EasyBytez Premium Account – The Multihoster at a glance

logoWith the Multihoster EasyBytez you can download and upload different files. The upload is already possible without creating an account. You can register for free and, if you wish, you can upgrade your account to EasyBytez Premium. The provider promises a high level of protection and security, high speeds and an attractive ease of use.

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An overview of the entire range

On the one hand, you can create a free account with which you can make limited use of the EasyBytez service. In addition, you are also free to use the functions of EasyBytez Premium. The EasyBytez Premium Account offers you the full range of functions, including maximum speed and the advertising free use of EasyBytez.

Positive characteristics of the supplier

  • Free and available for a fee
  • Extended Premium Service
  • Anonymous payment methods available
  • Simple and uncomplicated operation

Bonus offers

With an EasyBytez Premium Account you not only have the ability to upload and download files, but you can also receive an attractive commission by advertising the EasyBytez Premium Account with the designated referral link.

Costs and payment methods

For the payment of the EasyBytez Premium Account you can choose from several methods. Besides the popular payment service provider Paypal, these include the VISA and Mastercard payment methods. There is also the possibility to pay via Vivapayments.com. If you want to pay anonymously for your account, you can choose the Paysafecard or Bitcoin method. It is also possible to purchase the EasyBytez Premium Account from one of the many resellers.

30 days90 days180 days365 days730 days
$ 9,99$ 23,99$ 38,99$ 65,99$ 99,99

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Privacy Statement

By registering with EasyBytez, users accept the storage of personal information in the EasyBytez database and the transfer to third parties for marketing purposes. The stored personal data may be passed on to third parties who comply with the data protection regulations. Like any other filehoster, EasyBytez must of course comply with the legal requirements regarding data protection and privacy when using your data. With regard to payment, the provider promises 100 percent security.

After-sales service

You can reach customer service by clicking on the menu item “Contact”, which is located at the top right of the home page. When you arrive at the customer centre, you can open a new ticket or check the status of a current ticket. Besides the menu item “Contact” you will also find the FAQ, where many questions can already be solved.

Ease of use

The EasyBytez.com website is well structured, on the homepage the visitor can easily find his way around and upload the desired files up to a size of 100 MB without registration. At the top of the page you will find additional menu items to get more detailed information about the Premium Account, to contact the EasyBytez team or to search the FAQ for suitable answers to your question. There is also a news section, as well as the “Upload Files” and “Sign Up” tabs.

With a click on “Sign up” you can create your free EasyBytez account. To do this you need a username and e-mail address, you can set the password and create the account after the captcha reply.

After logging in, you can choose between “File Upload”, “Flash Upload”, “Remote Upload”, “Free URL leech” and “FTP Upload” on the homepage. The maximum file size for downloading after registering for the free account is 512 MB.

At the top of the page you can manage your files under the menu item “My files” and view more detailed information about your account under the tab “My account”. The “Dashboard” options are also available for an overview of the reports and “Get Premium” and “Support”. Under the menu item “Get Premium” you will find the packages for the Premium Service, the functions of EasyBytez Premium and the payment options. You can contact customer service via the Support tab.

The advantages of a Premium Account with EasyBytez

With an EasyBytez Premium Account you have maximum speed and unlimited daily data volume. The hourly download capacity is also unlimited with EasyBytez Premium. Moreover, there are no more waiting times for downloads thanks to Instant Start. The file size limitation is also completely omitted from the downloads. You can upload files up to 5 GB. You can also have multiple downloads active at once and pause and resume them. Inactive files are stored in the EasyBytez Premium Account for up to 250 days. The storage capacity is 5 TB, which can be expanded on request and for a fee. Finally, the FTP upload has been added as a function, which is only possible with EasyBytez Premium.

Our conclusion about the EasyBytez provider

In conclusion, the EasyBytez provider is a user-friendly platform for uploading and storing data and for downloading files. With regard to privacy and data protection, the filehoster promises a high level of security. If you are interested in the EasyBytez offer, you can first create, test and, if you wish, upgrade to EasyBytez Premium to use the full range of features. You can choose from several payment methods.

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