Multihoster Comparison – how the best providers work

Everybody knows the problem: Once again there is not enough space on the hard disk. The only solution – files must be deleted. Wrong! Uploading files to filehosters keeps order. Many users also use the hosters to share content. Too bad that there are so many providers. One phenomenon has occupied the scene for years – multihosters. The clou: Instead of having to register with several file hosting providers, users have access to a whole range of file hosting accounts with offers such as Zevera or Offcloud.

Unfortunately, practical experience shows that you will have quite different experiences with the different multihosters. The multihoster comparison will be about how the individual providers work – and what you have to consider when choosing one. Because premium access costs money, which makes mistakes in the selection more than annoying.

Multihoster: How it works

Multihosters are based on a rather simple principle. After registering an account, the premium access allows the upload and download of content at different filehosters. Thereby the file hosting offers some decisive advantages compared to the single premium account at file hosting companies. The most obvious plus point: Premium access on the multi-hosting provider’s website gives users access to the premium account at dozens of file hosters – without having to register separately with each one.

In other words: It can be accessed via the multi-hosting site of the service of for example:

can be used completely uncomplicated. One of the differences of the multihosters in comparison is the range of available filehosters. However, the extent to which access to torrent services or Usenet is linked to registration is also put to the test.

By the way: the term OCH is very often used in connection with multi-hoster services. This abbreviation stands for One Click Hoster. Ultimately, it refers to the well-known file hosting providers. OCH simply expresses the fact that it is particularly easy to use in practice. After logging on to one of the various File-OCH, a file can simply be uploaded to the server. A link is then available for the download, which is clicked on for downloads.

Multihoster – The advantages at a glance

The multihoster test shows that uploads and downloads work on a similarly simple principle. The difference is, as already mentioned, that there is no need to set up different user accounts. Multihosters have another advantage because they can access different File-OCH centrally. At the latest since torrent users were warned by the film and music industry, users of file hosting fear a similar fate. When comparing multihosters, it is noticeable that individual providers implement VPN access in their offer. This offers you as a user additional security and avoids geoblocking. In the end, the offer of the multihosters offers significantly fewer points of attack than in connection with the use of torrent offers.

And there is another plus point, which is only noticeable in a direct comparison between multihosters and File-OCH. It is all about the costs. A single premium account with filehosters costs about 10 Euros per month. A multihoster costs the same amount. With the difference that the services are much more extensive. So it should actually be clear which is the better offer.

Especially since we would like to present you another advantage at this point. In the past it has happened again and again that individual file hosting companies have discontinued their services. Then you will remember the frustrating situation of having to keep your eyes open for a new filehoster-OCH. Multi-OCH companies simply offer the possibility to switch to other filehosters – without having to laboriously compare the costs per month and the download rate again. Who is the best multihoster in the end? To find an answer to this question, the Multihoster test depends on very different aspects.

What is important in a multihoster comparison?

To have to decide for a multihoster is sometimes not so easy for a layman. The offer of multihosters has increased significantly in recent years. Of course, the choice makes it necessary to take a very close look at the service of the individual providers. In the end, what is particularly important for the comparison?

In our eyes, it is all about the total package. On the one hand, this means that the services have to cover a wide spectrum in terms of the scope of the various file hosters. Of course, one or the other service offers more choice here than the competition has to offer. But on the other hand, this cannot be all that counts in the end.

  • Costs: Prices must play a major role. Here it is not only important to take a close look at the monthly package or the annual price. How expensive the offer of the individual multi-hosters will be in the end can be assessed very well if the costs are calculated down to the individual days.
  • File hosters: Many file hosting providers have appeared in recent years. Examples are Turbobit Net or Oboom. A look at the filehost list must be part of the test. Especially with Share-Online this view is very important.
  • Customer service: Support is important in connection with the selection of a multihoster. In case of questions, for example about the integration of download managers or the volume for downloads, there are always problems. Here, especially fast help is required.
  • Service support: Many multihosters now offer various services. These include the option to surf anonymously. But also the view towards Usenet and the Torrent Cloud pays off.
  • Payment: One point is payment. As modern IT service providers, multihosters rely on modern payment options, including e-wallets or cryptocoins. But credit cards are also still playing a role. More payment options ultimately mean easier access to the multihoster for you.

If you test the offers of Zevera, Smoozed or Offcloud, these aspects must play a role in any case.

