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In today’s modern age, moving and storing large files has never been easier than before. One quick search on the Internet will lead to hundreds and thousands of file hosting and sharing websites and finding the right one that will suit your needs can be cumbersome. Whether it be for personal use or as a backup for large files on your projects and work, a trustworthy file hoster can be hard to find. One fast, secure and reliable premium service is Movshare. Movshare provides file hosting services with easy access across multiple devices, utilizing modern technology and methods to provide users with premium service at the fraction of the cost of other file hosting services.

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Movshare is a reliable, secure and simple file hosting service that utilizes cloud storage, complex security algorithms and file encryption to provide its users fast and reliable service. Signing up for a Premium Account will allow you to enjoy features such as uploading files and downloading files at unlimited speed, syncing files across your multiple devices such as smartphones, desktop computers or laptops and it also allows you to share your content and media to hundreds of other users across the globe. Movshare also allows its users to upload a wide variety of file types such as photos, videos, music, pdf files, zip files and many more.  All of this is done with ease and convenience and with subscription plans starting as low as $9.99, Movshare is one of the cheapest premium file hosting services you can avail today that provides service that rivals even the more popular file hosting websites without breaking the bank and without compromising security.


Cloud sharing for everyone!


All of the Premium account users can download and upload files at their maximum speed. This means that you will upload and download files at the maximum speed allowed by your internet connection provider. Unlike free users who will have limited bandwidth when uploading and downloading files, being a premium user will allow you to easily access and share your files without any restriction. A fast and unlimited speed means that you can provide, share or transfer content and media faster than most users and it also permits you to access the content shared and stored by other users without hassle.


Free users will have to wait and watch ads before they can download from Movshare’s vast library of user-shared files and content. Non-premium users will also have limited bandwidth to utilize and are on the low priority for downloads and uploads. However signing up for a premium account will allow you to instantly access large files at will, without having to deal with ads and wait for your download to start. You can also have a high priority when downloading or uploading files. When multiple users download the same file, premium users are on the top priority. Free users will also have to wait 2 hours for them to download consecutive files, on the other hand, Premium Account holders can access anything, anytime, anywhere. Having a premium account allows you to have multiple files downloading simultaneously, without the inconvenience of having to wait before downloading another file.


Movshare provides its users a secure and guaranteed protection, however, premium users will have access to more secure protocols and processes in protecting their files from malicious intent. By providing premium users with the capability to hide files, only you and those who have the direct links to a certain file can access and download it. Other users will not be able to search the files you have hidden from Movshare’s directory of files. You will also be provided with the option to have your own files protected with a password, thus adding another layer of protection that works alongside Movshare’s own security service. Movshare’s premium encryption ensures that all of the files you uploaded are secured and free from any form of manipulation by unauthorized and illegal access.


Utilizing Movshare’s cloud storage, all of the free users can have up to 10gb of free storage. On the other hand, when you avail of the premium account service, you are provided with up to 100gb of storage. This storage is optimized for large files such as videos, projects or any other content. Combined with unlimited download and upload speeds, the higher storage limit will allow you to utilize it on your own without hassle and exceptions. A flexible boost in storage limit will also be provided to you when you choose to be a premium user,  in order to suit your fast and secure storage needs. Uploading is also limited to 1gb for the free users but as a premium user, you can upload up to 4gb per file to the cloud servers.

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File syncing will allow you to access your files anytime and anywhere as long as it is connected to the internet. Whether it be on your personal computer, Android or iOS device, laptop or your computer at work, Movshare always ensures that all of the files you uploaded are synchronized across your devices. This means that any changes to a file (such as editing documents on a spreadsheet program) will be the same across all of your connected devices. This also means that you will have less time transferring files from different devices as it is updated almost in real time.


Movshare’s support team can always be reached in case the users come across problems. Whether it’s problems with accessing their own account, errors in uploading and downloading files or just general questions about the services and tools provided by Movshare, users can reach the support team and have their inquiry answered in no time. As a premium user, you will have a higher priority in queue and can chat with the support team in real time should you choose to do so.


Movshare is among the cheapest file hosting services you can avail of today. Their premium accounts have tons of benefits and advantages over the free users. A good deal of payment methods will be provided to you should you choose to take advantage of Movshare’s Premium Account service. Compared to other file hosting services around the internet, Movshare’s subscription is flexible and most of all it is cheap. This comes without compromising the quality and security that Movshare is providing to its users. For only $9.99, you can start enjoying premium benefits for 30 days. In case you need longer storage plans, several options are available to suit your needs. With an array of choices in subscription plans, anyone can avail the premium services in a convenient way. Other file hosting services will charge you more for almost the same features Movshare can provide better. Availing a premium account to enjoy all the convenient benefits at your disposal has never been so easy.


A link redirecting to the registration page can be found on Movshare’s web page. Designed to be fast, efficient and easy for anyone to use, all instructions provided at the web page allows anyone interested in availing a premium account to register without hassle. Just fill up the required information, choose the duration of your chosen subscription and you will be redirected to the secure payment page. Select your payment and wait for the confirmation email sent to you and enter the security code once you have logged in and you are ready to enjoy Movshare’s premium benefits.


A 3-day premium trial is available for free users. This includes most of the benefits of being a premium user, however, they will have 15 days before any file, document or media they uploaded will be deleted. All premium account users will have the ability to keep their files stored forever in our cloud servers. Should you choose a longer subscription, discounts are provided to new users. Subscribing to Movshare’s premium service consecutively will also allow you to enjoy these discounts, and returning subscribers are welcome as well. You can enjoy up to 20% discount when you avail of the premium service for 12 months. Movshare’s premium plans are as follows:

90 DAYS PREMIUM$24.99  
180 DAYS PREMIUM$49.99
Download/Upload Limit1 file at a timeNo limit
Waiting time for downloads2 hours No limit
Speed and Bandwidth allocationLimitedUnlimited
File duration15 days Unlimited
Priority in queue LowMaximum

Movshare has a wide range of payment methods, allowing you to avail of the extensive benefits of being a premium user at your convenience. Most credit cards are accepted, such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Online payment via Paypal is also available. Several other payment methods are available should you find them more convenient. Movshare ensures that all payment methods are safe and secure.

Movshare Payment Methods


The information shared by its premium user such as personal details, contact numbers, passwords and uploaded files are stored and secured with complex encryption. Various security levels are implemented to prevent unauthorized access to your stored files and media. It is Movshare’s top priority to ensure that all data uploaded to their cloud servers are always secured. Close and meticulous monitoring for suspicious activities is always maintained by engineers and specialists to achieve a top level of service for its users.

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