Justhost Review: Useful and Affordable Web Hosting Services

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JustHost Overview

  • Free Domain Name Registration
  • Free & Unlimited Email Address
  • Large Disk Space
  • Free Website Builder
  • Free Marketing Tools
  • One Click Install for WordPress
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Huge Bandwidth for Plus Plan
  • Response Time and Uptime is 99.97% and Higher
Justhost Web Hosting Service

What is Justhost?

JustHost is a web hosting service company provider that offers shared hosting, dedicated, and VPS hosting – all of these hosting plan for small business to another big businesses. This company also offers an affiliate program. JustHost is focused on providing unmatched customer support, competitive plan pricing, and incredible features for WordPress hosting.

JustHost’s headquarter is in Orem, Utah and the company was established in 2008. Their server is also based in their datacenter in Utah. JustHost is considered to be one of the hosting company that offers low cost and cheapest hosting packages and plans. They have multiple packages to match what you demand per hosting.

JustHost offers includes:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Pro Web Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Domain Names

Along with their economical packages, they can still offer excellent and very efficient features and resources that their customer can utilize to build an amazing site. This is how JustHost works and they pride themselves to be able to compete with major hosting providers. They keep on upgrading their servers and systems to give back to their clients. That is how they repay their loyal users.

Justhost Best Features

Justhost Facts & Features

  1. Free Domain Name Registration – Almost all web hosting plans offer by JustHost have free registration of your domain. No need to register it to other domain registrars.
  2. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – Hosting JustHost is made easy when you think your new account is not meeting your web hosting requirement. JustHost offers money back guarantee, no need to worry if you want to cancel. However, other web hosting add ons are not included in this money back guarantee offer. Also, one should take note of the amount of days this offer will be accepted, and it is within 30 days from payment of the your web hosting plan.
  3. Free Email Address Accounts – You get limitless email accounts for your web domain if you avail.
  4. Best Website Tools – Having good resources to use and install on your new website is one feature that should be available to all customers, and that’s what JustHost believes.
  5. cPanel Control Panel – Whatever JustHost web hosting you have in your account, usage of a friendly-interface control panel is given. It does not matter if you have no experience.
  6. eCommerce Website Plan – With their available service offer, they can support any size of a site. If you want a store for your products, it’s better to use their resources and tools to create beautiful websites online. Plus they give large space and offers great bandwidth.
  7. Best Customer Service – If you need good help with your site, their customers service is available 24/7. Provide them your account details, your name, and email, or whatever they may require to get your website online again. Their team guarantee to help you within their server and ensure to backup your files before they get your site fixed on any site server issues.
  8. Response time and Uptime – One of the best feature options to look for in a web hosting is the uptime level. As of now, Just Host is able to record 98% and higher uptime
  9. Large Disk Space – If you have a basic account, getting a 50 GB space is a great deal. But, if your choice is the higher shared hosting, then you get unmetered disk space.

Justhost Hosting Plans Price

Please if you may, take note that monthly fees for the first year are discounted, and regular rates will be applied the next month. However, fees will still depend on how long you will use the service as plans can be in 3-year per cycle, 2-year per cycle, 1-year per cycle, 6-month per cycle, 3-month per cycle, and monthly cycle.

Shared Hosting Plans

FeaturesBasicPlusChoice PlusPro
Email Accounts5UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Storage100 mbUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Max Emails Sent (per hour)500500500500
Website Space50 GBUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Max File Count200,00200,00200,00200,00
One Free Domain RegistrationIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
One Free Domain PrivacyNoNoYesYes
Free Dedicated IPNoNoNoYes
Free SSL CertificateIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Premium SSL CertificateNoNoNoPositive SSL
MySQL Databases20UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Max Database Size5 GB5 GB5 GB5 GB
Max Database Usage10 GB10 GB10 GB10 GB
Max Database Tables5000500050005000
Max Concurrent MySQL Connections150150150150
SpamExpertsNo1 Domain1 Domain2 Domain
Automated BackupsNoNoIncludedIncluded

Shared Hosting Plans Montly Price

PlanBasicPlusChoice PlusPro
Monthly Price$11.99$16.99$18.99$29.99
12 Month Term$10.99$14.99$16.99$27.99
24 Month Term$9.99$13.99$15.99$26.99
36 Month Term$9.49$12.99$14.99$25.99

