StreamCloud Premium Account: The Filehoster at a Glance

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Streamcloud Premium is the breakthrough that brought online web storage (cloud storage) and video streaming on the web in one. While keeping all your files in an encrypted server, you can also stream videos using the platform. Learn more by reading more of the review below.

About the Streamcloud Premium platform

The Streamcloud Premium platform was a website developed by New Ventures Services, Corp on October 4, 2012. It is now seven (7) years and four (4) months in its operations and is still maintained by its founders. Estimates from various websites proved its legitimacy as the website is worth 8.95 dollars and earns $ 0.15. It is marked to be safe by it’s good parameters

Streamcloud descriptive image

The Streamcloud is your best file hosting platform with added features

Now that you know what makes the Streamcloud Premium platform legitimate, learn more about what Streamcloud Premium can do for you and for your files by reading the next topic.

The Features of Streamcloud Premium Platform

The Streamcloud Premium platform is basically an online web storage (cloud storage) and video streaming on the web combined. It can keep all your files in an encrypted server, you can also stream videos using the platform. The Network Solutions, LLC backed by its experts in web engineering and web programming using combinations of different languages (such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, C#, C+ and C++) to ensure the reliability of the website to deliver its promised services seamlessly and provide the maximum security to its uploaders with its simultaneous encryption incorporated in the website. With this, data and information from its users including all the file uploads will be encrypted before it even goes on the web using client-side scripting. Using the AES algorithm, all the data and information is secured with the servers of Streamcloud Premium which is located to multiple locations that also adds further assurance of the highest security for its users.

One may not be impressed by the features of the Streamcloud Premium since other file hosting service (FHS) providers may offer the same but Streamcloud Premium is unique among all of its competitors. The Streamcloud Premium has an incorporated video player that can play major kinds of video files such as 3gp, mp4, webm, flv and all other video files. You can watch all your videos in the Streamcloud Premium online web storage or cloud storage using the Streamcloud Premium video streaming as well as all the videos from other users if they want to share their files. The privacy settings for the video files can be accessed using the properties of the selected video file. Just click the Properties and select the public if you want the video file to be available for everyone or private for the video file to be accessible to you only. Video files’ properties can also be set to view available to selected users only by selecting only to then input the names or email addresses of the Streamcloud Premium users you want to share the file to.

Streamcloud online video streaming

The Streamcloud has a built-in web streaming feature to watch uploaded videos

The Streamcloud Premium embedded video player can play videos in 240p quality, 360p quality, 480p quality, 720p quality, HD quality and Blu-ray quality so you are sure to enjoy watching your video files while having the assurance that all of your files are secured in an online host through the Streamcloud Premium platform.

The Streamcloud Fraud Issue

Rumours have been circulating around the web about the Streamcloud fraud issue but the Network Solutions, LLC extremely condemns this issue as Streamcloud is completely a legitimate website. You have read the origins even the components of its website up to its actual earnings to prove this. This issue is clearly made up by its competitors since Streamcloud is a unique product that has been desired by many of its users. Many companies even tried to buy it for its worth but the Streamcloud under the management of the Network Solutions, LLC is committed to give you the best services while streaming your videos and using the most secure file hosting service on the cloud.

The Streamcloud Premium Account Types

The Streamcloud Premium has different kinds of accounts which are designed to suit our users daily needs. Basically, the Streamcloud Premium offers Freemium file hosting service (FHS) but there are also Streamcloud Premium accounts that can offer more functionality. We have presented the details of each account in the table below.

Table 1. Different types of Streamcloud accounts

Account TypeMaintenance feeStorage AllocationBandwidth
Streamcloud FreemiumFree15 GB per month35 GB per month
Streamcloud Premium$ 11.00 per month400 GB per month1 TB per month
Streamcloud Premium Advanced$ 23 per month2 TB per month2 TB per month
Streamcloud Premium Prestige$ 30.00 per month8 TB per month8 TB per month
Streamcloud Premium Royalty$ 53.00 per month16 TB per month16 TB per month

As shown above, the different types of Streamcloud Premium accounts are Streamcloud Freemium Account, Streamcloud Premium Account, Streamcloud Premium Advanced Account, Streamcloud Premium Prestige Account and Streamcloud Premium Royalty Account each with his own advantages.

