Novamov Premium Account: The Site For Fast Video Streaming

Novamov official website

Novamov is one of the sites that users go to stream videos or to find a file. The users can find video files to stream or watch these online for free such as stream about software, music, documentaries, games, or any genres of movies or videos. 

Novamov site is easy to navigate and it is accessible on the web browsers of users’ devices which has an internet connection.

Also, Novamov has a feature for the directory of files which is divided into six (6) categories, these are the software, music, documents, videos, streaming videos, and games. The users can search there for a file by entering words or words on the search field and hit the “Enter” key or click on the “Go” button to search.

The files on the site of Novamov in the directory page are sorted by the following:

  • Sort by the recency of files.
  • Sort by the files according to its filename alphabetically A to Z or Z to A for reverse order.
  • Sort by the size of files. (for large and small files)
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Novamov Premium Account

Novamov has two accounts which are the Free Account or Premium Account. The users who use the free account can only access limited features and services for streaming on the site of Novamov, while users who registered for the premium account has unlimited access for all of it. Please see below the advantage of being a premium user.

The Benefits of Novamov Premium Account

  • There are no ads and no captchas on the web pages of their site.
  • The videos are streamed at a very high speed.
  • The users can download any video files from the site of Novamov using any download manager they like.
  • The videos that users can stream or watch are in high-definition or HD quality.
  • The users can watch or stream any videos with no limits.
  • The users can have access to the directory of the files feature of Novamov.

Novamov Video Downloader

If users want to download a video from the site of Novamov, they can use the Novamov Video Downloader. To know how to download, just follow the five (5) steps below.

1. The users need to download and to install first the “Novamov Video Downloader”. They can search for this software through web browsers.

2. After the users have downloaded and installed the downloader, they can now go to the link of the video that the users want to download.

3. Open the Novamov Video Downloader.

4. The login window will pop up on users’ screens. They need to enter the correct password to access the downloader.

5. Enter the “admin/user” for the password. 

6. Then, it will ask for a code that users can get from the very last strings of the link of the video. Please refer to the image below for the sample. Copy it.

code link of the video file

7. Copy it and paste it on the field of the “Paste code here” like on the below image.

8. Click on the “Get Download Link” to get the video file from through the code.

Get the download link

9. Click on the “Click here to download the video” link. Then, the video will start to download. Please see the image below.

Download the video file

10. The File Download window will appear. Click on the “Save” button to continue the download.

save the video

11. Lastly, wait for the video file to be downloaded completely.

video is downloading

The users can now enjoy downloading any video files they want anytime through the video downloader software of the Novamov.

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Novamov: Upload a video

If the users want to upload a file such as a video, image, audio, and flash, they can upload these for free on the site of Novamov. 

To upload, just follow the six (6) easy steps below:

  1. The users need to login first to the site of Novamov to upload their files. They are required to register if they do not have an account yet.
  2. Go to the Upload page of the site and fill-up the form there (See the image below)
  3. The users should select their file by clicking on the button “Choose File”. The directory of their device will show up for them to locate the file. Then, click “OK”.
  4. Set the name and the caption for the file by filling up the title and description fields.
  5. Choose the category of the file (software, music, streaming videos, documentaries, and games).
  6. Click on the button “Upload” to start the uploading process. They need to wait until their file is finished uploading.

After uploading the file, it will be saved in the database and server of Novamov and it will be displayed on the site.

Novanov Upload

Remember: The users of Novamov are restricted to upload any file that has copyrights or has a relation to pornography, violence, sexual, and offensive matters. Also, they are not allowed to use the hotlinking method in uploading. They can read the Terms of Service (TOS)  of Novamov to know more about this.

Novamov: Share a video

If the users want to share a video from the site of Novamov, they can click on the “Share on Facebook” button or the share icon itself to share it to any social media sites or email or blogs or vlogs or forum sites.

Novamov: Earn money

Novamov gives its users a way to earn money. The users can receive up to twenty-five percent (25%) for every one thousand file downloads and up to thirty percent (30%) for their referral earnings.

Novamov: Accessing the site

If the users try to visit the site of Novamov now and can’t access it, it is because the Novamov is down or their site was detected to have copyrighted contents or their domain has been suspended by the EuroDNS. Please see the below image for reference.

If users are directed to the EuroDNS site with the message “This domain name has been suspended”, it is because of the following:

  1. The site owner did some changes with their contact details like their email address but he or she neglected to validate it.
  2. There is no payment received for hosting the website.
  3. If the website on the shared web hosting but its performance is slow or very low.
  4. If the website violates any copyrights or policies.
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