FastShare Premium Account: The Filehoster at a Glance

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About the FastShare

FastShare Logo

What does FastShare offer?

FastShare is one of the fastest file-hosting sites and it offers the below benefits for users.

FastShare Benefits
The FastShare Premium Account
Number of Months:1312
Price in CZK:99279
Download Limit:unlimitedunlimitedunlimited
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Payments Options

SAZKA terminals SMS or text message
Bank Transfer (Best Option)Bitcoin (Digital Wallet Address)
Credit cards – VISA or Mastercard (Fastest Option)

*If a user does not receive the FastShare Premium Account, he or she can submit the payment receipt to FastShare via email ([email protected]) to track it. I didn’t get a Bitcoin payment.

Installing the FastShare Software

FastShare Software for PC

To install the FastShare software, a user needs to go to their download site and choose what FastShare version fits for his or her device.

FastShare versions:

Version No.:v2.4.0V2.3.1
Size:6.2 MB6.2 MB
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Got a problem with installing the FastShare software? 

“Windows has protected your computer” 

When the message” Windows has protected your computer” appears on a user’s device during the installation of the user should click on the “More Information” link to view the details of it or click on the “Run Away” button to just pass by this message.

FastShare is a secure software, so there is no need to worry about the message appearing in installation.

FastShare Application for Mobile (Android)

FastShare has an application for mobile phone users too. 

The capabilities of the FastShare mobile app:

  • Searching of files
  • Downloading of files
  • Saving of files, and many more

A user can get the FastShare app for Android mobile phones via Google Play. The FastShare app is free, so you can get it now!

User Account on the FastShare

Registration on FastShare is very fast! It will not take one or two minutes to be registered.

FastShare Registration via FB

For a user to have an account on FastShare, he or she must be registered first on the Registration Form of FastShare. A user can also register by connecting FastShare to his or her Facebook account.

FastShare Eye Button for Passwords

To see the password when typing, click the eye button to show it. If this eye button disabled, the typed password will show only dots to hide it, like the image below.

Hide the password
Show the password


Log in to FastShare

FastShare Login

To log in, a user needs to enter his or her username or email and password for FastShare.

FastShare Login via FB

A user can also log in using his or her Facebook account. Just click this button on FastShare Login Page → 

If a user wants to change his or her password or email, he or she can set a new one again in the My Account Page of FastShare.

What if a user forgot his or her account password?

FastShare Forgot Password

Solution:  If ever a user cannot remember his or her password anymore, the Reset Password is the best way to do it. Click on the “FORGOTTEN PASSWORD” to proceed. A user needs to enter his or her registered email on FastShare to change the account password on the Forgot Password page. Click the “Send Password”, for FastShare to send the new temporary password to his or her email to open the user’s account. If a user does not receive the new password, send a message to FastShare.

LinkChecker of FastShare

FastShare LinkChecker

FastShare has LinkChecker to verify if the file a user is searching for is still available.

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How to upload a file on FastShare?

To upload a file or files, a user or a guest should click on the “Select Files” button and select the file or files that you want to upload on FastShare from your device. After selecting the file or files, FastShare will automatically do the upload for a user.

When uploading, a user or a guest can cancel the upload process, just click on the “Cancel Upload”, then FastShare will stop the uploading of the file or files. 

A user or a guest can check the box of “All Files Have Erotive Content” if the file he or she uploaded contains sexual things.

Upload Files on FastShare

If a user wants to upload his or her file or files on his or her FastShare account, he or she must log in to his or her account first. A user can upload a file or files using the Download or Upload Manager of FastShare and he or she is allowed to upload a file with its file size thirty gigabytes (30 GB). A user can also upload files or files using a web browser, but he or she could only upload up to two gigabytes (2 GB) in the size of a file.

The files finished uploading will be displayed on the uploaded files list of FastShare. (Please see the picture below.)