VPS Hosting Plans

CPU (Cores)DualDualTripleQuad
CPU (Ghz)
RAM (GB)2468
RAM (ECC)YesYesYesYes
RAM (Mhz)1600160016001600
SAN Storage30 GB60 GB90 GB120 GB
Monthly Network Bandwidth*1 TB2 TB2 TB3 TB
Free Domains1111
cPanel & WHM with RootYesYesYesYes
Dedicated IP1222
Free SSLIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded

VPS Hosting Plans Montly Price

Monthly Price$29.99$59.99$89.99$119.99
3 Month Term$29.99$59.99$89.99$119.99
6 Month Term$29.99$59.99$89.99$119.99
12 Month Term$24.99$41.99$62.99$83.99
24 Month Term$24.99$35.99$53.99$71.99
36 Month Term$19.99$29.99$62.99$59.99

Dedicated Hosting Plans

Email Accounts488
Email Storage3 MB8 MB8 MB
Max Emails Sent (per hour)4516
Website Space2 x 5002 x 1002 x 1000
Max File Count5 TB10 TB15 TB
One Free Domain RegistrationAuto SSLAuto SSLAuto SSL
One Free Domain PrivacyYesYesYes

Dedicated Hosting Plans Monthly Price

Monthly Price$149.99$199.99$249.99
3 Month Term$144.99$189.99$239.99
6 Month Term$134.99$179.99$224.99
12 Month Term$124.99$169.99$209.99
24 Month Term$119.99$159.99$199.99
36 Month Term$109.99$159.99$209.99

WordPress Hosting

Of all the web hosting plans by the JustHost, you may not see an available WordPress hosting upront. However, they support it on other plans through the one click website builder. Through managed hosting option, customers can also enable automatic WordPress plugin, theme, and core.

Webmail JustHost

How do I login to my webmail?

Regarding access, customers can access their Just Hosting login through your actual hosting justhost login. Afterward, your control panel (cpanel) will be accessed.


Hosting Review Adjustments

JustHost may offers a lot of great deals from their shared hosting to VPS, however, access and usage to resources vary per plan. This means that if Justhost has free domains and email, the number of usage per plan has a limit.

  • Disk Space – If your plan is an advanced one, you get to use unmetered disk space. If you have basic plan, then you only get to use 50 GB of website space.
  • Email – The same with disk space, if your JustHost plan is basic, you have 5 sets of email to generate for your 1 website. If your plan is within the plus package, choice package, and pro package, you have countless sets of email that you can generate. If your budget is only for basic and you want endless email, you might want to consider other hosting providers.
  • Domains – Regardless of the package, you only get 1 free domain registration.
  • Cancel your Hosting – JustHost allows you to cancel your shared hosting or VPS package as long as your request is within the days provided. You have 30 days to fully check your Justhost account and website and decide whether it matches your preferences and needs.

Customer Reviews

“Well, I have been using Justhost for their hosting service and it is not really bad! I received great help and support back then from their customer service when I had web server problems. I love their live chat! I can give this justhost review a 4.5. They are dedicated and one of my top choice for web hosting services. Thank you just host for free website domains!” – Chloe M.

“I use Bluehost last year, but now I want Justhost only. I have a blog and I want resources and tools, great plan per year options, high server uptime, top customer support, free email accounts, huge disk space, easy web builder, simple cpanel, and more! I love my WordPress site here. They provide a total plan for a starter like me. it’s very convenient, from usage to access, no problem at all. I saw some bad reviews but I can’t say the same.” – Peter A.

“I have many websites based on JustHost’s shared hosting plans. Thanks to their good service, they were able to offer available resources and products that are ready to install. My personal website is always running and online, no host hassles I have ever experienced and this includes a no site crash, no hacked site, no site slowdown, no servers downtime, and more.” – Mac C.

“Received some great news and reviews about Just Host web hosting so I also tried to sign a contract and utilize it for my client websites. I’ve used BlueHost before and I can say they are like the same, however, I looked closely and I am starting to think differently. Just Host is way better than Blue Host based from my review perspective. There are things that may link them together like BlueHost is also owned by EIG, but it’s both different. I am loving the VPS package that I have with JustHost.” – George

“I have a shared hosting package in JustHost and I still experienced few downtimes. But I totally understand as this is a shared package so many sites are using the server my website is in. Still, I’m lucky that most of the time, I am getting the uptime JustHost has been advertising. They still got competitive servers compared to other hosting servers that experiences lot of downtimes. I am personally thanking the team of JustHost for their undying support, especially through phone call. It is just amazing that they are reachable through phone. Very handy I must say!” – Marv L.

