Clicknupload Premium Account: The Filehoster at a Glance

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What is Clicknupload?

Clicknupload is a file hosting platform providing endless cloud storage, remote reserve capacity, advanced uploading, and downloading accessories. Through the utilization of Clicknupload, users are enabled to host files in the same position, from audios, videos, images, and even flash.

Why should you utilize Clicknupload?

If ever you require to transfer data that is too huge for the capacity of an email, Clicknupload can accommodate you with that.
If ever you want reliable remote storage space for off-site reserves, Clicknupload can show you various solutions for that.
If you desire to have your personal data accessible in your various devices and unliking the hassle of always holding a flash drive, Clicknupload is the most accurate and reliable platform to save your data.

Clicknupload has been serving users with lots of solutions for your essential and important data. Users can confidently save their data online and easily access various files wherever and whenever. Utilizing Clicknupload can also save your files from being corrupted in your desktop or not being able to access it due to device damage.

Clicknupload Link Checker

Clicknupload Premium Account

ClicknUpload Premium link generators utilize ClicknUpload premium accounts to transform your ClicknUpload links to HTTP uninterrupted links. The platform is accessible by everyone, available for all accounts. An individual can utilize it at no cost. However, having a ClicknUpload premium account enables you to experience and receive various major benefits.

Max File SizeBandwidthMax N° of Files
01CBoxEra5 Gigabyte25 Gigabyte1 link/5 minute
02CBoxPremiumLeech2 Gigabyte20 Gigabyte1 link/3 minute
03Leech3601 Gigabyte10 Gigabyte1 link/2 min, 50GB/day
04LeechPremiumUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited (just don’t spam)
05OnLeech10 Gigabyte25 Gigabyte2 links/5 mins

Make Money with Clicknupload Pay Per Download Program

Level 150 DollarsUnited States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia
Level 230 DollarsSweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, Saudi Arabia
Level 320 DollarsNetherlands, Spain, Belgium, Argentina, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Japan
Level 47 DollarsIndia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh & All other Countries

While making money is really a good thing, there are rules and requirements for you to be able to profit within the program. The following is stated below:

  • Every Tiers degree is registered for 10,000 downloads.
  • Downloads are enlisted up to three times each 24 hours per IP address.
  • File measurement should be 5 Megabyte or higher to get compensated.
  • The minimum earnings withdrawal amount is 10 USD.
  • The earning payouts can only be processed two times each month. 
  • Clicknupload pays through WebMoney and PayPal. In some special conditions, payouts can be sent in Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • Ensure to have the registers in your account when you transferred Clicknupload your payout request to establish traffic if necessary.
  • Venturing to gain income employing unethical or misleading practices will occur in an instant account suspension.
  • Traffic manipulation or traffic that is generated through programmed scores is strongly not permitted.
  • All associates need to conform to and follow by the Terms and Conditions of Clicknupload.
  • If terms and conditions are not followed, it can result in a momentary suspension or perpetual termination of an account.
  • Clicknupload reserves the power to revise the money program and payment date any time without an earlier announcement.

Clicknupload’s Protocol

While Clicknupload offer services to its users, on the other hand, the user allows themselves to be regulated by the subsequent courses and provisions:

  1. They have the power to impair straight linking on user accounts that are using unnecessary bandwidth or differently exploiting the system.
  2. Sexual images, pornography, nudity, and every type of obscene pictures or videos are banned. Copyrighted files are also strictly prohibited. 
  3. Clicknupload has the power to determine proper content, and they can remove pictures or videos all the time even if there is no consent and notification to the user.
  4. Account-holders must conform to follow with all rules which refer to their area, also with trademark and copyright laws. Pictures, files and videos that infringe trademarks or copyrights are not permitted. If somebody has a violation allegation toward you, you will be requested to transfer the copyrighted data until the matter is resolved. If there is a disagreement among members on this platform, Clicknupload is below no responsibility to become engaged.
  5. Clicknupload is not accountable for your pictures, files or videos or any destroyed market due to the unavailability or failure of the website. They execute no rights of likely authenticity in hosting, serving, or storing your pictures, files or videos. 
  6. Clicknupload is devoted to supporting whoever and all legal officials if an examination should occur.
Clicknupload FAQs

Clicknupload’s Frequently Asked Questions

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What variety of data can be stored in the platform?

