Icerbox Premium Account: The Filehoster at a Glance

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What is Icerbox?

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Icerbox is a cloud storage service that has a very straightforward way of giving its users satisfying service and innovative features. Icerbox Premium has a very convenient management system that offers faster connections speed, bigger storage capacity and a secure cloud storage service. It also has a multitasking feature that lets users download and upload multiple files for easier transfer and access. This feature is also available from other file hosting services online but Icerbox Premium lets you enjoy these premium services at a cheaper fee.

Why Avail an Icerbox Premium Account?

Icerbox is good on its own but users can greatly improve their service by having an Icerbox Premium Account. The Icerbox Premium account opens up to a vast list of great and innovative features. With an Icerbox Premium account, users are entitled to higher storage capacity and faster connections to the server. Premium users enjoy higher bandwidth to ensure quicker access to their own storage, not to mention the high priority in network traffic. Icerbox Premium users are also free from annoying pop-ups and ads. These services all cost just less than a hundred dollars for a month.

Data Back-Up

The Icerbox Premium has a Back-Up feature that can be used to secure important files for future use. File safety is very important for business owners that have too many documents to keep. It is common sense that businesses have a large number of documents that they can’t afford to lose like payrolls, attendance records and employee data files. Students also have a high demand for data security. Projects and presentations can be saved to the cloud and can be accessed later on if needed. Icerbox Premium can greatly help in backing-up files. With a very secure and fast connection, the Icerbox Premium is a great cloud-storage service for those that have a high priority for the safety of important files.

Multi-Platform Access 

The current age is undeniably very fast-paced that some people can’t keep up with how they have to manage their files and media. But since the development of mobile apps, these trivial issues have been resolved. People can now control their data management using mobile apps. Luckily, Icerbox Premium offers multi-platform connectivity. Users can access their files through their mobile devices. Whether it be Windows, Android or IOS, the Icerbox Premium cloud storage service got your back. This broad multi-platform capability offers more flexible and easy ways to fully manage your needs for file and document safekeeping. This multi-platform feature is also perfect for digital artists and photographers that need their works to be uploaded safely into their own online storage.

Secure Cloud Storage

One of the main reasons why people subscribe to cloud storage services is for the safety of their important files. But there are other files hosting services that have an easy to breach storage and database. This may be very bad especially if you’re keeping important documents or media in your cloud storage. The Icerbox Premium, on the other hand, has a very secure cloud storage. Icerbox uses data centers to ensure that all of the files that their user uploads are safely stored in their cloud. The internet has many malicious entities just waiting to steal important files and media from potential victims but the Icerbox Premium security features remove the risks for potential hacking and theft of media and documents.

Higher Storage Capacity 

With an Icerbox Premium account, you are given an upgraded storage capacity. Normally, free users only have limited storage available but availing an Icerbox Premium account lets you enjoy a total of 1 TB worth of cloud storage. Store all the files that you want without worrying about running out of available storage capacity. Whether it be media or large video files, Icerbox Premium got you covered with a storage capacity that can accommodate large sizes of files. Content creators can take advantage of this great storage size by uploading their contents online and keeping their works safe in the cloud storage.

No Ads

Unlike the free account which gets its revenues from ads, the Icerbox Premium account is free from such annoying pop-ups. Enjoy the Icerbox Premium service without being bugged by ads that may take you to other websites.

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Direct Links

Downloading your files and other contents from the Icerbox Premium cloud storage is very easy with an Icerbox Premium account. Premium account users can use URLs and direct links for a faster access to their files and contents. These URLs can also be used to share their files with whoever they wanted to. This Icerbox Premium account feature enables for a hassle-free management of your files. This is advisable for use in the workplace. People that work on a project can easily share their important files with just a link. The other people in the group then can download the files by themselves. This direct link feature of the Icerbox Premium offers a very simple yet safe way to share important files among friends and peers. All you need to do is to copy and paste the URL and your file is good to go.

Icerbox Premium features

How Do You Get Your Own Icerbox Premium Account?

Icerbox Premium has plenty of flexible packages for you to choose from. You can pick a subscription plan that fully suits your needs and business. Users can freely pick from three kinds of accounts, the Basic, Medium and the Big account. All have different packages depending on the needs of their users.

Here is a comparison of the types of Premium accounts:

Type of AccountBasicMediumBig
Duration1 month3 months6 months
Storage Size500 GB750 GB1 TB
Average per Day$0.57 per day$0.44 per day$0.39 per day

You might see that the bigger the account, the higher the amount that you can save as the average cost per day also decreases. However, the account that you will choose still depends on your needs and financial capabilities.

The Icerbox Premium also offers different flexible ways to receive payment. They include MasterCard, VISA and PayPal. There are also resellers available online for you to choose from.

Icerbox Premium packages

Icerbox Premium Account: The Best All-Around File Hosting Service

The need for a better and faster file and media management is relatively increasing because of the way people are more relying on going digital in everything. From school works to important company documents, everything nowadays is being converted to digital files. With this trend, so as the need for easy and fast storage services. Icerbox Premium has all of the needed features and service that can fully accommodate the need for such fast-paced access to files and media. With a secure cloud storage, users can be assured of the safety of their files. The speed and improved bandwidth is another thing that makes the Icerbox Premium a better choice than most file hosting service with the same price. The Icerbox Premium despite it’s a cheap subscription fee, does not lack in any better services. If you’re a student or a digital content creator, in particular, Icerbox Premium is the best online cloud storage service that you can find.

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