FilesMonster Premium Account: The Filehoster at a Glance

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Safekeeping files is a must, especially if your business is more on multimedia stuff. Bringing a physical external storage is a hassle and you have to plug your device to a computer just to access your files whenever you want to. One viable solution is to store your files online. There are many online storage services out there but you can never be sure of the safety of your media. Not to mention that it is really expensive and may cost you several hundred of dollars per month.

Filesmonster, however, can basically provide any premium online storage solutions but with a hassle-free cloud and cheaper fees than conventional online storage service. The services offered are top-notched and you can also upgrade the services by availing a Filesmonster Premium account. The premium account also offers additional services that can help you in organizing all of your work-related media files and documents.  Filesmonster Premium also offers a way to enjoy its vast library of online content and media through a partnership with different high quality streaming services.

What is Filesmonster?

Filesmonster is an online file hosting service that offers its customers a cheaper storage service and easy access to any of your stuff and media as long as you’re connected to the internet. Filesmonster also has an emphasis on file security and they always make sure that their clouds are all free of viruses and not exposed to stealing and plagiarism. They also have other perks available if you avail their cheap Filesmonster Premium account. Through this service, you are eligible for other features like faster downloads, bigger storage and unlimited download limit. The FIlesmonster Premium account is one of the cheapest available premium file hosting subscriptions as it will only cost you about $15 per month. Other premium services may cost you up to a few hundred dollars, while others may cost almost a thousand depending on whether the file hosting service is a popular website. Although the Filesmonster Premium also offers the same quality of service as the other more known services, the Filesmonster Premium costs way cheaper. This is perfect if you’re just starting a small business that requires your digital files to be managed and accessed anytime you need them. It also offers protection from malwares, pop-ups and other annoying ads. The Filesmonster Premium also assures that all of your downloads are from partner websites so legality is not an issue. Download, store and keep your files worry-free when you avail of a Filesmonster Premium account.

Filesmonster Premium Features and Services

Availing a FIlesmonster Premium account allows you to enjoy additional services and a notable upgrade of the free service.

Filesmonster Premium features

Faster Downloads

The Filesmonster Premium adds more bandwidth to your downloads. The average download speed for file hosting services only ranges about 8-15 Mbps. This is decent if you’re only gonna store small files like images, documents and audio files but when it comes to larger files like videos or movies, large applications and a whole database back-up this download speed will be lacking. The FIlesmonster Premium has an unlimited download speed for you to enjoy. This speed is perfect for very large files like videos that you are editing or big applications. Or you can just use this speed to download media like high quality movies and audio files available from their partner websites and streaming services.

Media Streaming

The Filesmonster Premium is not just an online storage service, it is also a premiere streaming website. WIth a FIlesmonster Premium account, you can enjoy thousands of free high quality media files. Their partner streaming websites provide access to movies and other types of media for you to enjoy. You also have the option to download these media and its 100% legal. Enjoy a vast library of premium media with a Filesmonster Premium account.

Resumable Downloads

Isn’t it a hassle if you’re downloading a file then you have to suddenly leave for an errand. You can’t just leave your working pc open, and other services don’t allow for resumable downloads. You have to repeat the download again from the start. Not to mention that some large files have the potential to be corrupted when paused for a long time. The Filesmonster Premium resolved this issue by allowing resumable downloads for your files. Pause a file download and continue it later, the Filesmonster Premium allows for hassle-free access to your file downloads whenever and wherever you want to.

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Instant Download

A free account has to wait for several seconds for their download to start. This is because free users have less priority to network traffic compared to a Filesmonster Premium account. If you’re in a hurry, this waiting time could be a cause of a delay and very time-consuming. Availing a FIlesmonster Premium removes this restriction. You can instantly start your download the moment that you click the button. The perfect service for content creators that is always on the go.

Download Manager

Not being able to monitor your file downloads is very annoying. You don’t have a way to know about the status of your download unless it is finished. However, with a Filesmonster Premium account, you are eligible to use their innovative tool which is the FIlesmonster Download Manager. With the Download Manager, you can sort out all of your existing downloads. You can see the real-time status of your files and it also allows for an easier way to manage your files. The Download Manager shows you how much you have downloaded already. It even shows the estimated time before you finish your files download. The Filesmonster Download Manager also lets you set what file you are gonna prioritized to be finished downloading. The perfect tool for managing your file downloads even if you’re on the go.

Download Multiple Files

When you’re in a hurry being able to only download a single file is very frustrating. Other file hosting service limits its users to just a single file download to reduce network traffic. On the other hand, a Filesmonster Premium account allows you to access multiple files at the same time. You can freely download media files and documents as long as your internet connection can handle the data traffic. Website creators that constantly have to access their assets and digital files can readily download all the files they need.

Non-Archived File Downloads

Archiving is commonly done by file hosting services to reduce traffic on the network. However, the Filesmonster Premium allows for download of full files only. Since archiving has a possibility of corrupting your files, the Filesmonster Premium makes sure that all of your file downloads are still intact the moment you finished downloading.

Filesmonster Premium Account: How To Avail Your Own?

To avail of all of these awesome services, you will have to avail of a Filesmonster Premium account. The steps are very easy and fast. Just go to their website and follow the Premium page. Fill in all the required information and you’re then redirected to the payment window. You can choose how long you’re gonna avail of the FIlesmonster Premium service. They also offer a trial version for 2 days so you can decide whether you’re gonna continue using the premium service. The packages are as follows:

2 daysTrial
15 days $12.00
1 month$17.00
3 months$37.00
6 months$66.00
1 year$116.00

As you can see the Filesmonster Premium offers a discount teh longer the period you choose to avail. The 1 year package literally can save you up to 50%. But if you’re still not ready to avail such a long period then you can choose whatever package you want. The 1 month package is advisable for single project uses and the 6 months is good for business purposes.

Filesmonster Premium payment methods

The Filesmonster Premium has flexible payment methods. You can choose to pay using VISA, MasterCard or Maestro. They also accept payments through Bitcoins. Take note that they offer an additional 10% discount to Bitcoin users so if you have an existing fund on Bitcoin then this is very advisable. There are also other premium key retail sites that offer other ways for you to purchase the FIlesmonster Premium Service and some others also offer discounts. You have the freedom to choose the most desirable payment method for you.

Is Filesmonster Premium Legal?

The Filesmonster Premium is definitely LEGAL. All of the media and streaming services that the website offers are all from their partner websites and streaming providers. You can download any content that you want without worrying because all of it is licensed and has permission from their rightful owners.

Is Filesmonster Premium Safe?

The Filesmonster Premium is 100% safe. The file hosting service provider monitors and makes sure that the website is always free of annoying ads, malwares and spywares. Their cloud storage is also reinforced with various security protocols to prevent unwanted access to user files and personal information. The level of security of the Filesmonster Premium is always maintained by the administrators of the online storage service. The contents and media that are accessible by the users are also filtered so that the website always remains child-safe. You can be assured of the safety and security of your files with the Filesmonster Premium.

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