Pobierz Premium Account: The Filehoster at a Glance

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Pobierz is a filehosting service that offers easy sharing solutions for you and your friends or peers. Although less popular than many other file hosters, it can’t be denied that Pobierz has something to say when it comes to the quality of service. Not to mention the high emphasis on security that most file hosting service lacks. Pobierz also supports almost all kinds of files, providing flexibility for its users. With a quality of service that’s on par with most popular file hosters, Pobierz still stays as one of the cheapest file hosting service online.

However, despite these features that the Pobierz free account can freely enjoy, their upgraded account can offer even more improved service. Pobierz Premium account owners are entitled with significant upgrades when it comes to speed, download limit and storage capacity, all come with a very cheap subscription fee.

Pobierz Premium website

Pobierz Premium Notable Features

Higher Storage Capacity

Availing a Pobierz Premium account allows you to enjoy up to 10TB worth of disk space. Perfect if you want to stock up on large files like videos, high quality movies and other types of media. Digital content creators can make back-ups and archives of their content in their online cloud storage.

No Ads

Ads can be very annoying and may contain malware that can harm your device but in other free file hosting sites, this is the only way for them to receive revenues. But purchasing a Pobierz Premium Account automatically disables any ads or pop-ups while you’re using their online storage service.

Unlimited Download Speed

Free users are put into a lower priority in data traffic but Pobierz Premium account owners have higher bandwidth allocation allowing for faster downloads of files and media. With Pobierz, easy access to your files is possible due to the unlimited download speed and higher bandwidth given to premium account owners.

Download Multiple Files

Having the ability to download multiple files is very helpful if you’re in a rush but unfortunately, the free account doesn’t have support for such a feature. To use the multiple download feature you would have to avail a Pobierz Premium account. But it is very efficient and this feature is one of the reasons why more people are getting their own Pobierz Premium account. You can download all the files you want simultaneously, your internet connection is the only limit.

Download Accelerator Support

If you still need more download speed then you can use download accelerators. Fortunately, the Pobierz Premium has full support on any download accelerators available online. This feature allows users to fully improve their download speed making access to their files and media faster and easier.

Secure Online Storage

The Pobierz Premium has one of the most secure online storage services out there. You might wanna be assured of the safety of your files especially if those are for a business like documents or contents in general. Even if you’re just saving all of your favorite movies in your cloud storage, files security is still very important.

How To Get Your Own Pobierz Premium Account

Getting your own Pobierz Premium account is rather easy. They offer different payment methods to suit any customer. They accept VISA, MasterCard and Paypal. DotPay is also available as a payment method.

Choosing a Payment Method:

VISA and/or MasterCard3 Premium Days cost € 4,00
DotPay3 Premium Days cost PLN 6,00
Buy Premium Voucher via Takevoucher.comWhere a potential user can buy Premium voucher and can be paid through Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin and Amazon.After selecting this payment, you should again select the desired package
Buy Premium Voucher via KeyInstant.comWhere a potential user can buy Premium voucher and can be paid through Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin and Amazon.
Other Foreign Payment Methods such as Paysera, SafetyPay, HSBC, Nordea, Maxima, Barclays, SwedBank, Lloyds Bank, Sofort, DNB, RBS, WebMoney, Bitcoin etc.
Message Pobierz support for the list of payment method partners.
SMS ServicePay using SMS service. SMS payments available only to an existing user account.
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Advantages Of A Pobierz Premium Account

✔️ Straight download, no more waiting.

✔️ Free of Ads – Maximize using your account without any interruption.

✔️ Limitless number of concurrent downloads – Utilize it to the extreme of your resources.

✔️ Highest download speed – Hassle-free downloading tempo.

✔️ Support for download accelerators

✔️ Unlimited disk surface – Enjoy boundless external disk.

✔️ File storage without restrictions

✔️ File size up to 10GB – Just wow!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the Pobierz service free?

A: Yes, uploading and downloading is free of charge. But we provide a premium account service that authorizes more uploads and / or downloads flexibility.

Q: Will my files that I stored will be deleted?

A: For users without an account (guest) or with a free account, files will be store for 30 days only. Files or documents for the Premium account are stored without limitations. In line with the website’s rules and regulations.

Q: How many files can I transfer to my account?

A: You can upload any number of files as long as their content complies with our regulations and does not exceed the allowed size.

Q: What types of files can I upload?

A: You can upload any type of file to which you have rights that do not affect the substandard rating of the platform, not intimidating account holders and the admin of the website, and not deceiving anyone, in agreement with the order of the site.

Q: Are there any constraint on the volume of my uploaded files?

A: Each of your file must be smaller than 10.00 GB. This side must be the only limit.

Q: Is it viable to continue downloading?

A: Yes, continue downloading is possible for up to 2 mins after an interfered transfer, without recalculating the transfer for the downloaded file.

Q: How do I enlarge / restate my everyday transfer limitation?

A: All you have to do is purchase or lengthen your Pobierz Premium account service and the transfer will be automatically “zeroed”.

Why is the Pobierz Website Unavailable Right Now?

Pobierz contact support field

The Pobierz Website is currently under special maintenance. For current users who has important files in their account advised to download and copy them to another secure place for the mean time. Funds also collected in the partner program were all paid out where the minimum withdrawal amount has been changed to PLN 5

If you are interested in purchasing the service – you can contact the official site support using the contact form. And if you are a user who still have an active PREMIUM account and have not contacted Pobierz support for compensation, please do so also  via the contact form..

This however aims to improve their service for their customers. Rest assured that when the Pobierz comes back, it will have a more secure and faster filehosting service.

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