Best multihosters: The offer at a glance

In recent years, various multihosters have established themselves on the market. The functionality and pricing of the various offers sometimes differ considerably. Many Multi-OCH rely on one billing per month as the smallest “package”. A few offers on the market pay directly for one use per year. We briefly introduce individual multihosters. Of course we cannot introduce all providers, such as Debriditalia or Premiumize in detail.


Linkifier is one of the well-known (besides Debriditalia, Smoozed or Premiumize) Multi-OCH – which the provider owes among other things to a long list of filehosters to which Linkifier users have access. Among other things, these include:

  1. Keep2Share
  2. Movshare
  3. Rapidgator
  4. Datafile
  5. Alfafile
  6. Filejoker
  7. Turbobit
  8. Uploaded
  9. ZippyShare

The Multi-OCH uses various tools for downloading files. Among the tools are the JDownloader. If you want to use a different download manager, Linkifier brings another tool with Mipony.

” alt=”Leistungspakete für Linkifier” />

The provider, which was established in 2015, uses a staggered billing model for pricing. You can join at a price of 9.99 USD for one month. With a price of 149.99 USD, the 2-year subscription is significantly more expensive at first glance, but it pays off due to a very low price per month. One of the disadvantages of Linkifier is that no VPN access is included in the offer. On the other hand, up to 300Mbps can be realized as downstream. The number of parallel downloads is also not limited with Linkifier. In addition, the service offers downloads without daily limitation.

Payment is possible with PayPal, Paysafecard, Bitcoin or credit card. Unfortunately the provider does not offer direct access to the Usenet. We also did not find a direct connection to a Torrent Cloud via Linkifier. This means that the provider has to contend with competitors where you can both access Usenet and use Torrent.

More information about Linkifier.


Is Smoozed maybe the best multihoster? Such a question is not so easy to answer, because sometimes very individual requirements play a role, which lead to very different results when comparing providers such as Smoozed, Linksnappy or Zevera. One of the strengths of Smoozed in the test is clearly the fact that the price is low at just under 40 euros per year. The Multi-OCH relies on JDownloader as download manager for its offer. If you want to try the Multihoster first, you can also take out a monthly subscription via the website.

The price for this amounts to 9.95 euros. If you have questions about pricing, you can contact the support. Smoozed AG is located in Lucerne, so German support should not be a problem. You can also deal relatively easily with the topic of geoblocking at Smoozed. The Multihoster supports VPN access. However, users have to cut back on the available filehosters. If you sign up for a premium account, you have access to a good three dozen file hosters.

The list includes the following file hosters-OCH:

  1. Keep2Share
  2. Alfafile
  3. Rapidgator
  4. Oboom
  5. Mediafire
  6. Turbobit
  7. Uploaded
  8. Fileboom

The volume per day is limited to 50 GB. Internet access to Torrent and Usenet is unfortunately not possible with Smoozed. You can pay with PayPal, Bitcoin or credit card.

Further information about Smoozed.


The multihoster Linksnappy is based in Cyprus and relies on a broad portfolio of different file hosting providers. So you always have the possibility, if a link should not work, to switch to an alternative quickly. Linksnappy allows, among other things, direct access to file hosters like:

  1. Keep2Share
  2. Alfafile
  3. Rapidgator
  4. FileFactory
  5. Turbobit
  6. Uploaded
  7. Filesmonster

There are more hosters in the list – more than 60 in total.

” alt=”Das Angebot von Linksnappy auf einen Blick” />

With regard to pricing, a particular advantage is striking: At Linksnappy the smallest model for accounts is the 7-day version. This allows you to test the service in detail – without having to take a very high risk. Not every provider in the multihoster test offers a corresponding feature. For the price users get a JDownloader connection and have the possibility to use Torrent. Unfortunately there is no possibility to use Usenet. Payment can be made with PayPal, Paysafecard or credit card.


Offcloud is a multihoster with some special features. On the one hand, the service provides a particularly comprehensive access to different filehosters. With Offcloud you can not only access filehosters like Keep2Share, Uploaded or Turbobit. Compared to other multihoster providers, the list of over 100 filehoster providers is extremely long.

But Offcloud has to offer even more to compete as a multihoster. What are the other advantages for opening an account? Among other things, Offcloud offers access to Usenet and a Torrent Cloud as a service. In combination with the scope of filehosters for downloads, a portfolio that offers more. This makes Offcloud one of the best multi-hoster providers. Another of the advantages is the possibility to bypass geoblocking via VPN.

