a tool that will increase your productivity, right? 

    What are the advantages of getting a Webshare Premium account?

    As discussed above, by subscribing for a premium account, users are entitled to the superior performance of the platform when it comes to downloading speed, although you still should check your own internet provider as this affects the progress and may limit the maximum help the Webshare can provide. There will also be a download manager that enables the user to continue a download when the internet down happens. For the type of membership you avail, this will determine how much storage you will get. There will be no unnecessary ads, and all your files are backed up. Webshare backs-up your back-up file.

    Settling your payment for Webshare Premium Accounts

    For your convenience and comfort, Webshare enables a lot of options for you to pay the Premium membership, including credit or debit card, bank transfer, points, and via text message.

    When a Premium Account expires, what will happen with the files stored in the account?

    As long as you are a premium member, all your files will be protected and will not be touched. However, when your membership expires, and you are not able to update your membership within two months, the system will remove data that exceed the 5 GB storage for free users.

    Uploading in Webshare

    There are many ways on how you can upload data on Webshare. From dragging to dropping files anywhere on the site or simply operate your file manager by clicking the “My files” button, and you will be prompt to select the file or folder which you wanted to upload. Then wait for the upload to finish.

    A user can upload as many files as they want and the maximum file size that can be uploaded is 20 GB. For a higher upload file, you can just split it before you upload it.

    Webshare Summary

    Webshare has a lot to offer and they will be more as they keep on advancing and developing the platform. All premium fees are very reasonable if you are going to compare the services and innovation you can gain. Make sure to select the best membership for you to maximize its usage.



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