SendSpace Premium Account: The Filehoster at a Glance

Sendspace on desktop
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Sendspace Overview

Sendspace is not just a simple file hosting provider but also a file-sharing software as well. As of today, due to the high demand for their reputable and efficient services, they are delivering documents a million times in just a week. Yes, millions of files!

Sendspace recognizes that every file you are delivering is essential for your endeavours, and they make sure to make it ready for secure and convenient to download.

The company is devoted to file transfer and ascertained to render the most dependable service they can. Ever since 2005, individuals and small to medium businesses have been trusting them to send their huge files, and they guarantee that the service they offer is simple to use and trustworthy.

Sendspace cherishes its users, and their feedback or suggestion is always appreciated. They make sure to check on each message. For them, it’s just part of their dedication to being the most beneficial as they can.

Remote Uploading: What is it?

This setting is accessible by Sendspace Premium users. If your folder is previously hosted someplace on the Internet, Sendspace can retrieve it for you and combine it to your user account. All Sendspace requirement is the FTP or HTT link to the data, and it will be accumulated. To utilize this setting, get to the link termed as “Remote Upload”, then input the link details. Sendspace also verifies the username and password for authentication, if needed. A URL form for folder places requiring authorization would resemble alike  to 

http://username:[email protected]/file/path/name.example for an HTTP and link.ftp://username:[email protected]/file/path/name.example for an FTP URL.

Sendspace Premium Account Features

Aside from the FREE Sendspace account, there are two types of Sendspace Premium Account that renders outstanding features. We will provide a comparison table to show you easily what is the differences from free to availing a Sendspace Premium account from Pro-Base and Pro-Plus.

Single file size up to*300 MB5 GB10 GB
Direct download link bandwidth100 GB300 GB
Unlimited Lifetime storageLimited (30 days Available)✔️✔️
Fast and Ad-free Uploads & Downloads✔️✔️
Share a group of files with one linkLimited✔️✔️
Password-protect files & folders✔️✔️
Public upload folder/widget✔️✔️
Customize your download pages✔️✔️
File upload & download statisticsBasic✔️✔️
File versioning✔️✔️
Control file downloads & availability limits✔️✔️
Copy Sendspace files to your account✔️✔️
Priority support, file recovery✔️✔️
Desktop & mobile toolsLimited✔️✔️

Sendspace’s popular plan is the Pro-Base Sendspace Premium Account where the kind of features it offers is probably the most ideal tools people needed nowadays. However, if you are that someone who really needed that boost in file sharing, we bet Pro-Plus Sendspace Premium Account is the right one for you.

Sendspace Pro-Base and Pro-Plus Rates

So, how much would you pay for those kinds of outstanding features from a system? Below is a preview of Sendspace rates with three different plan duration available in Sendspace.

30 Days$8.99$19.99
6 Months$50.99$113.99
1 Year$96.99$215.99

Sendspace Premium users can also enjoy unlimited file hosting for their files that have not been downloaded for a long time ago. Since Sendspace free only holds 30 days hosting for a file that is already considered to be inactive.

Sendspace for Business

Business Plan in Sendspace

If ever you’ve tried the free version and the Sendspace Premium Account, however, needs more file management together with other users, or your other co-workers, you may want to try Sendspace Premium Account for Business.

Sendspace has been helping small to medium businesses with their files and they have proven the system’s efficiency through the years.

Combine a workgroup of users✔️
Collaborate with shared folders✔️
In-site instant messaging✔️
Single file size up to*10 GB
Direct download link bandwidth300 GB
Unlimited Lifetime storage✔️
Fast and Ad-free Uploads & Downloads✔️
Share a group of files with one link✔️
Password-protect files & folders✔️
Public upload folder/widget✔️
Customize your download pages✔️
File upload & download statistics✔️
File versioning✔️
Control file downloads & availability limits✔️
Copy Sendspace files to your account✔️
Priority support, file recovery✔️
Desktop & mobile tools✔️

For Business Plan on Sendspace, the rates are included below:

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30 Days$49.99
6 Months$49.99
1 Year$49.99
Sendspace for Mobile
Google Play Icon

Sendspace for Mobile

To make your life easier, yes, Sendspace has developed its mobile app to ensure your entire file is accessible and available all the time in the palm of your hands. With Sendspace for Android phones, you can share, upload and download files on your phone.

