FileSpace Premium Account : The Filehoster At A Glance

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The FileSpace site is considered as one of the best file hosting providers in the world. It is located at the Bayside Ltd, 112 Bonadie Street, Kingstown, in the country of the St. Vincent & the Grenadines. 

The FileSpace increased the number of their servers to provide than more enough storage space capacity for their users or customers. It also offers online storage space to make the uploading, sharing, and keeping of a file or files easy.

Moreover, the site of the FileSpace provides users with upload, download, share, and store their different files online. Through the FileSpace, a user can always access and manage his or her files easily and quickly whenever he or she needs it and wherever he or she is: at work, at school, at home, in the malls, in the restaurants, or even in the car. It also supports the uploading feature with the File Transfer Protocol or FTP upload, Web upload, and Remote Upload.

The site of the FileSpace is supported with different languages; these are the English, German, Indonesian, Spanish, Thai, French, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Japan, Polish, Dutch, and Hebrew. A user can switch to these different languages according to what he or she understands.

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Two of the FileSpace Features

The Link Checker Feature of the FileSpace

The FileSpace has a feature called the Link Checker which function is to check the Uniform Resource Locator or URL Link of a file or files if these are available or not in the database and server of the FileSpace.

To check if a file is available, just put the URL link of a file in the Link Checker box (please look at the picture below) and click on the “Check URLs” button to submit. Then, the FileSpace system will be the one to check it for you automatically.

FileSpace Link Checker - URL field

The Password Recovery Feature of the FileSpace

A user of the FileSpace can forget his account password sometimes, but he or she does not have to worry, because the FileSpace has a feature which is called Password Recovery to recover the account password of their users.

What are the details that a user needed for the Password Recovery?

  • The username or the email address of the user of the FileSpace. (Make sure that the entered email address is a valid and active one to receive the email from the FileSpace.)
  • The CAPTCHA is needed to be correct to proceed.

For the FileSpace to send the new password for recovery to the user’s email address, he or she should click on the “Reset my password” button to submit the password recovery request. 

A user should check his or her email folders (Inbox, Spam or Junk) for the FileSpace password recovery message. A user can change his or her new password sent by the FileSpace on his or her Account settings on the FileSpace site.

The Features of the FileSpace Accounts

FileSpace has two different types of accounts. These are the FileSpace Regular Account and the FileSpace Premium Account. See the below table to know the difference between the two types of accounts of FileSpace.

Different Features of the FileSpace Different Types of FileSpace Account
Regular Account⋆Premium Account
Speed rate for downloading a fileOne hundred kilobytes per second (100 KB/s)limitless
Starting time for a downloadThe download will start after sixty (60) secondsThe download will start immediately
How many files can be downloaded?Can only download one file at a timeCan download several numbers of files at the same time
How long does a file can be stored?Files can be stored for exactly sixty (60) days only after the last downloadlimitless
How much space for storage?Fifty gigabytes (50 GB) or Fifty thousand megabytes (50000 MB)Five hundred gigabytes (500 GB) or Five hundred thousand megabytes (500000 MB)
Can a user download a file directly?X✔ 
Can a user upload a file using the File Transfer Protocol or FTP?X
Can a user upload a file remotely?X
Web upload
Contains AdsX

FileSpace Premium Account Packages

The FileSpace has different plans for the FileSpace Premium Account. The price of the plan depends on the number of days. See the below table.

The FileSpace Premium Account Plans
How many days?How much is the price?
30 days13.71 USD
90 days34.92 USD
330 days97.54 USD
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FileSpace Payment Methods

The options for the payment system of the FileSpace is upgraded for the users to have more options and convenience in paying the FileShare Premium Account Plans. So, there is no need to worry because the payment here in the FileSpace is very accurate and very reliable.

How to pay the FileSpace Premium Account Plan?
Credit cards (Visa and MasterCard)Web Money Transfer or WMZSofort Banking
PayPalQIWI wallet and Digital walletsPaySafeCard
Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and EthereumAdvCashCashU
SkrillTrustPay (Internet Banking)AliPay
Taobao.comInterkassaOfficial FileSpace Resellers

For the FileSpace Premium Account Key, the FileSpace has many resellers who are reliable. A user can buy from these resellers of the FileSpace because they sell the FileSpace Premium Account Keys. 

If a user has more questions regarding the payment and the FileSpace Premium plans or services, he or she may contact the customer service of the FileSpace by sending a message to their email address at [email protected].

FileSpace Affiliate Program: Be one of the FileSpace affiliates!

FileSpace created a program called “Affiliate Program” which gives its users or members an opportunity to earn using the site.

Below are the following benefits that a user or a member of the FileSpace can get when he or she joins the Affiliate Program:

  • A user of the Filespace can earn up to sixty percent (60%) of the Filespace Premium sales using the Pay Per Sale or PPS profit mode.

  • A user of the Filespace can earn up to thirty-eight dollars ($38)  for every one thousand (1000) number of downloads plus twenty percent (20%) of the Filespace sales in mixed profit mode.

  • The Filespace gives a twenty percent (20%) for the owners of the website of the Filespace to earn and a five percent (5%) for the referral earnings. For the referral earnings, it means that all of the people who have successfully registered and joined the FileSpace using the links of the FileSpace member will automatically be added to the member’s referrals.

  • The stats are very detailed and it also has access to File Transfer Protocol or FTP and to the Remote URL upload.

  • The Filespace payments for this are completed within two (2) working days. The minimum payout amount of the Filespace is as low as ten dollars ($10). They are paying their users or customers through WebMoney, Bitcoin or Ethereum or other digital currencies, PayPal, AdvCash, and others (Please refer to the payment options above).

A user of the FileSpace site has the freedom to choose his or her mode of profit in the Affiliate Program. Please see the below modes of profit.

Two (2) Modes of Profit of the FileSpace

1. Pay Per Sale or PPS – Using this mode, a user can earn up to sixty percent (60%) of the initial sale of each FileSpace user or member and fifty percent (50%) for the other sales and bills.

2. Mixed of the Pay Per Download or PPD + Pay Per Sale or PPS – Using this mode, a user can earn up to twenty dollars ($20) for every one thousand (1000) number of downloads and twenty percent (20%) for all of the sales and bills.

How to request to join the Affiliate Program of the Filespace?

For a user to request to join the Affiliate Program of the Filespace, he or she needs to create a message via email or via the contact page of the FileSpace site. 

A user needs to copy the Uniform Resource Locator or URL link of his or her website or the URL links from his or her posts on other websites such as on forums, blogs, social media, and others. He or she should paste the link in the message content and send it to the email of the FileSpace or if you are using the Filespace site, just click the “Submit” button to submit the request. 

A user can also include how much size is the space he or she needs for the storage of the files. He or she can also provide any important details in the content of the message. A user can also add his or her contact. 

The affiliate manager of the FileSpace will be the one who will be responsible to respond to the users’ requests or messages within just forty-eight hours (48 hrs).

Have Any Questions or Concerns?

If ever a user has a question or concern about the FileSpace site, premium plans, payments, affiliate program, features, and services, he or she does not need to hesitate to contact the FileSpace through their email address at [email protected] or through the contact form on their FileSpace site ( or through their phone number which is 855-218-6668, but before sending a message kindly take some time to read the Terms of Service and Policy of the FileSpace. 

The FileSpace is very responsible for responding to questions and concerns of the users. Always expect that they will send a response within two (2) working days.

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