BigRock Web Hosting: Does it Have a Rock Solid Foundation?

BigRock is a leading provider of website hosting to businesses, professionals, and individuals over the world. It started in the country India, then expanded and became a part of a company named Endurance International Group (EIG) that provides us web tools needed for complexity in the market. Prices are ideal for small businesses, which makes us one of those few low-cost website hosts available. This product platform has an investment in technology R&D and has a presence in this industry for a course of over 10 years with clients around the globe to over 6 million domains.


BigRock and Its Features

  • Effective web presence solutions.
  • DIY Website Builder to help you get free templates for designing your website.
  • Inclusion extra of products: SSH access, 99.99% uptime Bigrock guarantee, Python, hot powerful Linux hosting, Evenodd, CS-cart, toggle navigation, big bandwidth and disk space amount, domain name search engine, server location, user interface, DNS management, and more.
  • Registration transfer addons available.
  • Domain name providers and experts.
  • Great Security Tools: Big rocks’ protection links with 1) SSL certificates to keep website information, personal identity such as credit card information, 2) Sitelock to safeguard page from hackers, 3) RAID 10 that backups databases. 4) Cloud security that scans your website, resolves malware, and other vulnerabilities issues.
  • ICANN-accredited.
  • Root access.
  • Exposure to search engines.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee to test the system first. (Note: One-time refund only)
  • 24/7 support groups and dedicated support host team that will get in touch with you to take action and help via phone call, support chat, or email for your problems. You may even connect with Crystal Hesmer, the Executive Director.

Domain Services

  • Domain Search
  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Transfer

To rule usage of the web hosting plan, you have to realize the importance of domain registration. If you already have one domain name, you may simply transfer it to us. If not, the company’s domain registration services can give you lists of the availability of excellent domain names where you can register a domain name. You can only purchase one web hosting email or website builder plan per domain name. If you need two or more of this for your browser, you will need to sign up for another domain name from us. Prices depend on the domain extensions you want to avail such as .me at $6.99, .us at $8.1, .in at $10.59, and .net at $12.50, .biz at $21.00 .press at $72.37.

Other domain name extensions available in Bigrock:

.store .biz .website .net .place .solutions .host .session .way .life .news .claims .guide .reviews .expert .blog .directory .menu .events .london .review .city .sales .boats .fish .win .technology .management .nc .top .info .data .rest .enterprises .partners .media .club .asia .design church .limo .catering .finance .cafe .family .deals .tours .forsale .rehab .bargains .dog .singles .buzz .plus .property .contractors .racing .vin .town .graphics .house .florist .democrat .furniture .software .works .vision .pub .computer .jobs .ventures .cricket .guru .blackfriday .fishing .creditcard .care .style .reisen .sarl .wiki .gallery .video .accountant .consulting .associates .center .zone .audio .guitars .dating .loans .vodka .lighting .studio .clothing .camp .football .viajes .download .farm .travel .toys .cab .surgery .pink .coffee .soccer .evenodd .cruises .equipment .gripe .construction .ooo .lease .men .cash .bar .restaurant .flights .education .hiphop .exchange .properties .gmbh .party .science .tattoo .network .fund .rodeo .rule .productions .watch .hockey .pics .cooking .bike .ninja .horse .clinic .supplies .voyage .careers .cleaning .schule .degree .diamonds .vacations .codes .estate .ink .industries .auction .fitness .delivery .engineering .plumbing .trade .rip .red .webcam .faith .healthcare .institute .boutique .coach .wine .vet .photo .capital .accountants .land .games .futbol .startups .ngo .gift .school .repair .dance .investments .memorial .coupons .report .actor .mortgage .golf .agency .pictures .cake .photography .holdings .tienda .theater .glass .loan .tennis .villas .parts .apartments .tokyo .salon .camera .tax .bid .condos .taxi .wtf .rentals .immobilien .diet .pizza .career .gifts .tips .engineer .jewelry .luxury .kitchen .university .bingo .recipes . academy .sale .convenience .ws .community .training .mba .shoes .builders .work .tv .link .photos .help .name

Types of BigRock Hostings

5 types of web hosting plans are the following:

Shared Hosting

This plan shares operation with content management systems such as Drupal and Windows. Shared Hosting has plans that will give you unlimited use to storage, mails, bandwidth, cPanel control panel or Plesk control panel, and multiple websites depending on the plan you availed.