All kinds of files or data can be uploaded and stored in Clicknupload. From your event images to essential and significant documents, everything can be uploaded in the hile hosting platform. However, the only exceptions are files or data containing or showing sexual images, nudity, pornography, and any manner that is an offensive element, and, last but not least, copyrighted materials are also not accepted.

How can I be able to remove or eliminate the file I have uploaded?

The first thing you must have to remove or eliminate a file is the “Delete Link” provided after an upload process is completed. You must take note of it if there is a chance you need the file to be temporarily uploaded, or you feel the need to remove it in your own time. But do not worry if you were not able to save the link for deletion, files have an expiration date so it will be programmed to be deleted from the platform in the future. Users can conveniently manage their data at any time of the day through the “My Files” section.

Is there a possibility I can hotlink the different files I have uploaded?

Hotlinking happens when different platforms instantly link to your network’s files, mainly videos and/or images. When a user hotlinks one of their files, they are using the direct link for that file, and in doing so, it exhausts the server resources or commonly called bandwidth to show that file each time it is reached on their website.

Therefore, Clicknupload does not allow this practice of hotlinking on any type of files a user uploaded to their servers.

Security lock: What is it, and what does it do when it is enabled?

Having a security lock enables users to protect their account from hackers and account intruders dually. This is an enhanced setting where no one can alter your account’s details and information as long as it is enabled. If ever you desire to disable the security settings, it will first send a confirmation message to your email for advanced verification.

Clicknupload free storage capacity and limitation

The fantastic part is that you have unlimited storage for your files. The only exception is that unlimited storage only applies to those files that have been actively downloaded and used. Backing up huge files that are inactive or using Clicknupload as cold storage is prohibited and not allowed at all.

How much capacity for the download and uploads for free users?

Users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded in the platform?

There are two types that can determine the maximum file size that can be uploaded. First, if you are a guest user or individuals who do not have a registered account in the platform, you can freely upload a file with a size of 2 Gigabyte, not more. Second, for registered users, they have the capacity to upload files that are 3 Gigabyte in size. Lastly, if you are a premium user, you can upload files sizing to 15 Gigabyte.

Does Clicknupload allow multiple files uploading? If yes, how many files can I upload in one time?

Guest users and registered users can upload files as many as they can, though, for guest users, multiple files download are set to 10 files per upload, and registered users can upload 20 files at the same time. For Clicknupload Premium accounts, they have the capacity to upload 30 files at once.

How about the upload or download speed limitations?

As of the moment, Clicknupload does not have any limitations; may it be for guests or registered users. Both users encounter the same speed for downloads or uploads.

How long does the platform host a file?

Luckily enough, files are forever hosted by the platform. Yes, it is. But there is an exception as always. Files can be removed by the management once they verify that it is an “Inactive file.” The inactive files uploaded by the registered users will be deleted after 20 to 30 days from inactivity. Inactive guest files are removed after a week.

Does Clicknupload have a privacy policy?

Yes, it has a strong privacy policy. With high respect towards each user, each privacy is important to them. They will never submit or transfer any data provided by the users to 3rd party services.

I need more assistance. What should I do?

The platform strives for exceptional customer service care. Thus, they have their contact page where users can fill up the contact form and discuss further the matters they want to address to the technical support team. Quick and prompt contact is strictly observed.

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Clicknupload: Summary

Overall, Clicknupload is simply one of a kind file hosting provider. This site or system allows a user to make money out of their files, so who wouldn’t be happy in utilizing such a system. They have strict rules and regulations that genuinely look out for the safety of each user, and that alone is a factor and advancement one should be using, and especially, it is free. For more advanced usage, Clicknupload Premium Account should be availed.

Clicknupload does not stop from there, and they are always making sure the user’s experience is one of a kind. They believe that customers should be the top of it all. The platform strives for more innovation and advancement to offer to all its users to simply make lives easier than before. No need to carry around a flash drive or be worried about your desktop crashing, Clicknupload ensures to have a backup for your important files that can be accessed in any device at any time.


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