Our Verdict

With JustHost’s shared hosting and other web hosting services, customers get to use the best web services they would need. Since company inception, a high number of customers have given their online reviews for JustHost’s products and services and mostly all positive support was given.

We fairly know that it is your right to decide which you will use, so this is just another blog to show you the news and share how we think Justhost can be the best solutions out of many options. We want you to see best hosting service to choose from and work on web host that will suit your small business to bigger one. Since Justhost offers amazing plans and services, customers can get access to number of products and tools that your site will need, web servers with high uptime, easy control panel (cpanel), quick website builder, free domain registration, huge bandwidth, updated server backups, excellent support, and more online products!

People, this review is based on our expert’s investigation, that is why we highly suggest you try their web hosting service without leaving this blog. Yeah, right? Besides, with their 30 day money back guarantee, you can cancel you account and refund your payment on their web hosting within the 30 day period. Justhost is our top choice and this is the best deal if you are just starting your small website.

Don’t wait for a sign, this is like one right choice that you should create, so search for the best deals they offer and get that plan you need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the set of questions that may enlighten you before getting and subscribing to one of the JustHost’s hosting package. Plus, it is better if you already know extensively about their products before signing up and paying the necessary fees.

Who owns Justhost?

JustHost is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG), just like BlueHost. Both hosting companies may be owned by the same group but this does not mean they are the same when it comes to features and plans. This does not mean that if BlueHost is not competitive, then it will be the same for JustHost. Both hosting are working hard for each of their customers to guarantee and ensure they provide the best deal and performance. However, if something goes wrong or if the other experiences issues, this does not affect the other provider.

What about their Money Back Guarantee?

Just Host allows a refund within the 30 days starting the date of registration if you decided to cancel your account on web hosting. The refund will only be applied to hosting plan services that customers have availed, however, the fees for the add-ons are not refundable. If you used their free domain name registration, Just Host will deduct the domain fee from the refund in a manner that a domain name has been registered already. You can still use the domain name later, after 60 days, if you wish to transfer it to other hosting service. Remember, request for a refund within the allowed time!

Is there technical support?

Yes, customer service is 100% active and available. Each account can chat with customer support through Justhost’s online live chat. They have great resources and tech team with years of good experience, they guarantee you never leave without solutions to try. So if you may need help and support, it would be great to let them help you.

Do they offer a great plan for a small business?

Justhost offers numerous hosting services that are affordable and flexible plans. If you have a small business, starting with their basic plan is good, otherwise, get the plus plan. Regardless of the size of your business, they can support a site through several best features, from a free domain, free email accounts, large disk space/bandwidth, one click install, major website builder tools, and more! They can create your website in just 5 minutes!

What should I do if I can’t access my website?

If you lose your access to your website this time, you can still retrieve it on your control panel. If you have updated backups of your site, you just have to click it to activate it. It is also highly recommended to run off-site backups.

How to create a website from JustHost?

Creating your own website can be easy as 123 with JustHost website hosting plan but includes numerous steps. First, select your preferred shared hosting plan and pay the necessary fees. If you are just starting, get the basic shared hosting package, don’t worry, you still get your needed disk space and right site bandwidth. Now this time, since JustHost offers free email and domain name, register the name of your website and create your web emails. Once done, if you are in your control panel, you can select and activate an automatic website installation. Once the website is not set up, you can use the resources they offer in their service to design and organize your website.

Is JustHost an excellent Host?

Based on the expert review, JustHost is a competitive web hosting company that provides free email, free domain registration, large disk space and bandwidth, a pool of resources, all of this to make sure they meet your needs. Their customer support will give you much time on the days you require their service. They value your money so they work hard to provide their customers with the best support.

Can I create many websites in one JustHost account?

Yes, this is possible. However, it depends on your web hosting package. If you have the basic package, you are allowed to host one website only. On the other hand, if you have the other plus and pro packages, hosting several websites are allowed.

Does Just Host Web Hosting offers site transfer?

No. Based on JustHost, they do not provide a website transfer service from JustHost to other hosting providers. On the other hand, if you desire to transfer your website from another hosting provider to your new JustHost account, you will be able to do that. But take note that this service is not free and there is a charge for every website transfer to JusHost.

Is there any discount on any hosting package for a student like me?

Yes, there is. Justhost offers discounted hosting package fees for students as long as they are enrolled in one of the participating schools or universities.


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