YunFile Premium Account: The Filehoster at a Glance

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YunFile: About 

If users want to upload, download, and share their files easily whenever and wherever they are and if they want to earn money, then they can use the site of YunFile. 

YunFile was founded in the year of 2011. It is a file hoster that gives service to users to use their site for uploading, downloading, and sharing files. Through this, the users do not have to worry about how they can bring their files because they can just browse the site of YunFile with a web browser of their device with an internet connection and comfortably access their files such as videos, music, documents, and software wherever they are.

  • Simple and easy website ⁃ The users can easily understand and navigate the different features in the web pages of YunFIle.
  • Various methods of payment ⁃ YunFile supports different modes for the payment for their users to purchase the premium accounts. They also allow resellers to use their preferred modes of payment.
  • Customer support ⁃ YunFile has a group to support their customers or users if they have concerns or problems. Supporting is done via calls and emails. They are always online for 24 hours every day including Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Easy uploading ⁃ YunFile recommends the use of the Google Chrome browser to access and load the pages of their site properly. They support the multi-threaded HTTP for faster uploading of files. The supported methods for uploading are Browser upload or Selection Upload and “Drag and Drop”.
  • Easy downloading ⁃ The users can use a download manager or simply a downloader like the Internet Download Manager or IDM and the Jdownloader to download a file or files from the site of YunFile and save it to their devices.
  • Easy file sharing ⁃ The users can share their files with other people via social media or email or blogs or vlogs using the site of YunFile. They just need to make sure that they are always connected to the internet.
  • Very cheap premium account plans ⁃ The users can save money because YunFile offers a very cheap price for their users to purchase the premium account plans.
  • Earn money ⁃ The users can use the site of YunFile to earn money by their Referral Program which uses Pay Per Sale or PPS, and Pay Per Download or PPD methods. For PPS, YunFile give users up to seventy percent (70%) for every sold premium accounts and for PPD, they give users up to fifty dollars ($50) for every one thousand file downloads

YunFile: Accounts

For users to access and to use the features and services of the site of YunFile, they should register and get their accounts verified. Note that they should be responsible for the security and the privacy of their own accounts.

The YunFile has two types of accounts for all users, these are the YunFile Free Account and YunFile the Premium Account. If users do not want a limited use of all the features and services of YunFIle, if they do not want a slow speed downloading of a file or files, if they do not want any annoying ads on every page of the site of YunFile, and if they want a larger storage space size, then they should try to get the premium account.

The Perks of getting a YunFile Premium Account

✓ The users can download their files from the site of YunFile with no waiting time and no captchas.

✓ The users will experience high and not limited speed in downloading a file or files.

✓ The site of YunFile does not have any advertisements when users are navigating the pages of it and when downloading a file or files.

✓ The users are not restricted to download multiple files at the same time.

✓ The users will have access to use the personal storage space.

✓ The users can save money.

✓ The users can join the Referral Program of YunFIle and earn money.

Please check the below differences of the free account and premium account of YunFile when it comes to its features and services.

YunFile Premium Account

The Features and ServicesTypes of YunFile Free AccountTypes of YunFile ⋆ Premium Account ⋆
Is it free?☑ Yes☒ No
Does the download process start immediately?☒ No☑ Yes
Does it have a waiting time? ☑ Yes☒ No
How long is the waiting time for downloading a file? It takes about thirty seconds (30 sec) to start the downloadIt has no waiting time
The speed rate when downloading a fileSlow and LimitedHig in speed and Not limited
Downloading several numbers of files at the same time☒ Not supported☑ Supported
Restriction for downloading a fileOnly one file is allowed to download after every ten minutes (1 file /10 min).No restrictions for premium users
Fast downloading of files when the server of YunFile is busy☒ No☑ Yes
Multi-line downloads☒ No☑ Yes
Resuming and pausing the downloading of a file☒ Not supported☑ Supported
Does it have an accelerator for downloading a file?☒ Not supported☑ Supported
Can users use a tool to download a file or files?☑ Yes☑ Yes
Size of the storageLimitedHas a bigger storage
Storage space for saving the downloaded file or files of users (for personal storage)☒ Not supported☑ Supported – Has its own space storage for premium users Storage space size is two thousand forty-eight gigabytes (2048 GB)
Does it contain ads?☑ Yes☒ No
Is the CAPTCHA required?☑ Yes☒ No
Payments are secured☑ Yes☑ Yes
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Please see below the prices of the Free Account and the Premium Account Packages of YunFile.

YunFile Premium Account Packages

Account Types of YunFileNumber of Days or MonthsAccount Prices in DollarsAccount Prices in New Taiwan DollarsAccount Prices per dayThe capacity of the storage sizeDoes it have ads?Is it 100% Safe?Is it 100% Secure?
Free AccountZero (0) days or Zero (0) months00.00 USD00.00 NT$00.00 USD per daysmall☑ YES☑ YES100%

⋆Premium Account
One (1) day03.31 USD100.00 NT$03.31 USD per daybig☒ NO☑ YES100%
⋆Premium AccountSeven (7) days08.27 USD250.00 NT$00.36 USD per daybig☒ NO☑ YES100%
⋆Premium AccountThirty (30) days or one (1) month10.92 USD330.00 NT$00.36 USD per daybig☒ NO☑ YES100%
⋆Premium AccountNinety (90) days or one (3) months23.82 USD720.00 NT$00.26 USD per daybig☒ NO☑ YES100%
⋆Premium AccountOne hundred eighty days(180) days or six (6) months33.74 USD1020.00 NT$00.19 USD per daybig☒ NO☑ YES100%
⋆Premium AccountThree hundred sixty-five (365) days or twelve (12) month48.63 USD1470.00 NT$00.13 USD per daybig☒ NO☑ YES100%
⋆Premium AccountLifetime397.00 USD12,000.00 NT$00.01 USD per daybig☒ NO☑ YES100%
YunFile Modes of Payment: The users can pay the premium account of YunFile via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, JCB, American Express, Amazon Gift Card, Perfect Money, WebMoney, or the approved resellers of YunFile.

If the users have encountered any problems or issues or other concerns about the website, features, services, packages, payments, or subscription of YunFile, then they can try to contact the customer support of the YunFile their contact page on their official site or if they buy the premium account of YunFile from the websites of the resellers, then they can try to find the contact information of the reseller to reach them.

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