ExtMatrix Premium Account: The Filehoster at a Glance

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What is ExtMatrix?

ExtMatrix is an online cloud storage platform that you can utilize by saving different kinds of data, including images, music, movies, documents, compressed files, and more. All data you are keeping and storing will be accessible to you wherever you may go, across the globe. Therefore, if you need a file-storage that is very affordable and reliable, ExtMatrix is the right platform for you. It has no active threats reported recently by users, ExtMatrix is safe and secured to browse.

  • File hosting
    File hosting is a service that helps enable yourself to upload and manage your files on somebody else’s server. It could be hosted on a real server or employ cloud storage – the same outcome would happen. You upload your documents to the server. And it will stay till you take them off ( except your files are eliminated by the company for some reason that may have violated their terms and conditions.
  • File sharing
    A file distribution service can be viewed as a sort of file hosting. With file sharing, you get only the right to upload and maintain your files on the company’s servers but also give the other people a download link. Having that download link, those other users can obtain and download your file for their use.
  • Supported web browsers
    1. Google chrome (highly recommended)
    2. Mozilla Firefox (recommended)
    3. Microsoft Edge
    4. Safari

Why choose ExtMatrix?

ExtMatrix is the most popular File Hosting Reseller, delivering fantastic service and good prices for ExtMatrix Premium Accounts, their prime responsibility is to keep it up to the mark. To enhance and improve the relationship with our customers with faster response and on-time solutions, we have opted for the best professional Tech support teams through Live Support. Customers can have a chat about their product and get instant solutions as per their needs, it Helps users from all over the globe to supervise their records in any day that they like. It is very useful and convenient for people especially for students and for businessmen because they can save, download, and carry their files without the need for any flash drives, memory cards, or external hard drives, but of course with the help of the internet connections in any place. The group may send included services to users looking for quick, protected and safe file executive services.

Learn more about ExtMatrix characteristics

  1. We maintain various formats either video, audio, images or documents.
  2. It contained a great file organizer that can manage documents effortlessly.
  3. Premium membership will have the best ever download speeds, limitless and without end storeroom of your records, without any ads disturbing you.etc

Features of ExtMatrix

User Panel

 The User panel is consists of the following:

  • Dashboard – This shows the current user status, the number of total downloads, files, and storage.
  • File Manager – This is the page where a user manages his or her folders and files on the ExtMatrix site, this contains the created folders and the added files (active and inactive files ) of a user, the folder or file size, the content type, the links of those folders and files, the upload date time, and the number of downloads for a folder or file.
  • Multi upload – A user can upload multiple files in any file type. Just click the “add files” and click the “Start Upload” button to upload the files you just added on the Openload site.
  • User settings – This is where users manage their accounts and information.
  • Conversion settings – This is where the conversion for a video is set, automatically converting the quality of a video when streamed by a user into what resolution a user has already set and saved in the conversion settings.


Now Uploading files are hassle-free!

ExtMatrix is here to help you to keep and organize your files to make your life easier. ExtMatrix has a simple drag and drop uniqueness which will make the uploading quicker. It also supports the uploading of numerous special files with different file types.

Users can just drag their folder or file from their device and drop it into their ExtMatrix files. After that, ExtMatrix will upload the whole content of the folder or the file for you.

Uploading files or folders using mobile devices can use the “Share to” option and select ExtMatrix to upload them directly to the user’s ExtMatrix account, afterwards, go to ExtMatrix site and try uploading your file

Below are the type of files that can be uploaded on ExtMatrix:

  • Music or Audio
  • Videos
  • Applications and Games
  • Books or E-books
  • Archive or Compressed
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Users can easily download the file from the ExtMatrix site, email and social media, or anywhere using the given link of ExtMatrix for the files. Users will just need to click the link and they will be directed to the file for downloading. 


The link is only accessible only for the owner and for the shared user of it. This is usually used for private or personal work files.


Users are solely responsible and liable for any and all access to and use of the following services. Users can also access files using android phones, ios, desktop or laptop.


