FileBoom Premium Account: The Filehoster at a Glance

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Why use Fileboom?

FileBoom is a 100% secure and 100% safe site for uploading, keeping, downloading, and sharing files whether it is important or not so important ones. 

A user does not have to worry about his or her data because FileBoom can offer 100% safe storage to keep the files. All of the files and the downloads here are secured by using encryption technology in their system. All of the transactions are secured because FileBoom uses the Secure Sockets Layer or SSL encryption technology along with the 128-bit signature of the VeriSign.

It also has a very fast speed and bandwidth for every downloading of a file and it allows transferring of files in just a short time. 

If a person wants to bing his or her files, he or she can save it all on the FileBoom site, so wherever he or she is and whenever he or she will need a file to send or to share or to view or to present, he or she can just access the FileBoom site without the use of any flash drives or any other external drives or storage and without even worrying about the file size.

Also, the FileBoom site is accessible to any device through any web browsers with the help of an internet connection.

FileBoom Languages

Moreover, the FileBoom site supports two (2) different languages. These are the English and the Japanese. A user can toggle the EN button to switch to the English language and the Japanese character to switch to the Japanese language.

FileBoom is allowing their users to use any downloader tool or download accelerator to speed up the downloading process. A user can use the Internet Download Manager or IDM, JDownloader, Download Accelerator Plus, and others.

Types of uploading files on the FileBoom site:

  1. File Upload
  2. Flash Upload
  3. Remote Upload

Moving a File on the FileBoom site:

There are two (2) ways to move a file or files of a user.

  1. Drag and Drop – A user can do the drag and drop way to move a file or files to a specific folder. 
  2. Edit  – A user can select a file or files, then click on the “EDIT” button and choose the location where he or she wants to move the file or files.

FileBoom: The Accounts

FileBoom only allows users who are thirteen or above thirteen years of age to access their site and services and they do not allow multiple or duplicated accounts of users. If FileBoom found any accounts like that, they will delete it automatically. 

If a user does not have an account yet to FileBoom, he or she can take the time to fill up the registration form of FileBoom to create his or her account. He or she needs to enter a valid full name, an email address, and a password to the registration form of FileBoom and he or she must re-enter his or her password to verify the password. A user needs to tick on the  “CREATE USER ACCOUNT” button to submit the information successfully. After that, a user will now have his or her account and access to the FileBoom site features and services.


If a user does have an account already on Fileboom, then he or she can go to the login page of FileBoom and enter his or her account email address and account password. All details should be entered correctly to make sure he or she can successfully login to the FileBoom site. A user can also log in via Facebook, Twitter, VK, and Google Plus. A user needs to tick on the “Log in” button, to proceed to his or her account on FileBoom.

If a user has any questions or problems regarding the purchasing of the FileBoom Premium Account, then the quickest way is to contact the FileBoom customer service.

A user should not upload any files or contents on the FileBoom site which contains violence or pornography and which have the copyright or which have no permission to use, to share, or to upload it. If found such files like that, FileBoom will immediately delete, terminate, or suspend the user account.

FileBoom has two (2) different account types these are the FileBoom Free Account and the FileBoom Premium Account.

The differences between the two are:

  • A user of the FileBoom Premium Account can download many files at the same time while a user of the FileBoom Free Account can only download a single file one at a time.
  • A user of the FileBoom Premium Account can experience faster uploading and downloading of files than a user of the FileBoom Free Account.
  • A user of the FileBoom Free Account needs to wait for how many seconds before he or she can download a file while a user of the FileBoom Premium Account can download a file immediately without waiting for seconds.
  • A user of the FileBoom Free Account can see ads on the FileBoom site while a user of the FileBoom Premium Account.