Specialized Hosting

This plan comes with WordPress, CMS, Evenodd, and e-commerce.

Reseller Hosting

This reseller hosting will allow you to earn a profit by providing hosting services to others while using Bigrock’s servers and services. This has four price ranges with a variety of options.

Cloud Hosting

This is a more upgraded hosting plan wherein you get your own dedicated resources from a cloud server. This is intended for a small platform and has an internet accelerator.

VPS Hosting

This comes with a certain amount of disk space and band width. It includes Linux distributions, automatic fail-over, high-speed SSDs, DDoS protection, semi-managed services, and more.

Web Hosting Services:

  • Linux and Windows Hosting
  • WordPress and CMS Hosting
  • E-Commerce Hosting, Reseller Hosting with Zencart
  • Joomla Hosting
  • and more…

(Services Offered to Country: India Global USA and powers around 6 million websites of business customers)

Email Hosting Plan:

Get email hosting to have an official domain-based email address. This is offered to small businesses professionals especially to small business owners so they have unlimited email addresses/ email ids for their multiple clients.

Register an Account

When you sign up for an account, you must first agree with the terms of service of Big rock, privacy policy, and copyrights as well. Supported payment options are with ICANN accredited registrar copyrights. Payment modes are via Indian debit cards and net banking. Big rock has a special offer and gives a discount coupon every now and then.


What is the limit of ‘unlimited’?

Though big rock is with no set limits, it is with conditions that a user may be asked to upgrade if server count or bandwidth is abused. Here are an acceptable use of limitations:

  • Your website should not employ greater than 25% of server resources in a duration of more than 90 seconds. In case you exceed server usage and bandwidth, a notification system will be sent to you. Big rock may suspend your account if resource usage is affecting other users on the same server.
  • Website hosting is not for file storage or sharing.

Customers Feedback

  • Hello, with the big rock I was able to make a business website through Satyajit Chitale BigRock without any hassles even if I have zero web building experience and no idea in programming. In addition, my business partners had impressive experiences with the infrastructure and services of the big rock. (Mohsin Khan)
  • Hello! My favorite from the DIY package I purchased is Vikrant Sharma BigRock DIY sitebuilder. I only spent a low value of $8.1 to $72.37 as compared when I hired Khalid Bashir Khan My as my website designer before. (Ajay Chauhan)
  • Hello, I would say this is the best decision I made for my job. Thanks to Bigrock I was able to connect with plenty of companies located in Canada and California and gain contracts from them. Now I am acing the competition in online marketing! (Rishabh Pugalia)

Annual Big Rock Tournament

The action-packed Annual Big Rock Tournament will take place in Morehead City, North Carolina on June 5-13, 2020. This is a major sport fishing tournament joint by fish boats’ competitors with a mission to earn means to provide assistance and help with the needs of a number of people. If you want to experience the competition and get plenty of action, register your boats to this bigrock tournament on its official website then follow the rule and conditions given.

To order brand shirt products, country photos, bigrock supply, or in case you have queries and concern regarding the annual big rock tournament you may contact or email us through:

  • The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament 710 Evans Street, Morehead City, NC 28557 Ext. Big Rock Retail Store.
  • Big Rock Retail Store, Ext. 1 Crystal Hesmer, Executive Director, 252-241-1515 (Toll-Free)
  • 710 Evans Street, Morehead City, NC 28557 Office (252) 247-3575 (Toll-Free) |
  • All Rights Reserved Sales Team: 1-888-924-4762 (Toll-Free)
  • Email at

Final Verdict: It is a Win!

BigRock truly stands to its name that it is a solid approach as a website host provider to many domains. Its products are worth the investment as it proves to its terms and excellent performance in hosting new websites. In fact, you are given enough reason above to take this as your option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your best selling web hosts plan?

The Starter pack that is best for personal use has 50,000 monthly visitors, the Advanced pack used by web developers have 75,000 visitors while the Business pack best for businesses have 1,00,000 customers.

Can I transfer emails to G suite?

Yes. Instructions are given in their browser site under Knowledge Base.

Do I have to pay when I upgrade?

The upgrade price will only cost a bit of the difference of the plan pricing and you can easily add it to your cart.