Users have sole responsibility and liability for the data that is stored on servers. The user controls its data through its generated link.


Users will immediately notify if a user notices any activity indicating that the user’s account or data is being used without authorization.

Advantages of ExtMatrix 

Download speedUnlimited100kb/s
Upload file size10.00 GB250.00 MB
File size availableUnlimited100.00 GB
Inactive files will be deletedNever30 day(s)

How to purchase an ExtMatrix Premium Account?

  1. Choose any day that is valid.
  2. Choose the PayPal or purchase now selection
  3. Afterwards, you will be forwarded to payments.
  4. Use your valid email address that is linked to your Paypal account for payment
  5. There are some payment methods that you can use such as credit/debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and JCB through PayPal.
  6. When the fee is successful, they will send you an Email of confirmation it’s either in your inbox or spam messages.
Package PlanExtMatrix Premium Pack 30 daysExtMatrix Premium Pack 90 daysExtMatrix Premium Pack 180 daysExtMatrix Premium Pack 365 days
No. of days30 days90 days
180 days365 days
Cost per package15 dollars35 dollars56 dollars90 dollars
Payment MethodsPaypal, MasterCard, Visa, AmexPaypal, MasterCard, Visa, AmexPaypal, MasterCard, Visa, AmexPaypal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex

*Note: You can contact support for more details of other ExtMatrix payment methods.

The sum size of the ExtMatrix major page is 275.9 kb. This effect falls further than the top 1 million websites and identifies a huge and not optimized web page that may take ages to load. 25% of websites need fewer resources to load. JavaScript takes 244.1 kb which makes up the mainstream of the site volume.

ExtMatrix Optimization

HTML optimization – HTML content can be shortened and compressed by a website’s server. The most capable way is to squeeze the content using GZIP which lessens the amount of information traveling all the way through the network between server and browser. The system on this sheet is well simplified. It is extremely suggested that the content of this site must be not compressed, it allows you to save up to 3.9 kb or 65% of the original size

  • Original – 6.0 kb
  • After minification – 5.6 kb
  • After compression – 2.1 kb

Image optimization – Picture optimization can assist to boost up a website. The table shows the variation between the sizes prior to optimization. Obviously, ExtMatrix requests picture optimization so it will keep up to 7.7 kb or 51% of the original volume, the most admired and well-organized tools for JPEG and PNG icon optimization are Jpegoptim and PNG Crush.

  • Original – 15.0 kb
  • After optimization – 7.3 kb

JavaScript optimization – It’s better to simplify JavaScript with the aim of improving the website execution, the figure shows the present total amount of all JavaScript. Once its revision and compression are done, it is very much suggested that all JavaScript records must be packed together and simplified as it can keep up to 177.4 kb or 73% of the original size. The browser has sent 16 CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and figures requirements in order to totally render the most significant page of ExtMatrix. We suggest that some JavaScript and CSS archives must be united into one by every category. It can decrease assets needs from 7 just before 1 for Java Scripts, and it can affect the speed of the page loading time.

  • Original – 244.1 kb
  • After modification – 222.1 kb
  • After compression – 66.7 kb

CSS optimization – CSS file modification is very important to decrease a web page rendering time. The quicker CSS files can load, the prior a page that can be rendered. ExtMatrix needs all CSS files to be minified and compressed as it can save up to 8.4 kb or 78% of the original size.

  • Original – 10.7 kb
  • After minification – 8.2 kb
  • After compression – 2.3 kb

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an ExtMatrix premium account?

With a Premium Account, you can store and access your files without any wait times and limits. Just open an ExtMatrix Link and the Download will automatically start!

Do you delete inactive files?

Yes, after 30 days of inactivity. Files uploaded as a premium user will not be deleted, so start getting your ExtMatrix premium now!

Can I search the ExtMatrix servers for files I’d like to download?

No! We protect the privacy of all users. Only the person storing a file on ExtMatrix can access his/her file.

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