FileBoom Free and FileBoom Premium Account Features

FileBoom Account TypeSpeed Rates for Downloads Start of DownloadsHas an accelerator for downloads?Has a resume for downloads?Downloading of multiple files simultaneously
Free AccountToo slowThe download will start after 30 secondsXXX
Premium Account FastThe download will start immediately without waiting for seconds
FileBoom Account TypeUpload via FTPUpload via HTTP
Free Account XX
Premium Account 
FileBoom Account TypeType of FileMaximum Size of a FileHow long are the files kept in storage?
Free Account Any500 MB or 0.5 GB30 days or 1 month
Premium Account Any5000 MB or 5 GB90 days or 2 months

*MB is for Megabytes and GB is for Gigabytes

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Purchasing FileBoom Premium Account

A user can select one of the below types of FileBoom Premium Account that he or she wants to purchase and to use. 

The FileBoom Premium Account Prices

No. of Days or MonthsAmountAmount per DayHidden Fees or ChargesIs it ad-free?Is it secured?
3 days6.95 USD2.32 USDNoneYesYes
1 month16.95 USD0.56 USDNoneYesYes
2 months41.95 USD0.47 USDNoneYesYes
12 months113.95 USD0.31 USDNoneYesYes

Users’ purchase and payment here on FileBoom is 100% secure and 100% safe too. All of the transactions, especially financial, are encrypted so there is nothing to worry about.

A user can pay using the following FileBoom options for payment:

  • PayPal
  • Resellers of FileBoom 
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • Japan Credit Bureau or JCB

After a successful purchase of the FileBoom Premium Account, a confirmation message and an activation code for the FileBoom Premium Account will be sent to the user’s email address.

The reseller of FileBoom or FileBoom itself will send an activation code that has forty (40) characters with a combination of numbers and letters to the user’s email address. If a user successfully paid the FileBoom Premium Account and does not receive the confirmation message or the activation code, he or she must contact FileBoom or FileBoom reseller. Usually, the activation code is sent in the Inbox of an email, but a user should always check his or her spam or junk folder too.

An activation code is very important for a user who purchased the FileBoom Premium Account can activate and use all of its FileBoom  Premium Features. Follow the steps below to activate it.

  1. A user should go to the FileBoom site to log in to his or her account.
  2. Go to the Activation Page of FileBoom.
  3. See the beside picture. →
  4. A user should enter his or her account email address and the correct activation code of the  FileBoom Premium Account.
  5. Check on the “I’m not a robot” to show the CAPTCHA. Follow the instructions for the CAPTCHA.
  6. Lastly, a user should tick on the “Submit” button to submit the activation code and FileBoom will verify if it is valid.

If it is a valid activation code, then the user’s account will surely be activated with FileBoom Premium Account and he or she can now use all the FileBoom Premium features and services.

Problems when Accessing the FileBoom site and files

Error 401 or “401 Unauthorized: Temp URL invalid”

When a user is downloading a file but then suddenly an error 401 or “401 Unauthorized: Temp URL invalid” appears, it happens because of the FileBoom service is always changing the Internet Protocol or IP addresses of its users which made the security system of FileBoom to think that a user account was hacked, then the security system of Fileboom will going to block the current link that a user is accessing.

For that case, the Fileboom security team recommends users to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a Public Proxy Server when accessing the FileBoom site and its features and services.

Below are the FileBoom recommended Virtual Private Network (VPN):

  • Hot VPN – This VPN is for FileBoom Premium users only). It works well and it is very easy to use.
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • Hotspot Shield

For the Public Proxy Server, users can set it on the proxy settings of their device LAN or network settings or net. 

Error 503

When a user is downloading a file but then got an Error 503, it is because the server is under maintenance. FileBoom suggests that a user should try to download the file next time.

“Sorry, this file is blocked or deleted”

When a user cannot download a specific file, because of this message, it is because the file was already deleted by the uploader or simply the owner of it. 

The download link for the specific file is not accessible anymore. A user can send a message to the FileBoom team to ask for it. Just make sure that he or she will include the link of that file, the error message, the screenshot, the web browser he or she is using and the version of it, and the description.

Have a problem loading the download page and the CAPTCHA?

If a user experiencing a problem loading the download page of the FileBoom site and the CAPTCHAs, FileBoom suggests that he or she should try to access or to use the site on other browsers like Internet Explorer (IE) or Google Chrome.

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