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Do you want and need to save your files and documents online? It does not concern storage for the data for your online sites, but rather private and individual files, images, docs, and so on.

If you are someone who is massively dependent on vast amounts of storage for essential files, weighing this factor throughout a hosting plan choice is smart. Various company models are entirely reliant on the hundreds of GBs of excellent content, often including heavy storage spaces.

Be a person who is always prepared.

There is a service like File hosting that renders you the liberty to upload files to a server and access them anywhere from any gadget. There are similar services provided, and these are Dropbox or Google Drive, however, for more extra control, you may need and require other File Hosting providers. 

File storage programs differ according to file size limits, space, pricing, and means you can distribute your online data with other individuals, for example, your remote worker.

And since we wanted you to be prepared, we are going to feature you one of the best premium accounts in File Hosting. In this discussion, we will elaborate on the wonders of Uptobox’s premium services.

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What is Uptobox?

Uptobox is a genuine file hosting provider. It allows remote backup capacity, online storage, advanced downloading and uploading and downloading tools. With Uptobox, users can host files, audios, images, videos, and flash on the same spot.

Uptobox is proudly not just a File Hosting provider but a File Sharing platform as well. You get to hit two birds in one stone when you subscribe for an Uptobox Premium Account. But what is exactly the difference between File Hosting and File Sharing?

  • File Hosting

File hosting is any help that enables yourself to upload and manage your files on somebody else’s server. It could be hosted on a real server or employ cloud storage – the same outcome would happen. You upload your documents to the server, and it will stay till you take them off (except your files are eliminated by the company for some reason that may have violated their terms and conditions).

  • File Sharing

A file distribution service can be viewed as a sort of file hosting. With file sharing, you get not only the right to upload and maintain your files on the company’s servers but also the liberty to give other people a download link. Having that download link, those other users can obtain and download your file for their use.

Uptobox Premium Account Pricing

Is Uptobox Premium worth it?

Uptobox Premium allows you to maximize all the tools and utility of the file hosting company. Although having an Uptobox free account is already great, but being able to use all of the advanced tools is just to cool.

As per accounts validity, Uptobox Premium lets you manage more of your subscription easily by providing the best package deal depending on days of account usage. Their service is to make your life easier so why not make the subscription very simple as well and affordable, right?

$5.4230 days
$27.111 year
$48.792 years
$135.535 years

All of the users’ concern is their top priority and they aim for your convenience. So all advanced settings and tools will be listed down and see for yourself if a premium account is really worth the try.

Maximum file size upload 1 GB200 GB200 GB
Space / Storage1 TBUnlimited
Download speedVery limitedLimitedMaximum
Remote link upload✔️✔️
Upload with FTP client✔️
Password-protected download links✔️✔️
Files High Availability✔️
Waiting time before download✔️
Direct Download✔️
Encrypted downloads✔️
Files Deletion30 days from the last download90 days from the last downloadNever

Additional features for Uptobox Premium Account

HD Videos✔️✔️✔️
Encoding priority✔️
Unlimited Watch Time✔️
Commercial / Ads- Free✔️

Why utilize Uptobox Premium?

Whenever you require to transfer a file that is too heavy for mails, Uptobox can assist you with that. If you want a protected and safe remote area function for off-site reserves, Uptobox contributes resolutions for you.

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If you wish to reach personal data from a diversity of workstations and don’t want to hold everywhere a Flash Drive, Uptobox Premium Account is an excellent means of accomplishing so.

Uptobox Security

Uptobox Security and Protective Measures

The management of Uptobox, just like the other file hosting company, secures protective measures to assure all users are safe from malicious people and other illegal activities while using the service.

As all the users should now, Uptobox has the right to incapacitate direct linking on accounts that are practicing extreme bandwidth or in the other way, exploiting the system’s advantages. As long as Uptobox has been alerted of such exploitation and abuse, they will make sure to take immediate action to instill the integrity of the system.

Pornography, nudity, sexual pictures and some other kind nude videos or images are illegal. Copyrighted material can also be strictly illegal. We reserve the right to pick a suitable file and may remove videos or images at any moment without user communication.

Users should also partake in security measures by conforming to all laws that affect their own country, including trademark and copyright legislation. Pictures, videos, and files that violate copyrights or trademarks aren’t allowed.

If someone has an infringement claim against you personally, you’ll soon be asked to remove the copyrighted file until the situation is resolved. When there’s a dispute between participants on this website, Uptobox is no duty to get involved.

Uptobox isn’t accountable for your own files, images or videos or any lost business because of the unavailability or lack in the site. When investigation should be done, Uptobox is committed to collaborating with all lawful authorities.

Other Protective Measures Users must know

  • Downloading from various places at a similar time is prohibited. Uptobox does not allow user account sharing.
  • Using Uptobox as huge cold storage wherein files are stored only and not being downloaded, this case is prohibited. However, users can get unlimited storage space for hot storage.
  • Utilizing certain servers is prohibited if users are obtaining all files all throughout the day or produce massive traffic for the site.
  • Using third-party add-ons for Upstream is prohibited. Uptobox premium account users are given the privilege to make use of Upstream but they should not abuse such an advantage. Every file and document will be removed if users do not follow. Users are solely given a specific player from Uptobox.
Information, Solution and Questions

More Information you should know about Uptobox

  • Are other files uploaded by other users accessible?

Since Uptobox is a secure platform, the answer is no. Because not everyone else wants to share with you the files that they upload together with everybody else. However, others may access the file of other users if they were given permission. In this manner, Uptobox may be utilized to share files with anyone you choose to, in addition to storing it to your self as a backup or to download from any place on earth.

  • Any restrictions on any file to be uploaded?

No restrictions at all except for illegal or malicious kinds of files. The illegal or malicious files are nudity, porn, sexual pictures, and some other sort of offensive material, also, obviously, copyrighted material. But all in all, all types of files can be uploaded in Uptobox from your celebration photos to essential documents. 

  • Is Hotlinking allowed for the file the user uploaded?

Uptobox does not allow Hotlinking. Hotlinking is a manner of obtaining the link of a file, for example, an image from the hosting and inputting it on a website for display.

  • For the files a user uploaded, how can it be removed?

All files uploaded can be managed under the “My Files” tab. The Uptobox File Manager is user-friendly therefore users will not find it hard to manage their documents.

  • In case you want to refund, what are the details to take note of?

Every user can ask for a refund from the customer support as long as it is not past 7 days from the time of subscription for the Uptobox premium account, and only if the account has not been still utilized.

However, for the other refund types, Uptobox has the authority not to implement a refund if it cannot do so.

  • What if a user still needs further discussion over other matters?

Uptobox has prompt customer service for various issues such as payment issues, user account concern, bug report, some ideas and suggestions, partnership, abuse reports, Uptostream usage and more. Users can go to the platform’s “Support” tab and proceed with their concerns.

Final Recommendations

There are lots of file hosting providers nowadays. So what would an individual like you here do? We suggest rigorous research before subscribing to one and make sure all your requirements are met by a certain file hosting company, and we just did one for you, about Uptobox file hosting.

It is important for file hosting to be reliable, secure, affordable and always available, with no downtime as much as possible. Also, for the most part, it is having great customer service actions. These characteristics are met by Uptobox and we are proud to be using this kind of service.



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