Mediafire Premium Account: The Filehoster At A Glance

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MediaFire is a perfect platform for everyone who needs to share and to keep a file. The files that are added on Mediafire are all stored online to the Cloud where different users can access and share these easily anywhere.

Any type of files such as images, videos, music, and documents can be uploaded on MediaFire. These files and the MediaFire itself can be accessed through mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer, or laptop with the help of the internet.

MediaFire is one of the best places to back up all of the user’s important files whether it is for personal or professional use. It gives users up to fifty gigabytes (50 GB) of free storage capacity and it gets even bigger when a user purchased the MediaFire Pro version with its MediaFire Premium account and services.

Undeniably, because of the need for file storage and file security, more and more people are using the MediaFire for free and purchasing its different versions such as the MediaFire Pro version to enjoy the features and services of the MediaFire Premium Account every month. In estimation, there are more than one hundred fifty (150) million people in the world use MediaFire.

MediaFire can make users’ daily workflow simpler because it has very useful features to handle your files. See its features below.

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MediaFire Free and MediaFire Premium Account

MediaFire Premium Account
FEATURES Basic Pro Business
Support large number of downloads No Yes Yes
Download the whole folder and its subfolders No Yes Yes
Has no advertisements when sharing and downloading No Yes Yes
Storage Capacity in terabyte (TB) 0.011100
Support twenty gigabytes (20 GB) per file No Yes Yes
Long-term storage No Yes Yes
Without captcha codes No Yes Yes
File links (direct)   No Yes Yes
Uploader for FileDrop No Yes Yes
FileDrop No Yes Yes
Can upload from any sites No Yes Yes
The priority of the support No Yes Yes
Use of password to protect the files No Yes Yes
One-Time Link Tool No Yes Yes
Brand full customization No No Yes
Security logs are detailed  No No Yes
100+ users can be added No No Yes

Upgrade your MediaFire Account

Mediafire gives a user access to its new and other features and its capabilities in uploading, downloading, and sharing when a user upgrades his or her MediaFire Account and users can upgrade their MediaFire account at any time they like. Also, upgrading the MediaFire Account will unlock larger storage capacity, more options for sharing, and larger bandwidth.  

If a user is not yet registered for MediaFire, he or she can first check out the MediaFire Upgrade Page to choose which MediaFire plan he or she wants to get. The creation of a MediaFire account will be done during the MediaFire upgrading process. Before that, a user can also choose first to create his or her MediaFire account before upgrading.

MediaFire Premium has three (3) plans (MediaFire Basic Plan, MediaFire Pro Plan, and MediaFire Business Plan) that have different features and capabilities. So, are you thinking now about which plan you will choose?

MediaFire Premium Account
MediaFire Free Basic Plan Pro Plan Business Plan
Contains AdsNo Ads No Ads
Storage Capacity is limited to 10 GB or 0.01 TB Storage Capacity is 1 TB (1000 GB) Storage Capacity is 1 TB up to 100 TB
Price is free Price (with 50% off discount):
Original Price: $7.50 per month
Price (with 50% off discount):
Original Price (Monthly):
$80 per month
Monthly: $50 per month
The number of access to 1-Time Download Link tool is 10 per day  Yearly: $3.75 per month
Monthly: $5 per month
Original Price (Quarterly): $100 per month
Quarterly: $40 per month
It is billed annually
or $5 month-to-month
It is billed quarterly
or $50 month-to-month
The number of access to 1-Time Download Link tool is 100 per day The number of access to 1-Time Download Link tool is 5000 per day 
1 user 100+ users

*1 TB = 1024 GB

Notice that all MediaFire account types use the same graphical user interface (GUI) as what the MediaFire free account has, but only the premium accounts have ads on it, so some users avail the MediaFire Premium Account type because they find the ads are distracting for MediaFire Free Basic Account. 

The MediaFire Premium Accounts – the Professional and the Business account, these give users the tools that they will need to safely keep their files, to control the access of other users to the files, and to collaborate more effectively with the other people especially in terms of business. 

The good thing about all these is that MediaFire accounts never expire.

Mediafire Premium Account Tax

There are no tax charges for users who are subscribed to the Mediafire Premium Account, but if a user is one of the residents of Texas, that user needs to pay the 8.25% for the tax charge per single transaction.

Payment for MediaFire

MediaFire only supports the direct way of payment through credit card or debit card. The card can be a VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.


Uploading files is really easy now!

MediaFire is here to help you to keep and organize your files to make your life easier, MediaFire has a “drag and drop” feature which will make the uploading faster. It also supports the uploading of multiple different files with different file types.

Users can just drag their folder or file from their device and drop it into their MediaFire My Files page.  After that, MediaFire will automatically upload the whole content of the folder or the file for you. 

Uploading folders or files using mobile devices can use the “Share to” option and select “MediaFire” to upload them directly to the user’s MediaFire account.

Go to MediaFire site or app now and try to upload your files!


Users can now easily download the file from MediaFire site, email, and social media, or anywhere using the provided link of MediaFire for the files. People will just need to click the link and it will direct them to the file for download.

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Sharing: One-Time Link

The One-Time Link is a link to the folder or file needed to control the access in sharing and downloads of it.

Other people cannot share the link with anyone else. The link is accessible only for the owner and for the shared user of it. This is usually used for private or personal or work files. 

No need to worry if a user used up all the available number of One-Time links because the number of links will refresh once every day.

MediaFire Supported Devices

MediaFire ensures its users that their files are always with them through the help of different devices. A user can access the MediaFire site or application through these supported devices below wherever he or she goes.

  • Mobile or Tablet Devices

MediaFire was released in January 2013 for Android phones and in July 2012 for iOS phones.

The mobile app of MediaFire is a very helpful and very convenient way to use to back up or to restore the files faster and all files will be kept safe in the user’s MediaFire account if the user’s device is broken or damaged.

MediaFire for iOSMediaFire for Android
Auto – synchronization of photos and videosFolder and file management Uploading of photos and videosView documents using the MediaFire appSharing of files using other appsShare links through copying and pastingCompatible with Apple mobile devices with iOS 9 version and up.Auto – synchronization of photos and videosFolder and file management Uploading file with any file typesOpen files using other applicationsSharing of files using other appsShare links through copying and pastingCompatible with Android mobile devices with Android version #16 (4.1) and up.
  • MediaFire for Desktop or Laptop (Web)

MediaFire for the web was first released in November in the year of 2013.

MediaFire site can be accessed by desktop or laptop users using a different supported web browser and it is compatible with the Mac Operating System and Microsoft Windows Operating System. It allows the system to do the synchronization of folders and files with a user MediaFire account. 

Operating Systems (O.S.) that are compatible for MediaFire Web:

1. For Microsoft Windows OS

 – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, or upper Windows versions with at least 1 GB of RAM and 600 MB of disk space.

2. For Mac OS

 – Mac OS X 10.7  or upper Windows versions with at least 1 GB of RAM and 600 MB of disk space. 

Web Browsers that are compatible for MediaFire Web:

1. Google Chrome,

2. Internet Explorer (IE), and

3. Mozilla Firefox

MediaFire Web Features:

1. Synchronization of folders and files

2. Sharing of folders and files

3. Notifications

4. Capturing the screen

MediaFire Collaboration

When talking about collaboration, MediaFire is capable of sharing folders and files and it is connected with social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and even email platforms. In sharing files with MediaFire, a user is allowed to invite other people to share files using these platforms. A user can also control the access of a person or people to view or to also edit his or her folder or file. MediaFire supports more than two hundred (200) types of files. Files can include photos, videos, music, documents, and others.

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