DDownload Premium Account: The Filehoster at a Glance

More and more file hosting providers are coming up their way into the spotlight. But we have one now that we think might get your interest lit up. This review is dedicated to a file hosting provider that we have examined and tested for its user-friendly features and practicality attributes. Yes, we are talking about the DDownload.com file hosting provider. A comprehensive review is provided below and we are excited for you to get to know about it.

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DDownload Overview

Available in different Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Japan, DutchNo Android or Apple Mobile Application
Offers Unlimited File Storage
Affordable DDownload Premium Price Packages
Has own dedicated File Manager for Easy document management
Numerous Advantages for DDownload Premium Accounts

What is DDownload?

DDownload is a platform that provides file hosting services to everyone. They do not offer just online storage for your personal files but they also offer remote backup service. With the premium packages offered, advanced tools for uploading and downloading can be utilized by the users. You can store flash, videos, files, audio, and images at the same time.

Now, you could be asking why you should use the services of this file hosting provider. Simply put, having to use a service of a file hosting provider will save you more time and offer you a more secure way to store your important files – any kind of file. If sending a big file through email is not doable, you can definitely use the service to share files through the link to people that need to get a hold of it. Another way is the secured remote storage capacity for your off-website backups.

You can also access your private and important files on different devices and computers, anytime and everywhere. The Internet is your only friend, no need to bring a flash drive and no need to worry if you are going to lose it.

DDownload Premium Account Packages Pricing


  • Price: € 10.00 per month
  • Traffic: 100 GB traffic each day
  • Storage: Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Waiting Time: No waiting time
  • Download Speed: Fastest Download Speeds


  • Price: € 4.11 per month
  • Price for One-Time Payment: € 50.00 (12 Months)
  • Price Discount: ✔️60% OFF compared to availing the 1 Month Subscription
  • Traffic: 100 GB traffic each day
  • Storage: Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Waiting Time: No waiting time
  • Download Speed: Fastest Download Speeds


  • Price: € 6.67 per month
  • Price for One-Time Payment: € 40.00 (6 Months)
  • Traffic: 100 GB traffic each day
  • Storage: Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Waiting Time: No waiting time
  • Download Speed: Fastest Download Speeds
Premium Account Payment Options

Payment Options Available

DDownload ensures that all major payment options are available to enable users with the different preferred modes of payment is able to avail of the subscription they wanted. Below are the payment options that can be accessed through the payment process:

  • PayPal
  • Sofort Überweisung
  • Amazon Pay
  • MasterCard VISA
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area
  • Giro Pay
  • Web Money
  • PaySera
  • iDeal
  • Cash to Code

Platform Languages

DDownload.com is a file hosting platform provider that can be accessed in different languages. This means more people in other countries can access this file hosting provider with ease of use through different language utilization including, English, German, Spanish, French, Japan, and Dutch. The best thing is that they offer major languages that others might experience as really helpful.

Authorized Reseller Plans - Payment Options

Authorized Reseller Plans

This file hosting also allows resellers for their plans. If you are interested, they provide a set of payment options where you can pay for it:

  • MasterCard VISA
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • UnionPay International
  • Perfect Money
  • Alipay
  • QIWI
  • CoinPayments
  • Przelewy24
  • WebPay
  • Steam
  • PaysafeCard
  • PaysafeCard by SafeDeal.cc

As an authorized reseller, DDownload offers great deals and discounts that you can also pass on to your buyers. You will not worry if somebody will buy a hosting plan from you, you can always offer customer loyalty programs or coupons to market your plans.

How to Start Using DDownload?

There are simple steps on how to start using this file hosting service.

Registration Form

New Account Registration

Once you are on the website, go to the registration page and click Register Account. Provide the necessary details like username, email address, and password. Finish the CAPTCHA and click REGISTRATION. If you are going to the DDownload website from here, you will be prompted first to choose your file hosting subscription and that is totally okay. You will be prompted to register once you are done paying.

>> Go to Official DDownload.com website


Choose DDownload Premium Package

The usual second step is to choose the best fit file hosting subscription based on your need. The 12-month subscription is highly recommended as it will really save you more than 50%. But you can always try the 1-month plan and see for yourself.

Select Payment Options

After choosing the plan you desired, select the payment mode-how you want to pay for the package. DDownload provides major payment platforms including PayPal, Sofort Überweisung, Amazon Pay, MasterCard VISA, Bitcoin, Litecoin, SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area, Giro Pay, Web Money, PaySera, iDeal, and Cash to Code. Select where you think you are most comfortable.

Exclusive for Premium Accounts Only

The only con for DDownload file hosting service is that they do not offer a free account or a test account. Most of the file hoster provider does offer free accounts nowadays and you might be guessing why does DDownload offer free user accounts. But we have to think that other big companies have adopted this system. 