Uploaded Files List

A user can also earn in uploading his or her file or files. The more people downloaded the files you uploaded, the more a user (file uploader) can earn. A user can share the links of his or her files to spread it worldwide such as on blogs, forum sites, social media sites, video blogs, and others.

A user will be given fifteen cents in the dollar ($ 0.15) per one gigabyte (1GB) download of his or her upload files. For that, FastShare gives out the payment every Monday of the week up to one hundred Czech (100 CZK) either via bank or wire transfer or via Bitcoin wallet address.

So, want to upload now?  Go to FastShare now and Earn! → 

Sorting of FastShare

FastShare Sorting files

Files are sorted according to different orders.

1. Relevance

  • The files are sorted according to which they are most likely to be related to the user’s query entered on the search box. The most relevant or most related files will be shown on the first page of the search.

2. From the largest

  • If a file has a large size, then it will be on the top of the list to view on the search page. The files will be sorted from the largest size to the smallest one.

3. From the smallest

  • If a file has a small size, then it will be on the top of the list to view on the search page. The files will be sorted from the smallest size to the largest one.

4. Most downloaded

  • The files will be sorted from biggest to least number of download times. If a file gets a bigger number of download times, it will be displayed on the top of the list. 

5. Latest

  • The file which has the most recent uploaded date will be shown on the first page of the search.

6. Score

  • In FastShare, a user or a guest can rate a file. The files will be sorted from highest score to lowest. If a file has the highest score, then it will be on the top of the list to view on the search page. 

Download on FastShare

How to download a file?

A user can download a file on FastShare by using a web browser, and by using the Download or Upload Manager of the FastShare software or mobile app. A user who has a FastShare Premium Account can download the files many times because FastShare Premium Accounts supports the limitless number of file download.

The downloaded file will be displayed on FastShare with the following details:

  • File size
  • File type
  • Video quality or Resolution
  • File title
  • Upload date
  • File duration
  • File Codec, Bitrate, Framerate, Audio Codec, and Channels

Can’t download a file?

If a user can not download a file, below are the reasons why.

1. Check the settings of the user’s device firewall, antivirus, and network, because these things may interrupt or block the connection for downloading from the site.

2. Users can reach FastShare to ask for help on the contact page of FastShare or via email ([email protected]).

Deleting a File on FastShare

Deleting a file or files on FastShare is very simple. A user just needs to send a request for the deletion of a file or files to FastShare. To send a deletion request, a user should copy the file link and paste it on the message box on the contact form of FastShare. Then, the FastShare team will be the one to manage the deletion of a user’s file or file.

FastShare will only delete the file or file, if and only if the owner of the copyright has requested the deletion of it or those. They do not do the deletion process unless it is requested.

Commenting on the FastShare Files

Any FastShare user (FastShare Free or FastShare Premium Account) can add and submit a comment for any of the files uploaded on their site, if he or she has something to say or something to ask about the file or about the uploader of the file.

The Affiliate Program of FastShare

A user can earn money with the Affiliate Program of FastShare. This is also called the “Partner Program”.

To earn money, a user just needs to recommend the FastShare site or app. A user (inviter or recommender) can get fifty percent (50%) of all of the payments made by their invites. Every person that they invited must be successfully registered and purchased any plans of FastShare, for FastShare to pay the user who recommended or invited them.

FastShare pays every first day of the week which is on Monday, if and only if the commission of user exceeded two hundred Czech (200 CZK).

Moreover, a FastShare user will get an additional commission which is for ten percent (10%), if one of the people they invited starts to promote the site or app of FastShare.

A user can promote in any way they want such as sharing on social media, video blogs, emails, blogs, SMS or text messages, and others.

How and when can a user receive his or her commission from the FastShare Affiliate Program?

A user just needs to put his or her account number or digital wallet address for bitcoin or simply his or her BitCoin address on the File List of his or her My Account Page on FastShare.

Also, if a user wants to limit his or her payouts, he or she can set the payout limit up to five hundred dollars ($500).So, want to join now on their program?  Go to FastShare now and Earn! →

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