Uloz Premium Account: The Filehoster at a Glance

Uloz Dashboard
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What is Uloz?

Uloz is considered the biggest network of Czech cloud storage. With Uloz, individuals who do not have an account or registered can upload a file in the storage, share it through email, on Facebook, and tweet the link on twitter. Very easy and super accessible by almost everyone. With Uloz,  you can upload, share, explore, and get a file for free. Yes, all for free.

Uloz also offers its Premium account, where it permits you to download any file with unlimited or immense speed. Though downloading files for free is still a good feature, having a premium account just gives you more of file management and download speed. Getting an Uloz Premium Account is really ideal for users who download a file that is truly heavy because it will save them time.

Uloz File Sharing & File Storage

Who can use Uloz Premium?

Uloz Premium Account can be for someone who wants to use more of Uloz’s advantages when it comes to storing their uploaded videos. Having subscribed to their premium account means that all your uploaded files are secure in one place.

When do you need Uloz Premium?

It is true that you can really upload files in Uloz whatever your data may be, no restriction at all storages are not counted. However, subscribing enables you to make your files in a secure place and will never be lost. Not registered users may easily lose their files once the download link and streaming link were lost, and having a free account does not guarantee your files will hang around for longer times. So if you need file storage, file sharing, and a streaming site all at one place, then subscribe for an Uloz Premium Account.

How to Upload Anonymously and for Free in Uloz?

Whenever you want to try Uloz for free, you can quickly check up on their system even without registering an account. At Uloz, you can upload any file you want, yes, anything.

Uloz File Uploading

Just click the “Upload Files” button that you will see on the upper right corner of the website. After clicking the button, you will be redirected to a page where you can upload your files and adjust the settings on how you want your files to be accessed. There are two options and those are ‘Public’ and ‘via Link”, or privately.

If you are uploading a video and setting it to be public, it will once be accessed by many users just by searching in the search box. Just click the “Upload Files” button that you will see on the upper right corner of the website. After clicking the button, you will be redirected to a page where you can upload your files and adjust the settings on how you want your data to be accessed. There are two options, and those are ‘Public’ and ‘via Link”, or privately.

If you are uploading a video and setting it to be public, it will once be accessed by many users just by searching in the search box and vice versa for uploading ang setting it to be accessed by link only. For private uploading, you will be provided with some choices on how you want to every file.

If ever you have an account with Uloz, all your downloaded files are accessible through your account and can be managed. This is the cons of not having a premium account. You will not be able to manage everything. And if it is a free account, there is a possibility your file will be gone.

Uloz Registration

Register for Free with Uloz

The platform is very open to all individuals. No fees, charges, trials or credit cards required for you to be part of their community. Just fill-up the form on their website and sign-up. Validate your email by checking your emails and afterward, you are free to use the platform.

If you are from The Czech Republic or Slovenia, and you hate filling and typing up forms, they have a quick registration that only requires for you to send a message depending on your location.

For individuals from The Czech Republic or Czechia, send an SMS containing the word “ULOZTO” and send it to 9094499. You will automatically have a credit of 10GB. For people from Slovenia, you will have a credit of 15GB in your account after sending “ULOZTO 6” at 8877. Just be mindful that all texts have a fee. Once you are done submitting the SMS, you can wait for another SMS that contains your login details for you to enjoy the platform.

Uloz File Sharing Platform

As said before, there are many ways how you can share a file uploaded on the Uloz platform. It could be from links, mails, Facebook and Twitter. After uploading a file, you will be redirected to a page where you will be given a link and the other option. If you uploaded a video, your video would be shared as well on the platform if it is set to the public.

Enjoy Uloz for free, but Uloz Premium is highly suggested to utilize the maximum benefits of the platform fully.

Uloz Premium Account

Uloz Premium can be achieved easily by even free users just by buying CREDITS. Once the credit is exhausted, they can avail more if they want. Here are the costs for every credit.