We are sure that you would enjoy our Streamcloud Freemium account file hosting service (FHS) but we are very sure that you will also enjoy our Streamcloud Premium Accounts for added features and functionality to suit your needs. Streamcloud offers four (4) variety of premium accounts that offers more storage allocation for every type of files you may bring whether it is a document, powerpoint, audio, video the Streamcloud Premium file hosting service (FHS) will surely be in good hands.

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Streamcloud features works across devices regardless of the account type

Whatever the account type nor the device, the Streamcloud automatically and dynamically adapts

Whatever your account may be, the Streamcloud platform encrypts all the same files with the same securities and features for your privacy. The same goes for the additional feature: Streamcloud online video streaming service. Whether you have Streamcloud Freemium Account, Streamcloud Premium Account, Streamcloud Premium Advanced Account, Streamcloud Premium Prestige Account or Streamcloud Premium Royalty Account; you can still stream and watch your uploaded videos and the videos that were made public by its users. You also have to share your videos with the public using any accounts. Because Streamcloud cares and is concerned with all of its users regardless of their Streamcloud account type.

Final thoughts on Streamcloud Premium

You might not be impressed with the Streamcloud platform as a file hosting service (FHS) provider since there are a lot of clouds or online web storage available on the internet but we challenge you to try and see what makes the Streamcloud Premium unique and be amazed as the Streamcloud premium is not just a file hosting service (FHS) platform but is also an online video streaming site to watch all the publicly available videos in the platform regardless of its size and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Streamcloud Premium

1. Does Streamcloud offer free services?

Yes, the Streamcloud Premium has a freemium service that a user can use just by using their email addresses. The Streamcloud premium offers a cloud storage of fifteen gigabytes (15 GB) for one month with a maximum of thirty-five gigabytes (35 GB) of bandwidth so you can store and share all your file with that much online web storage or cloud storage for a month as well as stream public videos on the Streamcloud platform for free. Streamcloud also offers Streamcloud Premium accounts with more functionality and features to suit your needs.

2. What is the best Streamcloud Premium Account?

The Streamcloud Premium has four (4) types of Streamcloud premium account but the account with the most functionality and feature is the Streamcloud Premium Royalty Account. With just fifty-three dollars ($ 53.00) per month, a user is entitled to sixteen terabytes (16 TB) of online web storage or cloud storage with a maximum bandwidth of also sixteen terabytes (16 TB) for a month. This means more storage for your most important files and back up for your special files regardless of its file type and size as long as you have remaining data allocation. You can also share and watch more movies which makes it more special because the Streamcloud premium is not just a file hosting service (FHS) but is also an online video streaming site to watch all the publicly available files in the platform.

3. I am just using my default browser, can I still use the Streamcloud platform?

Whether it’s Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, iOs or android, the Streamcloud website is dynamically available to all kinds of browsers. The Streamcloud website was tweaked and programmed to automatically adjust to the resolution of any user’s device so it is sure that you will not have any problems in using it. It will surely display on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and even on the Tor browser. Despite using any kind of browsers, the Streamcloud platform is sure to encrypt each of its users’ files using the advanced AES encryption algorithm to guard against any kind of data phishing and any data theft.

 4. Can others access my uploaded files in the Streamcloud premium platform?

All uploads in the streamcloud premium platform are uploaded with private privacy settings so unless a user changed the privacy settings to the public, no other users can see nor access your files in the Streamcloud premium platform.

5. Does Streamcloud premium have any customer support representative?

For questions, clarifications and other concerns, the Network Solutions, LLC has designated Streamcloud premium support services through is Streamcloud premium customer representatives to attend to any of your concerns or problems though this happens very rarely because the Streamcloud platform always leaves its users satisfied with its functionality and features like a file hosting service (FHS) and an online video streaming site to watch all the publicly available files in the platform.

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