Hostwinds Review: Unrivaled Web Hosting Partner & Tailored Hosting Plans

Choosing the best web hosting service has been fact-proven as both a challenge and a complex decision for many people. After all, choosing your hosting provider is like choosing your life partner. There are plenty of considerations to filter out the best one for you due to the sea of web hosting providers. Whatever your preferred services are, this content might make it easy for you.

Join us as we unravel why lots of people are choosing Hostwinds over any other web hosting provider nowadays.


About Hostwinds

Hostwinds – the leading web hosting provider name and sought out hosting company – is your best option for purchasing web hosting services.

Hostwinds was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma last 2010 by its business owner, CEO Peter Holden, the amazing name and person behind the product. Operating for 10 years, the entity has built a remarkable name and reputation. It has grown in number by serving thousands of clients in North America and different places. Its headquarters is now located in Seattle, Washington in the U.S. While its offices, technologies, servers, and SAS Type II datacenters are located in facilities in Dallas, Texas, and Seattle, US.

Best Features

Hostwinds not only offers products, but also packed with notable features for the customers. Features discovered during the testing of services:

  • Service – Hostwinds offers services such as:
  1. State of the art datacenters located in North America, US, multiple Tier 1 network providers for your site
  2. Unparalleled hosting speed by offering Litespeed web servers
  3. 99.9999% – 99.99999% uptime guarantee
  4. Offers performance analysis which tests for CSS and javascript, MySQL databases.
  5. Custom templates, images, and tools for server code available on cloud servers such as WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Minecraft.
  • Security – Hostwinds products offer cookies, encryption, upgraded password security, and firewalls to secure your website and name from malicious attacks to increase the password security and encryption on Linux Hosting VPS services.
  • Storage – with object and block storage for a much more flexible data management.
  • Ecommerce Solution – Softaculous is installed in the cPanel to bring in the Magento e-Commerce platforms in the network, manage online store from your hosting provider.
  • Freebies – purchasing products come with many free applications that include WordPress, SSL certificate, FTP accounts, different name and website builders, Weebly site builder and name customization, and unlimited name, phone number, password and email accounts and domain name (examples includes, .sar, .characters, .changes, .password, .phone, .phone number, .number, .plenty, .anything, .words, .level, .result, .example, .site, .email, .cash, .payment).

Pros & Cons


  1. Ease of Use – The platform is easy to use that even beginners can navigate Hostwinds web hosting like experts. The Softaculous auto-installer is a big help in setting everything. The simplicity of the platform is the reason why people are choosing it.
  2. Uptime Guarantee – Hostwinds, unlike its competitors, offers a 99.999% uptime guarantee and website availability. Downtime is not good for the reputation of your site. Google doesn’t direct visitors to websites with low uptime – launching your site for business purposes can lose visitors.
  3. Versatile and Reliable Hosting – An array of hosting plans depending on the needs of its customers.
  4. Supple Billing Periods – the platform offers flexible billing payments. The customer may opt to pay on a per month or annual basis. Price discounts are also given.
  5. Free Migration – transfer of data from the customers’ previous web host to Hostwinds is free, this applies to new accounts. Yes, you read it right. There’s no cost and data loss in website transfer.
  6. Dedication and Support – Hostwinds offers excellent customer support. Its wide range of technical support is an advantage; available for Windows and Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian) software. Customer service is their priority.


  1. Confusing Plan Differentiation – The variety of hosting package which Hostwinds offers has a downside to it. The difference between the packages brings confusion to its customers. The Frequently Asked Question portion of the website can answer queries relating to the detail of the package.

Price Range

Hostwinds, like most hosting companies, offer a variety of hosting plans with different pricing, depending on your hosting needs. Each plan is customizable and may add on different plans for your hosting requirements. It offers six services depending on the function. Discounts and coupons are thrown in your way once you choose to subscribe longer. (Prices was updated last June 18, 2020)

  • Shared Hosting – cheapest plan with the highest sales offered by Hostwinds. Shares operations with content management systems (cms) like Windows and Drupal. Resources are shared resulting in low-cost plans. Even with shared hosting, traffic spikes experiences are barely noticeable due to the lightning speed rerouting. Some of the web host details are SSD, unlimited email accounts, subdomains and databases, free IP address, SSL certificate, password security and site builder, the latest version of cPanel, and instant software setup. Shared Hosting comes in three categories:
  1. BASIC Shared – Unlimited bandwidth and disk space, host one domain at $3.29 per month
  2. ADVANCED – Unlimited bandwidth and disk space, host four domains at $4.23 per month
  3. ULTIMATE – Unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and domains at $5.17 per month. Renewal is $8.99.
  • Business Web Hosting – dedicated hosting for small businesses. Same with Shared Hosting, Business Web hosting offerings are in three business plan:
  1. BASIC – Unlimited bandwidth, password, characters and disk space, host one domain at $5.64/month
  2. ADVANCED – Unlimited bandwidth, password, characters and disk space, host four domains at $6.58/month
  3. ULTIMATE – same with ultimate shared plan at $7.99/month
  • Reseller Hosting – reseller features fully managed hosting services, password security, instant setup, nightly backups, and 24/7 tech support. Reseller Plans are offered the same price as Basic Shared Hosting which starts at $3.29 per month.
  • VPS Hosting – Budget VPS plans come with two hosting VPS customization options

a. Linux VPS Hosting – features cloud control panel. Since Hostwinds incorporated Enterprise Hardware, sleek and advanced technologies will take over your server. Every plan offers scalability – if you need more RAM you may downgrade your VPS. This hosting VPS plan is available in 10 tiers.

