Easybytez Premium Account: The Filehoster at a Glance

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Easybytez is a file hosting provider that offers downloads and uploads of files anytime, anywhere. Many file types are supported for upload such as photos, videos, documents and archived files. Unlike other more expensive, complex and complicated file hosters, Easybytez lives up to its name by bringing easy and premium file hosting at the tip of your fingers.  It is free to upload and download files from Easybytez, however if you wish to experience Easybytez’s premium account service and take advantage of the features that it offers, registering for a premium account is very easy. Starting from just $3.99, you can make the most of Easybytez’s premium account for 7 days. You can download files from multiple hosts, have unlimited storage time for your files, pause and resume downloads, advertisement free dashboard and skip captchas. What makes Easybytez’s premium account stand out from other websites is that you can benefit from all of these without worrying about the security and protection of your files. Compared to most popular file hosting providers on the internet, Easybytez’s service is cheaper by a huge margin and offers almost the same features found on those websites.

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With an easy to use and understand user interface, uploading and downloading your files to Easybyte’s cloud storage has been made easy.  Availing a premium account will allow you to upload and download fast and easy, without the hassle of going through different links or annoying advertisements. To upload a file, you can drag and drop your files on your browser and the upload will start automatically. One-click downloads are available for your own files which can easily be accessed through your profile. You can share this link to anyone you wish however they have limited time to download and access your file before the link disappears and you need to generate another one. You can also sort and organize your uploaded files easily by categories such as file size, upload date or file type, thus minimizing the time it takes to search for a certain file in case you need it. Easybytez’s website can easily be accessed by anyone as long as they are connected to the internet through their personal computers or mobile devices. For example when you need to transfer a file from your personal computer at home to another device in your office at work, you can just upload it at home and access it easily and download the file from another computer in a few simple clicks.


With a free account, any files you uploaded will be stored on the servers for up to seven days, and after that it will be deleted forever. However if you are working on large files that need to be stored or remotely backed up for extended periods of time, availing a premium account will allow you to utilize Easybytez’s cloud storage servers as a secondary backup for these files. Companies and small businesses that are looking for a remote backup for their critical files can benefit most from these features. Having a reliable backup storage solution is necessary these days. When you have accidentally deleted an important file on your computer or device, you can easily access and recover it from the cloud servers. Rest assured that the files you uploaded will never be deleted and are always secured as long as you login to your premium account at least once every 30 days.


Maximum download speeds are also available for premium accounts to ensure fast transfer of files such as documents, photos or videos. Premium accounts are also entitled to have priorities when it comes to downloading a file. You will never have to wait to download the files you need and all can be done in a single click while free users have restrictions such as having only 1 file downloading at any given time. Maximum file transfer speeds are also included in the premium account, allowing you to upload more files in a short period of time. The use of download managers are also allowed for premium users to ensure that you use the maximum speed provided by your service provider and it allows you to organize your downloads in a way that is convenient for you. Free users can only upload 1 file at a time with a limit of 200mb per file while premium account users can upload several files at a time, with a maximum upload size of 5gb per file.


Easybytez premium account users can download multiple files at once. Without having to wait for a file to finish downloading, you can start to download huge files and immediately download another. This will save you time if you are downloading large files such as videos that are split into multiple files. Resuming downloads are also allowed when subscribed to a premium plan. In case you need to pause downloading a file, the next time you resume downloading the file it will start right where you left it, even if you turned off your computer and exited your browser. The convenience of having to resume file downloads are at your disposal when you avail Easybyte’s premium account. Up to 5gb per file can be uploaded by premium account users, and these can be stored indefinitely in Easybytez’s cloud servers.

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Most websites have ads to support its funding to keep it up and running. CAPTCHAs are implemented to prevent bots from spamming the downloads and uploads of content to the servers. Premium account users have the privilege of an ad-free interface and do not need to answer captchas in order to start uploading or downloading files. This ensures that free users do not interfere and overload the server’s bandwidth capabilities and provides premium accounts the priority when it comes to downloading files.


Passwords can be used to protect your personal files such as photos and videos. Other users can search and download files from anyone all over the world and by putting a secure password to your files, they cannot download it without your password and your permission. Extended security methods are used when uploading and downloading files to prevent unnecessary and intrusive behavior. In case of an unfamiliar access to your account, (such as access from a device you do not usually use or from an unrecognized IP address) a confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm your identity.

No other file hosting service comes close to EasyBytez’s premium account features.Flexible payment methods are available should you avail a premium account. Starting from $3.99, you can utilize all of the benefits of being a premium account holder for 7 days. Renewing your subscription will earn you a discount, and by availing a longer premium account duration will enjoy discounts up to 25%. Payment for EasyBytez premium is secure and instant. Most credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, Citibank or American Express are accepted at the payment page. There are also several payment providers available on the website should you find them more convenient than the traditional payment methods. The payment done on Easybytez’s website is fast and secure.




It is easy to avail a premium account should you choose to do so. On Easybytez’s website just click the PREMIUM tab which can be found on the top of the web page. This will take you to the registration page. Fill up the necessary and important information, choose the duration of your subscription and the payment methods will be provided for you. An email will also be sent to you for the confirmation of your registration along with your account details. 

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Easybytez user registration form

Payment via credit card is advised as it is fast, secure and most of the time the payment is instant. However if you do not have a credit card, payment via Paypal is also advised. The payment methods and subscription plans are listed below.

7 days premium30 days premium90 days premium180 days premium365 days premium
Easybytez payment methods


Easybytez ensures all of the information shared by their users such as credit card information or your email address are safe and secure. Any information that they hold is never shared with anyone. Even the files you uploaded are secured and protected against hackers who try to access your files without your consent. Advanced file encryption and security protocols are implemented to protect you and the privacy of your files. While it is allowed to upload any file to the servers, an initial scan for files is initiated to track down malware or suspicious activity.  Constant maintenance is also implemented to prevent data loss. All of the files uploaded and stored in the servers are the user’s property and Easybytez does not interfere with it in any way. You can always trust Easybytez’s security methods are implemented to save time and costs for your backup and online storage needs.

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