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About Upstore

Through the modernization of this generation today, the cloud network is the best way for managing data and files. It is a network where devices are connected to cloud services and servers. Information technology people developed this file storage in the cloud called Upstore and Maxiwebconsulting Ltd. is the one who operates the Upstore services.

Upstore can help users to keep their files in place and safe at any time. The files added by the user can also be downloaded by other users. These can also be shared and managed by the users whether they are registered as a free account or a Premium account user.

Gladly, Upstore can keep any type of files such as videos, songs, documents, and images, as long as the uploaded files agree with the Upstore terms and conditions.

It is very useful and convenient for people especially for students and for businessmen because they can save, download, and carry their files without the need for any flash drives, memory cards, or external hard drives, but of course with the help of the internet connections in any place.

User Interface of Upstore

When talking about the user interface of Upstore, we can say that its interface is very basic or very simple. Users can easily navigate the buttons, the functions, and the features of the site. However, users can enjoy all the features and services of Upstore if they register and get an Upstore Premium plan.

Upstore Free and Premium Account

Free Account

Upstore is generous to people especially those who cannot afford to buy the Upstore Premium account, so they made the free account for anyone to use the Upstore services, but of course, a free account has limitations like for the upload and download speed, storage size, file size, and bandwidth. Upstore free accounts are mostly used by people who just need to keep their files for a short time. Yes, you can use Upstore as your temporary storage.

Below are the benefits when you are using the free account of Upstore:

  • Users cannot upload many files concurrently.
  • The speed for download is slow and the downloads do not start immediately
  • Users cannot upload or download many files., they should wait for the single file to finish downloading to download another file again.
  • The bandwidth given is up to 6 gigabytes (6 GB) per day
  • The size for files need to download is only up to two gigabytes (2) GB
  • The size of the file to be uploaded is only up to 2 GB.
  • There is only a limited time for storing the files. The files are stored for a short time only in the cloud server.
  • There is always a need to enter the captcha.
  • Users do not need to pay for the Upstore Free Account to use it.
  • Users can see advertisements on the page
  • The links for download are valid only for a short time.

Premium Account

If a user wants to upload and download fast without the distracting advertisements, he or she should get the Upstore Premium account plan. Also, a user can upgrade his or her free account to a premium account, but he or she needs to pay for the price amount. 

The Upstore Premium account is mostly used by people who need to keep their files for a long time. Yes, you can use Upstore as your permanent storage.

Below are the benefits when you are using the Premium account of Upstore:

  • Users can upload and download many files concurrently
  • Users can download a file immediately and without slowness in just one click of the download button
  • The speed of download for users is up to 1000 Mbps
  • The bandwidth given is up to twenty gigabytes (20 GB) per day
  • The size of the file to be uploaded is up to five gigabytes (5 GB)
  • There is no limit of time for storing the files. The files are stored for a time in the cloud server.
  • There is no need to enter the captcha
  • There is no time limit for downloading of files
  • Users should pay the price of the Upstore Premium Account plan.
  • The page contains no advertisements
  • The link of a file to be shared can be set a password by a user.
  • The links for download are valid for a long time.

Does Upstore have any limitations?

Yes, it does have. Upstore gives limitations to free or non-registered users: The limitations are as the following:

  • For free users and non-registered users, Upstore gives them up to 6000 MB per day for downloads, a max of two gigabytes (2 GB) for the size of the file uploads, and a max of two gigabytes (2 GB) for the size of the file downloads.
  • For Premium users – Upstore gives them up to 20,000 MB per day for downloads, a max of five gigabytes (5 GB) for the size of the file uploads, and the size of the file downloads is unlimited.

How much is the Premium Account of Upstore?

Good news to all! Upstore Premium account is not so expensive. Yes, many people can afford to get this Upstore account. Users can choose from four (4) different types of Upstore premium plans. These include the below prices of plans:

Upstore Premium Plans
Length of time Benefits Prices Prices per day
For 1 month and 3 days only Max of 10 files can be downloaded simultaneously 11.95 € 0.36 €
For 3 months The bandwidth is up to 20 GB per day 25 € 0.28 €
For 6 months The speed for downloads is up to 1000 Mbps 45 € 25 €
For 1 year or 12 months Completely safe with its fast speed 75 € 0.21 €
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Payment for Upstore Premium Account

If users want to get the Upstore Premium Account, then Upstore has different methods for them to pay their subscription. See the below table for the different payment methods of Upstore.

For Visa or MasterCard Cards (Credit Cards) For customers who are European
Visa or MasterCard Cards (Credit Cards)
Visa card, MasterCard card, Maestro, Gift card, and Pay card
Payment method of customers who are European
Visa card, MasterCard, Qiwi, WebMoney, and Moneta
For E-Payment and Alternatives For Paysera or Wire Transfer
For E-Payment and AlternativesFor E-Payment and Alternatives
Bitcoin, Alipay, PaySafe, WM, Paymer, Ideal, Przelewy 24, MyBank, and other digital wallets
For Paysera or Wire TransferFor Paysera or Wire Transfer
cashU, Safety Pay, Wire Transfer or Bank Transfer, Euro money, Paysera

A user can contact Upstore through email or help desk if he or she encounters an issue with regards to payment or if he or she needs help in paying the Upstore premium account.

Uploading on Upstore

Upstore servers are in the European location, so if a user in the other country uploads a file, it may be a little slower, but Upstore is currently targeting to develop an additional server in other countries out of Europe.

A user can upload different types of a file, but Upstore prohibits the other types of file. See below to know the prohibited file types.

Prohibited file types to be uploaded on Upstore:

  • Files with violence
  • Files with any kinds of porn
  • Other files which do not agree with the American or European laws.

Also, Upstore has a service in which users can also upload a file by using any torrents.

Uploading of files is limited for non-registered users and free users, so it is recommended for a user to have an Upstore Premium account (any Upstore premium plan).

In uploading a file, it may take a long time sometimes, so users need to check the stability and speed of their internet connection that they are currently using.

Sign Up for an Upstore Account

If you want to keep or share your files, Upstore is one that you can rely on. Upstore is for any users and it is free. Anyone can sign up here any time they like to have an account on Upstore.

Having an account here on Upstore is just easy and simple. A user just only needs to simply put his or her details on the form and submit it. The form only needs users to put their email address and then submit it. After that, users can start to manage, upload, and to download files on their accounts.

Subscriptions on Upstore

If a user subscription is paid for one (1) month or three (3) months Upstore premium plan, he or she can have the control for his or her subscription whether to set the subscriptions manually or set it to automatic on the user’s dashboard. 

Help from Upstore

Unfortunately, Upstore has no support for chats or calls, but Upstore registered or non-registered users can reach Upstore through their help desk people or usually users contact them through email, then ask whatever inquiries they may have.

Any suggestions for Upstore

Help from support is very necessary for all users of Upstore. For any type of user, it is suggested that Upstore should have support for chats and calls, so people can reach them in actual time and the Upstore support team can answer the users’ inquiries right away and they could instruct the solutions for the users’ problem in actual.

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