  • Tier 1 – 1 CPU Core, 1 GB RAM, 30GB SSD, 1TB Data Transfer at $13.50/month
  • Tier 10 – 16 CPU Cores, 18.5 GB RAM, 750GB SSDs, 9TB Data Transfer at $129/month

b. Windows VPS Hosting – more pricey than Linux VPS hosting plans but offers great deals. The 99.9999% uptime guarantee is still present despite sharing servers. Resources are remote and the smooth operation of your website is guaranteed. Windows hosting comes in plans and available in 10 tiers with different prices. You may also use this to run Microsoft-specific scripts. Hostwinds also feature plans for Minecraft hosting.

  • Cloud Hosting – with Cloud Hosting, you need to create your cloud server account. You only need to fill out your email account, phone number, and desired password – at least ten characters – on the cloud hosting menu of the Hostwinds website; click the create account button. With cloud, your resources are connected with other servers, this thing help you choose server locations and launch your server in places/country across the world. Several add ons are offered in the plan. Install the Apache web service after creating your cloud email account.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting – with Dedicated hosting, your website has dedicated servers; resources are available to support traffic volumes – including Intel virtualization functions with varying amounts of RAM and server storage. Log into WHM to start your cPanel account. Dedicated server hosting price – $79.50/month.
  • Other Services
  1. SSL certificates
  2. White Label Hosting – same as name and characters re-branding, you may offer Hostwind’s services under your label name. Your choice, your prices, and advertise Hostwind’s hosting packages under your brand name. The monthly cost is $10.
  3. WordPress Hosting – with Ionos and Bluehost; offers amazing WordPress characters and speed optimizations.
  4. Free Website builder – Weebly straight to your door – partnered with many hosting plan

Account Setup

  • There are a few steps in creating your Hostwinds login email account. The first step is to go to the hosts’ page, finalize your plans, and your shopping cart. You will be redirected to the email login account page where you need to enter your first name and last name, email address, phone number, and password – not less than 10 characters for password and account security.
  • After creating your password and email hosting account, you need to pay for your purchase. Available Payment Methods are Skrill, Paypal, Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Credit Cards, or through your Savings account.
  • After paying the fees, your email will have permission to access links and work on the site.

Client Area

Client Area shows the dashboard of your email account. You may navigate and look for the rest of your paid products, review account security, amend details such as name, phone number, email, password. The purpose is to familiarize the user with the site.

The email account user may also look at the Domains, Billing, Cloud, and Control Section to learn a lot about the kind of sites’ countenance. Blog posts containing the entire directory, editors choice opinion articles, editors choice issues, dashboard topics, editors choice summary, most search article, and editors choice news pages of the apps are all in the Blog posts.

Refunds & Request Cancellation

Unlike other hosting company which offers 30-day money-back guarantee, Hostwinds went much beyond to render the best hosting experience to its customers. Hostwinds have a 60-day money-back guarantee refund policy should you change to cancel your subscription. Although, something with the new refund rules, after filling out the form, money-back guarantees are valid for a certain type of deal and subscription. The agreement between Hostwinds LLC and its client with third parties’ compensation and consent is in the provided disclosure file available at the website.

Hostwinds Support & Customer Service

Hostwinds care, thus it offers four support options through these channels on its website.

  • Live Chat – Chat Support is the fastest way to ask for instructions, information, relay problems/instance, and guidance from Hostwinds. The chat window is easily accessible and may prompt notifications upon receipt of a message from an agent from the Hostwinds experts.
  • Phone Support – phone number is available on the site, someone from the customer service team will guide you using certain languages – mainly English and with care to provide technical support and action to the trouble/problem at hand. Phone assistance is the easiest way to reach the support team should user problem and issue arises.
  • Emails/Tickets – actions provided through an email support ticket; the user can open an email ticket to file a complaint, much more, report an instance of error or problem.
  • Knowledge Base – knowledgebase support to users; without efforts since guidelines are available on site. For times wherein case/issue is not listed on any part of the guides, the user may link up thru the phone number/email/customer support.

Hostwinds Alternatives

With hundreds of brand competitors in the market, competing for excellence on many categories of web hosting plans is crucial. However, a group of experts from a few software engineer, reviewers, clients, and premium account users conducted testing using standard performance reviews to gauge the status of competition between different sites and Hostwinds.

Thanks to HostAdvice that work through, conducted, and summarized the testing costs, on behalf of other certification bodies, by checking the current average value of hosts through articles, ability, experience, and selected Hostwinds reviews. Some company are rated by editors and users, below are ones of the many results:

  • Hostwinds 4.50 VS Hostgator 4.50
  • Hostwinds 4.49 VS A2 Hosting 4.5
  • Hostwinds 4.8 VS BlueHost 4.7 is operated by Quality Nonsense Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales. Registered office: London, W1T 3BL, UK. Copyright 2020

Hostwinds: The Verdict

In conclusion, Not only that Hostwinds guarantee 99.9999% uptimes, but it also lives up to the standard of quality website hosting. In addition, its performance, products, technology, and tools are the best aspect that people have on their list of considerations.

This review, together with other user reviews, web hosting reviews, and engineers evaluation standards, has testified to the excellence of Hostwinds. Experts ranked it as one of the overall editors’ choice in the web hosts category. Factors including web hosting solutions, value, options, technology, tool, and uptime is not available elsewhere and should be more than reason enough to keep Hostwinds in your radar

Are you the next Hostwinds success story? Visit Hostwinds now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why pick Hostwinds?

Not all web hosts updates their security, solutions, storage amount, and processing speeds, Many companies offer a couple of things that are not even beneficial for you, wherein Hostwinds offers power, reliability, and experience to everyone.

What counts as a valid referral?

Hostwinds gives a referral fee to valid clicks on link display that will be connected back to you.

How can I find Hostwinds nameservers?

Click on your name and enter your password on the page ground of the site, log in, and select Email History. You will find not only your nameservers, but almost anything in your email account.