Through Sendspace for Android, a user can:

  • Upload and distribute files from your Sendspace powered mobile
  • Publish as many files as you require without disk space constraints
  • Dispatch download links to other individuals through email
  • Users can download their files directly from their mobiles
  • Guaranteed that the Sendspace Mobile will not cause harm since there are no Ads or Malware
  • Sendspace Mobile version is utilized for free. No payment needed to download the App from Google Play.
Sendspace Bar code

You can also scan the barcode with your Android device to find Sendspace for Android on Google Play.

Using Sendspace on your Android mobile device, uploading and sending or sharing whatever type of file is fine. All of it can be made with your free Sendspace account as well. Users can also send a link to the sender via email. Amazing, right?

The Sendspace Mobile App does not present ads or other irrelevant things in the interface, just a smooth to begin with an interface – distributing uploads and downloading files from your mobile handset.

Wizard Tool for Sendspace Desktop

Sendspace for Desktop (Windows, Mac & Linux)

Wizard Tool is a desktop tool free of charge for Sendspace Premium Account holders and even free members. This tool is intended to make use of Sendspace more easy and efficient. The tool can be used by Windows users, Mac users, and even Linux users.

With the Wizard tool, all users can upload multiple files at the same time, just drag and drop features, customized each file descriptions before uploads, distribute file links through email, file management has never been more customized with the tool and you get automatic updates.

Sendspace DropBox

A Sendspace DropBox is a unique upload tool, where data can be transferred to you from any individual who does not own an account in Sendspace or from external of Sendspace, too. Every data uploaded into a Sendspace DropBox proceeds immediately to a portfolio you choose. It’s similar to possessing your personalized digital postbox for large data portfolios.

You set the little DropBox widget key inside your website pages, and individuals can upload straight from your web in your statement. The person who uploads will not be provided with a folder link. It is your individual choice to receive a mail each moment your DropBox is being used.

If ever the file portfolio is in private, you obtain the file portfolio to utilize as you wish. The account owner determines whether to store or distribute the file further. Moreover, if the portfolio is being distributed, all who identifies the shared file link will view the uploaded data and be capable of downloading it.

Employing a Sendspace DropBox, you can accept data or build your personal file-sharing chain, presenting it practically for friends and companies to share files efficiently. This setting is accessible to Sendspace Premium Account members and is designed and regulated within Mysendspace

Files accessible anywhere and anytime

What to do after losing the file deletion link? 

Enrolled and logged in accounts can erase data and folders in their account by proceeding to My Account -> My Files. Sendspace could not authenticate that you are the owner of the documents if you are not enrolled, logged in, and do not have the erase link. Consequently, the file will be destroyed automatically one month after the last download. Any actions you do further will do nothing.

Who has the authority to erase a file in your account?

The user account and Sendspace can solely remove the file. After uploading a document, a unique link to erase the file will be provided. On the other hand, if you chose an email authentication, the erase link would be attached in that particular email.

If somebody uploads utilizing a DropBox, they are not supplied with links or forwarded a mail. Entirely the DropBox user or account owner can remove the document. Enrolled accounts can update information and transfer their files in their ‘My Files’ webpage. Receivers of your data are incapable of discarding (except presented with the delete URL) or updating them.


Now we’ve come to an end and what you must do now is study the plans that are suitable for you or for your business. Whenever you need to decide on something, it should be researched thoroughly.

Sendspace has tons of reviews online that you may explore as well. Keep on looking until you find a service that fits your needs.


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