What remains is a look at the prices. Here, the multihoster has two models to offer – once the billing per month, on the other side a billing based on an annual subscription. The prices for the service offered are okay at 9.99 USD for one month and just under 70 USD for one year. Offcloud is fast in the test during download and offers unlimited volume of cloud space. Payment can be made with PayPal, IMMEDIATELY or credit card. Especially the possibility to access Usenet and use Torrent makes Offcloud an interesting offer overall. The offer can definitely keep up with competitors like Smozzed or Zevera.

Well known filehosters objectively tested

By and large, multihoster services such as Premiumize, Offcloud or Debriditalia have many advantages – for example through a service such as OCH, VPN access or the torrent cloud and access to Usenet. Just loading a file from a server is of course also possible with the classic filehoster. Is the offer of multihosters too much for you? We have also checked filehosters.


The filehoster service Keep2Share is – besides Share-Online and Turbobit – a well-known address for downloads. The provider offers two variants of the Premium Account – Premium and Premium Pro. The costs are shown per month as well as per day. However, the hoster does not disclose how many days the calculation is based on. You can register online via the website. Premium accesses do not require advertising. The file hoster has a JDownloader connection.

Many Internet users today rely on anonymity. Special techniques like VPN are used. The hoster relies on anonymisation of the activities on the premium account and thus offers more security. A direct connection to Usenet or a torrent feature, as we have found with some of the multi-hoster providers, we have not noticed with the file hoster.

Further information on Keep2Share


Uploaded you may have come across before for downloads. The Premium Account can be paid by credit card or Paysafecard. Afterwards you can use the services of the filehoster. By the way, the support is even available with a German hotline. The service also includes the option of contacting the filehoster by e-mail.

The provider provides 1,000 GB of download traffic per month as volume. Average users will be able to cope with this for a relatively long time. In addition to the downloads, there is also 10 GB storage space in the cloud. Premium accounts can be integrated into JDownloader. According to Share-Online, the provider was one of those who were able to benefit from it. The file hoster is one of the listed providers with the multi-hoster Zevera, Debriditalia or Smoozed, among others. There is no access to Usenet or Torrent.


Over time Turbobit has become one of the well-known filehosters – next to Oboom or Rapidgator. In detail, the service offers unlimited uploads and several service packages for premium access. The smallest package over 5 days costs just under 6 USD. For the 5 days one day costs a little more than 1 USD. Much cheaper – based on the days – are the prices for access for a whole year in the test. Turbobit is one of the listed hosters at Zevera or Smoozed.

You can pay via PayPal, credit card or IMMEDIATELY. With the services you can additionally drill up the service via a Plus account. The filehoster does not include the option of automatic use of VPN, Usenet or Torrent Cloud. But: With File-OCH, files can be uploaded via the Internet using drag & drop. A feature that we have tested and that works relatively well.

Further information about Turbobit.


In comparison, Rapidgator is a filehoster that you may have already come across. The service of the OCH provider naturally includes the storage of data in the cloud or the download. Rapidgator is one of the listed hosters at Zevera or Smoozed, among others. The packages are paid for at the host based on the time – i.e. for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and 365 days – the bandwidth and the available storage. Other packages that cover a longer performance range are not available from Rapidgator.

This pricing makes it a bit more difficult to calculate the costs for each day. The prices are quite ok for the service offered. But as a user you have to look very carefully in detail which package fits best from the costs per day and storage. Files with a size of up to 5 GB can be downloaded via the provider. Access to Usenet or Torrent is not possible.

Multihosting FAQ: Frequently asked questions

How to register with multihosters?

The registration is usually done online. On the website there is a button labeled “Register” or registration. After the click, some information, such as the e-mail address and password, must be entered. Afterwards the account can already be used.

How secure is the data with multihosters?

Companies that have a place of business in the EU are subject to the applicable data protection regulations. The situation is more difficult for companies abroad. With regard to security in terms of traceability, the data is safe as long as the provider does not have to disclose customer information. However, attention should always be paid to the storage periods.

How are multihosters paid?

Here the situation varies from provider to provider. In general, many hosters today rely on ePayment services. These include Skrill or PayPal, for example. In some cases, payment by cryptocoin may already be possible. Before you register, you should therefore take a look at banking.

Why is the download so slow?

A disadvantage of multi-hosting can be that downloads fall short of expectations in terms of speed. In general, it is advisable to read through the service description in great detail to identify any limitations before taking out a paid subscription.