Subyshare Premium Account: The Filehoster at a Glance

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Subyshare: What is it?

Subyshare is a file hoster which provides storage or back up online. It has tools for sharing, uploading, downloading, and deleting a file.

When it comes to hosting a file, Subyshare is truly fast in uploading or downloading a file from the Subyshare servers. The Subyshare file hoster is one of the solutions for the problems that many people are dealing with especially in terms of accessing and retrieving their files.

Services of Subyshare

Whenever a user needs to send or to share a file to his or her friend or other people, but he or she cannot upload it on his or her email because the size of the file or files he or she is trying to send is very big. Well, for that problem, Subyshare can do the task for you. 

If ever an individual needs an online storage capacity that is truly secure for backup of his or her files, Subyshare can give a solution for that. 

Subyshare site and services are compatible with any devices. If an individual wants to access his or her personal or private data from different devices like mobile phones or computers or laptops, but he or she does not want to bring all those devices with him or her always, then Subyshare has the best way to do that one. He or she will not need any flash drives to bring their data or files with, but with the help of Subyshare, he or she can keep and access his or her data or files here anytime and anywhere. 

That is why the use of online storage is important. Now, with the services of Subyshare, you can bring and secure your data or files and stay them here in one place.

Subyshare Features for Different Accounts

Subyshare has three (3) different kinds of accounts for users. These are the Subyshare Free, Subyshare Registered, and Subyshare Premium Account.

For a user to decide which account to use, here are the below features of each Subyshare account.

Storage space5000 GB TemporarilyStarting at 1000 GB PRE + 4 TB Temporarily
Download volume per day2 GB 1 day 2 GB 1 day 4 GB 1 day
Purchase More download BandwidthNoNoYes
Max upload file size100 Mb5120 Mb20480 Mb
Download Speed130 KB/s 130 KB/s 7-15MB/s
Where are your files deleted?1 day after last download30 days after last download180 days after last download
Wait time60 seconds 60 seconds None!
AdvertisementsYes Yes None!
Solve Captcha on download Yes Yes None!

Subyshare Premium Account

If a user wants to experience all of the features and services of Subyshare in full, then he or she needs to get the premium account of Subyshare.

Subyshare Premium Account Key

If a user already has the key for his or her premium account, he or she can do the below steps to activate the Subyshare Premium Account.

1. You need to sign in to your user account to Subyshare to access your account profile. If you are not yet registered, you can sign up to have an account for Subyshare.

2. After login account, please open this link:

3. Copy the key or code you have and paste it on the text field of “Premium key” or “Activation code”. (Please refer to the picture below.)

4. Click the “Enter” button to submit and to apply the key or code to Subyshare.

Subyshare Account Overview

5. Subyshare will verify it. If the key you entered is correct, your Subyshare Premium Account will be activated.

Subyshare Premium Account Plans

# of days Package Prices Storage in terabyte (TB) Daily Bandwidth in gigabytes (GB) Unlimited Storage Download Speed in megabytes (MB) Contains Contains Ads Direct download
30 14.99 USD 1 40 Yes10No Yes
75 29.95 USD 1 40 Yes10 No Yes
180 47.45 USD 1 40 Yes 10 No Yes
365 87.95 USD 1 40 Yes 10 No Yes

*These plans can be paid only one time, but a user can always upgrade or renew, or extend the plan he or she avails.


1st: A user needs to choose one of the packages of the Subyshare Premium that he or she wants to use. →  2nd: A user needs to choose one of the payment methods of Subyshare  → 3rd: A user needs to check if the plan is added to his or her cart. → 4th:  Click the “Checkout” button to check out the Subyshare Premium package.

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In paying the Premium package, Subyshare accepts the following payment methods:

  • All types of Credit cards,
  • Webmoney, 
  • Bitcoin, and
  • Paypal

Subyshare: Files

File Upload

There are three (3) ways to upload a file or files to Subyshare:

1. Upload using web browsers.

Using the web browsers is the normal way and the very simple way that a user can do to upload a file or files on Subyshare. To do the upload on a web browser, follow the steps below:

i. Go to Subyshare and sign in your account.

ii. Go to the “My Files” page of your Subyshare Account File Manager.

iii. Do drag and drop the file or files there or go to any of your folders and drag and drop the file or files in it.

iv. See that there is a progress bar that needs to be filled to 100%. It will indicate that the file os files are uploaded completely. 

2. Upload through the use of File Transfer Protocol or FTP upload.

A user can use any  File Transfer Protocol or FTP client, for example, is Filezilla to upload the file or files on Subyshare through the FTP servers. To upload using this FTP way, a user must provide his or her hostname, account username, and account password.

For hostname: Use the following servers of Subyshare:

Name of the Server: – (for Europe) – (for America)

3. Use of the Remote Upload feature.

The Remote Upload feature will always depend on the user’s account settings on Subyshare. Also, If a user wants or needs to use the Remote Upload way, he or she should contact Subyshare support to guide him or her on how he or she could do it.

File Download

Downloading a file or files in Subyshare is super easy. A user just needs to double click the file he or she wants to download, but when a user is using the Subyshare Premium account, it is much easier for him or her to download, because Subyshare Premium can download the file or files you want automatically. Firstly, a user just needs to set his download settings to ”Direct download” in his or her Subyshare account setting. A user can also use the download link provided by Subyshare (The download link is available for free and premium users).

Subyshare can connect with other downloading software to download a file or files such as the Internet Download Manager or IDM.

File Stream

Streaming in Subyshare only support these types of video files below:

Adobe Flash Player

To stream a video on the site of Subyshare. A user needed to have a working and updated Adobe Flash Player for the video to work properly.

If a user does not have an Adobe Flash Player, he or she is required to install it first before he or she could stream a video on Subyshare. 

File Share

A user cannot share the files with all people, but Subyshare allows the users to share files with other people that they only choose to share.

A user cannot see the file or files which other users uploaded, but he or she can see it if the uploader allowed them to see the file of the files they uploaded.

Subyshare: Delete

Whether a user already uploads a file on Subyshare, he or she has provided by Subyshare a delete function to his or her account, so if there is a file they like to delete, he or she is allowed to do it.

To delete a file follow the below steps:

1. Go to the Subyshare site.

2. Go to the uploaded file and click that file you choose to delete. (To choose many files, you can press the Ctrl key or the Shift key and click the files.)

3. To delete the file you have chosen, right-click the file or the files using your mouse and click the “Delete”.

4. Before you can proceed to the file deletion, you should enter the password to delete it. Then, click the “OK” button to apply the delete process to the file or the files.

*If a user forgot his or her password for deleting a file or files, then he or she should contact the support of Subyshare or he or she can submit his or her concern through the Subyshare contact form.

Subyshare: Help

If a user still has an issue or a question about the services of Subyshare or anything about Subyshare, then he or she should not be shy to contact the Subyshare supports and he or she should not be afraid to use the Subyshare contact form and fill this up completely to submit any of his or her concerns. A user can reach them anytime whenever.

Subyshare also has live support to assist the users, customers, or clients with their concerns in actual time, but they can only use this feature of Subyshare when they see the feature is on the Subyshare site. If the live support is not on the Subyshare site, a user is advised that he or she will always send his or her concerns through the contact form which is the ticket for the Subyshare support.

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