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340 Gigabytes38,99 EuroPay through a CardPay through Bank Transfer
150 Gigabytes19,49 EuroPay through a CardPay through Bank Transfer
70 Gigabytes9,99 EuroPay through a CardPay through Bank Transfer
40 Gigabytes5,99 EuroPay through a CardPay through Bank Transfer
25 Gigabytes3,99 EuroPay through a CardPay through Bank Transfer

Uloz Frequently Asked Questions 

File Visibility

With Uloz Accounts, there are three ways you can choose how your files will be available:

  1. Private Access or “For Me Only” – you can only access that particular file if you are logged in on the account where you placed it. No one else can also access it from the platform.
  2. Access Thru Link – again, this type of file is available only for the individuals who have its link, and it is not visible to other users who will try to search for it in the Uloz search bar.
  3. Public Access – this type of file is searchable in the Platforms’ search engine and can also be accessed when you have its link.

File Availability and File Properties

Users or even unregistered person can already establish the file availability when they upload it, or it indicates who will access the file. However, changing the file’s properties and updating its availability can only be managed if you are a registered user, free or premium. Data can be managed at any point in My Files or through File Detail. Also, you can’t change the properties of other public files, and only your own files can be updated by you.

Uncensored Photos and its Safety

Uploading some files that are really not for everyone to see is very dangerous. Sometimes it can be a family member or your child having fun while bathing, and you certainly did not want that to leak as the online world is really difficult these days.

Just in case you are storing memories of photos that can be an alarm for other eyes, you should always keep in mind to privatize all your folders and files. Protect your own file by making your storage protected by a password. A password setting is highly suggested whenever your youngsters are partially or entirely revealed.

Anonymous Uploads and its Restrictions

Yes, as discussed earlier, you can use the Uloz platform even if you are not logged in or registered as a user. Therefore, uploading files anonymously can really happen. Though the management really did not recommend this type of activity, especially when you are uploading sensitive or personal photos or videos. 

The thing is, you will not be able to set your files uploaded into a private one. Why? Because you do not have any control over it because you are not logged in. You can only set your files to the Public and share it via a link. But generally, you do not have any control where your data is taken or moved as it is like you uploaded a data in free space. No account means no storage as well. And once you lost your sharing link, you can completely lose it.

Nevertheless, for private images and videos, the Uloz Team eternally advocates managing with them only as a logged-in user account who has complete alternatives available.

Age checking: 18 years Below or Above

You will wonder why the system needs to know if you are of legal age or not. Though this detail is highly needed for the system to set the content of what you will see. For instance, if you are 18 years below, and the system knows you are, there is a likelihood they will never show you an advertisement about tobacco or alcohol, and the likes. That is why knowing what your age is will restrict the system to show you irrelevant content. 

Video streaming

Visitors who wanted to check out videos that are publicly uploaded in Uloz can be played back. But there are restrictions, and it is if a video is 10-minutes longer, it will not be played back. It would be best if you were logged-in or registered with credits to watch larger sizes of videos.


You can generally upload data up to 18 GB. The largest size of the uploaded data is really limited to the browser view. It is highly suggested for you to divide files greater than 18 GB into numerous shorter archives (like in WinRAR or WinZIP), then you can upload these compressed files. Command line uploads can also be utilized by experienced users.

File Deletion

Subsequent to uploading a data, the download URL and also another link for erasing the uploaded data will show.

If you uploaded a file as a registered or logged in user, you can also manage your data and delete whatever you like. If ever you utilize the File Manager to upload a file, we completely suggest you open your account. Oppositely, you will not be capable of deleting the file succeedingly. You can contact the Uloz Support team if all options are not available for you. 


There is so much more to know about Uloz and you can check it out on their website. With the platform, you can easily share files quickly. They have online streaming as well where you can enjoy lots of videos uploaded by other users. It is really best to have credits on your account for a comprehensive control over your files, download very quickly, watch longer videos and more.



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