Euroshare Premium Account: The Filehoster at a Glance

There are so many cloud storage providers online. Aligned with our present digital age, digital spaces were also envied in the World Wide Web (WWW). Learn about Euroshare and experience how Euroshare is different from your average cloud storage provider.

Euroshare platform through Euroshare Premium Account is the most renowned and widely used cloud storage provider in the countries across Europe and slowly all across the globe. Be informed as we showcase the details regarding Euroshare platform in the article below containing, the background information about Euroshare, signing up a Euroshare cloud storage account, Euroshare Cloud storage account subscriptions and some frequently asked questions about Euroshare platform.

Euroshare Website Interface
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Advantage of Using Euroshare Cloud Storage Platform

1. Easily upload and organize your files – you can easily upload and organize your files in our platform’s system. The platform has a drag and drop feature to help you manage your personal and private files. The platform dynamically adapts its website across different internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome. Tor Browser, Safari, Opera, UC Browser, UC Web and all other kinds of browsers used for surfing the World Wide Web (WWW).

2. Easily share your files across different platforms – Euroshare cloud storage stores your files and is integrated with various compatibility functions. This enables the website to automatically generate HTML codes for your files that can be shared and viewed on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, Myspace and all other sharing platforms in the World Wide Web.

Euroshare Platform Dynamically Adapts to Various Websites

3. Upload and download fast and instantly – We offer the most accessible and efficient downloading and uploading feature compared to your usual cloud storage provider. Our Euroshare Free Account and Euroshare Premium Account offers the most stable download and upload option for all of your files.

4. We offer the highest security encryption for the files in your account – Whether it is for backup of storage itself, Euroshare platform will keep all your files safe whether it be an image, audio, video, document, presentation, compressed files or all other kinds of file present in our present digital world through our advanced programming and encryption integrated into its website so you do not have to worry from any forms of hacking or data theft.

Now that you know how Euroshare through its Euroshare Free Account and Euroshare Premium Account stands atop its competitors, it is our pleasure to lead on how to sign up a Euroshare Account cloud storage. Read the article below and start uploading and downloading using our platform.

Register a Euroshare Cloud Storage Account

Registering an account is as easy as ABC. We will walk you throughout the steps so you can start enjoying the accessibility and efficiency of our cloud storage platform.

1. Enter your full name with your correct first name, last name and middle name. We will also be requesting for your title (Dr., Engr., Arch., Mr., Ms., or Mrs.) for us to properly address you and provide a correct salutation.

2. Provide a working email address. This is where we will send an email to confirm your Euroshare Account. We will also request a unique username for your account to provide authenticity for each Euroshare cloud storage platform user.

3. Read and tick the “Agree to our terms and conditions”. Tick also our “reCaptcha” privacy terms. We include these features to ensure each of our users’ digital and privacy rights through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

4. Finally, click the Register button and we will immediately send you a confirmation link to your email to confirm your account. Kindly check your spam filters and spam email folders in case you did not receive anything. After you confirm your account, you already have your own personal Euroshare Free Account.

You might want additional features from Euroshare the TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd. developed Euroshare Premium Account read below and get inspired by its flexible subscriptions and features.

Introducing Euroshare Premium Account

Euroshare Premium Account is packed with functions and features. Enumerated below are the reasons why Euroshare is loved by many users across the globe.

  1. Instantly download files without any waiting time.
  2. Free from any annoying advertisements.
  3. Supports unlimited simultaneous downloading.
  4. It offers unlimited download speeds.
  5. Supports third party download managers.
  7. Files will be kept safe and secure forever.
  8. No download quota per day.
  9. Very affordable and accessible.
  10. User information is secured and encrypted to the maximum level.

You can choose with our various affordable and flexible payment options below.

Table 1. Euroshare Premium Account affordable and flexible payment options

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Euroshare Premium Account Types

Feature SpecificsEuroshare Premium Account for7 DaysEuroshare Premium Account for1 MonthEuroshare Premium Account for3 MonthsEuroshare Premium Account for6 MonthsEuroshare Premium Account for1 Year
Total Payment Amount€ 1.00 EUR€ 3.50 EUR€ 8.00 EUR€ 16.00 EUR€ 31.00 EUR
Total payment per day€ 0.14 EUR per day€ 0.11 EUR per day€ 0.09 EUR per day€ 0.09 EUR per day€ 0.08 EUR per day
Payment Security and PrivacyEncrypted Payment Processing (DMCA compliant)Encrypted Payment Processing (DMCA compliant)Encrypted Payment Processing (DMCA compliant)Encrypted Payment Processing (DMCA compliant)Encrypted Payment Processing (DMCA compliant)
Payment MediumMasterCard, Visa, Amex, and DiscoverMasterCard, Visa, Amex, and DiscoverMasterCard, Visa, Amex, and DiscoverMasterCard, Visa, Amex, and DiscoverMasterCard, Visa, Amex, and Discover

As you see Euroshare Premium account has flexible and affordable account types:

  • You may opt to pay for € 1.00 EUR to have a premium account for 7 Days that is only € 0.14 EUR per day; or the
  • € 3.50 EUR to have a premium account for 1 month that is only € 0.11 EUR per day; or the
  • € 8.00 EUR to have a premium account for 3 months that is only € 0.09 EUR per day; or the
  • € 16.00 EUR to have a premium account for 6 months that is only also € 0.09 EUR per day; or finally,
  • choose our most flexible and affordable option, with the total payment amount of € 31.00 EUR you can use our Euroshare Premium Account for 1 Year that amount for only € 0.08 EUR per day.
Transmit Your Payments Through our Partners

Transmit Your Payments Through our Partners

You can easily transmit your registration fees through our partners: MasterCard, Visa, Amex, and Discover. What is more, is that all the premium accounts have security and privacy protection that has encrypted payment processing that is DMCA compliant. These are the constitutions that make competitor cloud storage providers envious about the Euroshare platform.

Final Thoughts About Euroshare Cloud Storage

The offers a wide variety of features and functionalities as well as affordable and accessible payment account types. The TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd. through its leaders, computer engineers and software programming experts will continue to find ways to continuously develop our platform to provide the best space for your digital belongings forever.

Euroshare Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there Euroshare Cloud Storage customer support that I can call?

The management of Euroshare has a customer services representative (CSR) that you can contact through [email protected]

Who developed the Euroshare Platform?

Euroshare Cloud storage is developed by the software engineers and computer programming experts under the TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd. on March 27, 2015.

Can I use Euroshare Cloud Storage forever?

We assure the safety and security of all of your files in the Euroshare database forever as we reinforced our platform with the latest technologies in programming and software engineering.

Where can I pay to upgrade to Euroshare Premium Account?

You can pay remotely through our partners worldwide via MasterCard, Visa, Amex, and Discover

Does Euroshare offer a free account?

Yes, as soon as you confirm your account, you are already a Euroshare Free Account holder that has a variety of functions and better features especially the unlimited cloud storage for you to enjoy.

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