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What is Filer?

Filer is a worldwide cloud storage, which means it is accessible and available for everyone to use. For an individual to upload a file in Filer, they just need to be registered and logged in on their account. Though there is a speed limit for free users, they can upgrade their accounts into Filer Premium Account for a premium membership that has lots of advantages.

The reasoning behind Filer is that generally, utilization of Filer accounts are free, though there are some limitations. The speed limits for Filer free account can allow them to download solely with a maximum rate of 200KB per second to 300KB per second. Furthermore, Filer free accounts are only capable of downloading one file at a time. A single file can be uploaded per hour, and there will be waiting time and captcha-code before an individual can start uploading.

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What is Filer Premium?

Filer Premium is genuinely one of a kind membership. Having a premium account service can make users download files unlimited and at full speed. With Filer Premium, a user is allowed to download as many files as they want and can, no waiting time, and no speed limit.

Getting a Filer Premium account will get you freed from all of the limitations. 

Filer Premium Account enables users to download with the highest speed, along with the utilization of a download manager. Having a download manager enables you to handle a lot of links to be downloaded at the same time. 

Once the processing of payment is done, users can instantly use and enjoy the perks of the premium account. Filer also offers free coupons on their website, and anyone can redeem it for discounts.

Redeem vouchers from

Filer offers coupons for individuals who are going to subscribe to their premium account. There are designated coupons for each of their subscriptions. This means that the higher coupon you redeem means, the longer days of discount you can also receive.

SubscriptionDiscounts / Coupons
30 days Premium2 days voucher
90 days Premium14 days voucher
365 days Premium30 days voucher

The abovementioned vouchers are regularly valid within 14 days after redemption, and it can also be transferred away to your friends or colleagues. The Filer can also select customers who will obtain a two-day voucher for exclusive promotions through their newsletter. If ever you have obtained a voucher-like that, individuals can redeem it on their website, no added fees.

In Filer coupons, there are also what they call bonus vouchers that are being issued for exclusive promos. This kind of vouchers charge you with a pro-rata new premium course free of credit, and this is when you subscribe to a premium package, for instance, you can get 10% or 22% extra.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Premium Account Opposed to a Guest AccountDisadvantages of Free Accounts
Recruit colleagues and receive a commissionIdling time before being ready to download
Comprehensive statistics regarding your uploadsNo identical downloads
Still downloading anonymouslyThere is a speed limit when it comes to downloading or uploading
Individuals can improve to a premium-account anytimePer hour, there is a 200MB traffic

You can test their premium subscription and encounter unlimited downloads at the superior speed. Having premium access from Filer, there will never be an irritating waiting time even before the actual downloads take place. There is also a download manager to download bulk files in just one click.

As you can see, getting a premium is truly impressive and you get so many advantages compared to just having a free account. Though, through free accounts, you can check the liability of the platform.

Affordable Filer Premium Account: Package Overview

Subscription2 Days30 Days90 Days365 Days
Discountsno couponincl. 2 days couponincl. 14 days couponincl. 30 days coupo
Payment Type AvailabilityCredit cardCredit cardCredit cardCredit card
Payment Type Availability Handypay Handypay Handypay Paysafecard
Payment Type AvailabilityCall2payCall2payCall2pay Crypto coins
Payment Type Availability Paysafecard Paysafecard Paysafecard
Payment Type Availability Crypto coins Crypto coins Crypto coins

How to register for Free in Filer?

Registering at Filer for free is pretty straightforward. Just fill up their registration form, providing your email and password to be used. Free Registration. Source:

After successfully registering, you will receive an authentication or activation link that will be sent to your email. Along with the activation link, the email is composed of your login ID and password information for your record. Click the activation link, and it will redirect you to your account page. Super easy and convenient.

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What happens next after a Filer Account Registration?

After a user registration is successful, Filer will save the following information regarding the user account. The info or personal data they will keep are the email addresses, what are the payment mode chosen by the User and other additional data needed to complete the payment processing. The user access data is utilized in Filer for them to ensure the agreement between Filer and users are established and agreed upon. Although, Filer guarantees not to share this confidential information to third parties unless the management is demanded by law to do so, or this matter has been contractually granted with the User or the User themselves have agreed concerning the matter.

Filer Affiliate Pages & Statistics.

Filer’s Affiliate Program

Filer keeps and utilizes personal information of users agreeable to the contract of their Affiliate program and with regard to the method of payment where it is required to do so to allow users to make use of their Affiliate Program. This renders the service of Filer, distinguishing, in line to allot benefits to users and to providing account statements on before-mentioned benefits to users.

Filer Website allocates one page for the Affiliate area, to manage and see the overall information. All profits earned can also be checked there. For each customer, you have referred through your affiliate link, as long as they availed a premium subscription or account, you will be paid. The best part is that you will also be paid if the client you referred has renewed his or her premium subscription.

Filer Affiliate Link Sample.
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Affiliate’s current conditions:

  • 50% of the actual package-prize of a referred client (Level1)
  • 10% of the actual package-prize on the succeeding order (Level1)
  • 5% of the interest involved in affiliates earn (Level2). That 5% will never be pulled out of the affiliates’ wallet.

Filer’s affiliates can easily withdraw their earnings with a starting or minimum amount of 50 Euro. They can payout those profit through bank wire transfer, cash4web MasterCard, PayPal, Bitcoin, Paysafecard, or Amazon-Coupon.

Filer Uploading and Folder Management

Filer Upload Section.

Go to the uploading page under the “Upload” page. You will see a section that will prompt you to upload a file. Click on “choose files” then select from your computer what you wanted to upload. If you are a premium user, you can upload more files at the same time.

Filer upload progress.

Once the file is selected, click the button “UPLOAD”, afterward the progress will be started and your file will be uploaded.

Filer upload completed.

If the file is successfully uploaded, then it will show you as “DONE”. You can now access your uploaded file on the “Files” page. You can also manage your files and create folders to organize.

Filer Files Page.

You can now access your uploaded file on the “Files” page. You can also manage your files and create folders to organize.

Manage Folders on Filer.

Under the “Manage Folders” menu, you can organize your folders from here.

Password Protected Folder Creation.

For your security, Filer ensures that every folder should be password protected, leaving your files secured and away from hackers or so.

Filer Manage Folders with one folder ready.

After creating your folder, you can add more if you desire. When uploading a new file, you can already set where you want your new upload to be placed, making your files more organized professionally.

Filer News

Filer management is entitled to develop and improve the platform at any moment, making the system updated and technologically modernized. They will ensure to provide a top-notch effort to make sure the platform is available and accessible 24 hours a day.

Although there are chances that interruptions can be experienced due to important maintenance procedures or some other third parties that are not associated with the Filer’s company, if ever that happens, with all of the company’s hard work, they can guarantee immediate action to restore the access of each user.

For user and company transparency, there is a dedicated page where Filer can publicly notice about the changes, improvement and interruption actions they are able to make. After all, the customer is always their priority.

Filer’s User-Friendly Interface

Not all platform is very friendly and convenient to use. That is why everyone can use filer; this is due to its website simplicity. Whether you are a geek or simply starting to learn your way in using a computer, you can always tell how easy it is with Filer.

Filer Summary

Filer is a platform where you can save and share your files efficiently and securely. They have their FAQs page available for everyone for easy and convenient usage. Whatever your concerns, from general inquiries, technical inquiries, advertising inquiries, or abuse report, the support team at Filer is always ready to hear you out.

In case there is abuse with Filer’s platform, they can easily take it down for everyone’s safety. Filer is a company that follows strict rules and guidelines to ensure the smooth usage of users every time.


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