Making sure that all accounts get paid are ensuring that all customers can get the highest quality of customer support and assistance to all their questions, concerns and problems. This is one way of the company to make sure premium users get all the attention and support they needed. Also, since DDownload ensures that they are using advanced technology, they needed to fund it. All conveniences will be experienced by the users. Premium services for DDownload premium accounts.


DDownload is knowledgeable that under the process of registration, users are asked for important and personal details. They understand the importance of privacy and therefore will never allow sharing the user personal information to any other third parties. If ever there are instances that a user have suspected that their accounts are hacked or accessed by third parties, it is best to send a report ticket to let the DDownload management of this unfortunate event and let them start their investigations and to take necessary action to ensure your personal account is being protected.

DDownload Premium Customer Support: Help Desk

The company ensures that all clients are taken care of. With that, they make sure to offer the best help to the clients in need of their support. DDownload has dedicated a page where you can submit a ticket for your concern or check the status of your sent ticket.

Help Desk

When submitting a ticket, the DDownload support team ensures that your concern is properly addressed by collecting information in the most organized way. You have to identify your ticket if it is General inquiries, if it is Sales concerns, or if it is a report for Abuse.

Help Desk

Once you have chosen the right type of concern, you will now be prompted to fill in the information and label your ticket of how you want your concern to be prioritized. Labelling the level of your concern will helpful to the support team, allowing them to be notified to elevate your concern and focus on fixing the issue or perform the right actions to your report.

Help Desk

DDownload Premium Account User Reviews

V. Atkinsons⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐DDownload is one of the best and cheap file hosting services as of today. It is great especially the 100 Gigabyte traffic they are offering for all premium accounts. I personally chose the 12 months membership as it is really cheap and I could really use the fast download experience for my videos that I am creating for my coaching sessions. Sometimes I am referring other colleagues to try this online file storage as I have tried and tested it already. I would not be ashamed to recommend such an excellent service that I got from DDownload.
Susan F.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Amazed by this file hoster, DDownload. I really can’t imagine 100GB traffic each day! If I am going to compare this file hoster to Rapidgator, I think Rapidgator should give this one to DDownload. The load is really fast and I really like the simplicity of the platform. Very clean and user-friendly. They really got me!
Samuel M.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I’ve been using DDownload for half a year now and I must say that I am satisfied throughout the day I signed up. I just felt bad that I did not choose the 12 months subscription and I went to the 6 months subscription. Now I just renewed my plan to yearly now and I really saved a lot. And this file hoster has saved me lots of time. Plus, I never worry that my important files will be corrupted. One thing I know, they are not a fraud or scam. So yeah, I can recommend this for your peace of mind as well. Yeah!
Gina Jones⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐DDownload rocks! Whenever I needed their customer support, I always get prompt answers and a complete guide regarding my questions and concerns. But I don’t blame them! I am not the type of a techy person and that is why I am always talking to their support team. Luckily, they are not annoyed and they are always pleasant to talk to. I also like their Help Desk as it is very organized. Great job at customer support. I hope they keep this up forever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of files are allowed to be stored in DDownload.com?

Precisely, all types of files can be stored in the cloud file storage. Whatever it is, from important documents, special event images, large-sized videos, website backup, and all that is not listed in the file restriction policy, it should be good. Most of the files that are restricted are in sexual images, nudity, pornography, and other types of offensive files. Also, copyrighted material is not allowed on the platform.

How can I remove or delete the files I have uploaded?

The only way to delete a file is to use the Delete Link that is provided after you uploaded a file. Therefore, you must take note of the link in the first place after uploading a file. Then, if you wish to delete the file, just use the link. Now, you may be asking what if you were not able to keep the Delete Link. It is still okay and it will be removed. However, you just need to wait for the file to expire and it will be automatically deleted in DDownload’s site.

Is Hotlink allowed here?

No, hotlinking is not permitted to do in DDownload. Whatever types of documents or files in the server, hotlinking is prohibited.

Are the DDownload Premium Accounts reliable in its service?

Yes, all services offered by this file hosting provider are reliable in its true form. They make sure that they are focused on giving customers the best treatment that is why they are also not allowing free users. As they truly know the capability of this file hosting provider, they do not need any trial or testing account. They are sure to provide excellency.

What if I needed more assistance or extensive information to ask, what should I do?

As they value each and every one of their clients, DDownload is delighted to support you in any way they can. Their customer support can be reached through their contact page. Just send them a message regarding any inquiries and questions about their services.


Based on our investigations, examinations, and accumulations of user testimonials, we can proudly say that DDownload is greatly appreciated by many people. The simplicity of their premium packages allows them to provide the best support a customer service can provide. This file hoster can really compete with the big guys out in the market as they are also offering excellent and useful features that many users really needed.

If we are going to talk about practicality, DDownload Premium Account can be utilized for that. Not just they are offering large traffic per day (100 GB), they are also offering the fastest download and upload speed that users really liked and upcoming users are looking forward, as well.

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