FileJoker Premium Account – The Filehoster at a glance

logoWith FileJoker you can choose between a free and a paid version. It all depends on your needs, which is the right choice for you. If you want to download or upload a large amount of data with the hoster, it is recommended to purchase the Premium version. The Premium Account is also the right choice if you want quick access to the necessary files without waiting times. However, if you only rarely use the hoster and have no problems with waiting times, you can also use the free version.

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Positive characteristics of the supplier

  • Free account and premium service
  • Extended Premium Account
  • High security in data protection
  • Convincing ease of use

Free admission is hidden

In the FileJoker website explanation you will find the Free and Registered versions. The free version can only be downloaded. In the registered version you can upload 50GB of data. However, the ability to register is not so easy to find. Because there is no normal registration button, there is a small detour here.

Register via the reseller option

If you click on Premium at the top right of the homepage, you will see 4 offers for 4 periods – the longer the subscription, the cheaper it is. Below you will find a number of payment options for the respective booking periods. Under these payment options you will find the option to purchase the account through one of the many resellers. If you click on the Reseller button, you will find the registration button in the top left, small right.

Payment methods

With the Hoster FileJoker you can pay in many ways. On the one hand, the usual channels are possible via VISA and MasterCard, as well as online banking. On the other hand, the website offers alternative payment methods, where it is also possible to pay via Paysafecard. These include CoinPayment, WebMonkey and the SMS payment procedure. The Bitcoin payment is particularly interesting, because here you get, depending on the variant of three, ten, twenty or 35 days, free access.

30 days Premium90 days Premium180 days Premium365 days Premium
14,05 $34,95 $59,95 $89,95 $
3 Days Bitcoin Bonus10 Days Bitcoin Bonus20 Days Bitcoin Bonus35 Days Bitcoin Bonus

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Privacy Statement

FileJoker has made every effort to ensure that the information you provide to us is treated with the utmost care and in the strictest confidence, as described in the Privacy Policy. It explains how the information you enter and the data obtained by visiting the website are used.

On the one hand, the data generated by the visit is stored anonymously. This includes information such as demographic data or, for example, the operating system and browser used. On the other hand, the data provided during the login process is stored. This includes the e-mail address and password. After registration, all kinds of other data can be entered, which of course are also stored.

All this information is treated confidentially, anonymised and encrypted for security purposes in the manner required by law. In addition, for better use of the website, data is stored by means of cookies, which ensure that the user does not have to enter everything over and over again and can work faster with the website.

Customer service

The possibilities to get in touch with the provider FileJoker are limited to a minimum. This is just a contact form that you can reach by clicking on “Contact” at the bottom right. This will take you to a page where you can enter your name, email address and a message in the middle. Below is a Captcha query, after that the message can be sent.


The FileJoker website is very well organized and easy to use after registration. All necessary information is self-evident and the operation is problem-free. On the top right side you will find the tabs “My account”, “My files” and “Premium”. With the latter you can increase the speed and size of your online storage space and skip waiting times. To do this, you must select one of the subscriptions. Under “My account” you can make some settings for your account. The really important part is “My Files”, because here you can easily upload your data with the button in the middle, “Upload your files now!

All in all, FileJoker scores with an extremely simple and clear organization. There are very few levels and everything is easy to find. Most operations can be performed with just 2-3 clicks. Everything is clearly ordered and exactly the same as most users already know from other well-known websites. Therefore, there should hardly be any problems for internet users.

The benefits of a premium account with Filejoker

The Filejoker Premium Account allows you to maximize download speed and run multiple downloads at once. The maximum file size for downloads and storage capacity are unlimited. There are no waiting times or captcha answers, and you can pause and resume downloads, and mobile App and support for contacts.

Our conclusion about the provider FileJoker

The FileJoker provider offers a free opportunity to use the service, as well as a premium account for use without restrictions and waiting times. This gives both the professional user and the amateur the opportunity to use the service under fair conditions. The ability to switch to the premium version is easy to find, as well as the payment, which can be done in many ways. The anonymous payment via Paysafecard is not possible directly with Filejoker, but with many Filejoker Premium resellers. The operation is self-explanatory and very simple, so even inexperienced users can handle the website well. The FileHoster FileJoker is therefore highly recommended and is in any case a good way to upload or download data.

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